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Spiritual Power of Sound: The Bokharian Dervish Hadji-Asvatz-Troov

The Bokharian Dervish Hadji-Asvatz-Troov

The following is from a story related by G.

Once while traveling in that part of the Asian continent called 'Bokhara,' a sage coming from unknown places happened to meet and to establish a friendship with a certain “Whirling Dervish” whose name was Hadji-Zephir-Bogga-Eddin, who was a man who had the tendency to show enthusiasm for the theme of sacred esotericism, thus every time he met anyone on his way, he immediately talked about these types of studies.  Thus, when he met the sage, his joy was great and he smiled happily. The theme they talked about was the ancient Chinese science named “Shat-Chai-Mernis.”

What is known today about that mysterious science discovered by the great Chinese twin brother initiates of whom we spoke in chapter one of this message is nothing but fragments of a formidable totality.  In other times, when the Chinese twin brothers still lived in China, that mysterious science was called, “totality of true information about the law of ninefoldness.” Certain fragments of that august science remained intact and passed from generation to generation through many brethren initiated in the great mysteries. And so, the wise person of our story felt very happy when talking with the dervish Hadji-Zephir-Bogga-Eddin about the ancient Chinese science Shat-Chai-Mernis, about which the modern, western, swollen-head types know nothing. This sage overflowed with enthusiasm when informed that he should go with Hadji-Zephir-Bogga-Eddin to talk about this with another dervish, a friend of his who resided in Upper Bokhara, far away from everyone, and who was occupied there with certain mysterious experiments concerning this very science. Thus, the Dervish Hadji-Zephir-Bogga-Eddin invited our wise person to have a stroll through the mountains of Upper Bokhara with the healthy and beautiful intention to visit the anchoret.

They walked for three days among steep mountains and solitary paths which led them to a small gorge high up in the mountains of Upper Bokhara.

According to the story, in that mountain gorge the Dervish Hadji-Zephir-Bogga-Eddin asked the sage to help him move aside a small stone slab. When they had moved it, before the two men was revealed a small opening, from the edges of which projected two iron bars. The story states that the Dervish Hadji-Zephir-Bogga-Eddin put these bars together and began to listen; after a while, a strange sound was heard coming from them. Then, to the astonishment of the sage of our story, the Dervish Hadji-Zephir-Bogga-Eddin uttered some words into that opening in a language totally unknown to him.

When the Dervish had finished speaking, he and the sage moved the stone slab back to its former place and continued their stroll, since they still had to walk some ways among valleys and deep mountains until arriving at a certain place where they paused before an enormous stone. In a state of great tension, the Dervish Hadji-Zephir-Bogga-Eddin seemed to be waiting for something very special; then, suddenly, the enormous stone opened, forming a mysterious entrance that led into a kind of cave. Both men entered the cave and began moving forward into its mysterious depth, noticing that their way was illuminated alternately by gas and electricity.

After having walked a considerable distance within the cavern, they met an elder of an indecipherable age with an extraordinarily tall and thin body, who met them with the customary greetings and led them further into the interior of the cave.

The Dervish’s friend was a hermit whose name was Hadji-Asvatz-Troov. The old hermit led both men to a very comfortable section of the cave where they all sat on felt that covered the floor. They ate what in Asia is called cold Bokharan “Shila-Plav” from clay vessels that the old hermit brought them.  The men conversed with the old hermit during the supper; naturally, the theme was about the exciting Chinese science called Shat-Chai-Mernis.

The science of this elder is the science of vibrations. Everything that is, everything that has been, everything that will be is submitted to the science of vibrations. The hermit had dedicated his life to the study of vibrations, the Shat-Chai-Mernis. The hermit had very thoroughly studied the Assyrian theory of the great Malmanash, and the Arabian theory of the famous sage Selneh-eh-Avaz, and the Greek Pythagoras, and all the Chinese theories in general.

This man had constructed in a modified manner the monochord of Pythagoras, the famous apparatus of music with which Pythagoras made his experiments. That apparatus is very complex and is full of vibrometers that served him to measure the vibrations of the chords. The old hermit was a true sage who had constructed many apparatuses to measure the vibrations with exactitude.

“Indeed,” said the elder, “in the very ancient civilization of Tikliamish, there once existed all kinds of special apparatuses to measure vibrations.”

The hermit soon made several demonstrations with musical vibrations. With small bellows he blew air into the pipes of an apparatus of wind music, which then began a monotone melody of five tones; the vibrometers indicated with exactitude the number of vibrations. Next to the musical apparatus was placed a pot of flowers; when the hermit concluded the monotone music, the flowers in the pot were intact.

Thereafter, the old hermit moved from the old monochord to a grand piano, also provided with a vibrometer to measure the vibrations, and began to successively strike the corresponding keys of the grand piano, producing the same monotone melody. When the old hermit stopped striking the grand piano, the flowers that were full of vigor and beauty had withered. In this manner, the old hermit demonstrated the vibratory power of musical waves on matter.

That hermit divided the vibrations into two kinds: creative vibrations and momentum vibrations. The elder stated that special strings for the production of creative vibrations could be made from goat guts, and with the wind instruments like trumpets, flutes, etc., momentum vibrations can be obtained.

According to the story narrated to us, after giving some other explanations the hermit brought an envelope, paper, and a pencil for another experiment. On the paper he wrote something, placed it in the envelope, attached it to a hook hanging before his guests. He sat again at the grand piano and began just as before to strike definite keys, from which there was again produced a certain monotone melody. But this time, in the melody were evenly and constantly repeated two sounds of the lowest octave of the grand piano. After a little while, the Dervish Hadji-Bogga-Eddin could not sit still, for he began to fidget with his left leg in which he felt a frightful pain. When at last the hermit finished playing the monotone melody, he turned towards the guest sage, and addressing him, said, “Friend of my friend, will you please get up, take the envelope off the hook and read what is written inside.”  

The sage stood up, took the envelope, opened it, and read as follows, “From the vibrations issuing from the grand piano, on each of you there will form on the left leg an inch below the knee and half an inch to the left of the middle of the leg what is called a ‘boil.’”

The elder requested both of them to bare the indicated places on their left legs. When they had bared them, there was to be seen a real boil, precisely on that place of the left leg of the Dervish Hadji-Bogga-Eddin, but to the extreme amazement of the venerable Hadji-Asvatz-Troov, there was nothing whatsoever to be seen on the left leg of his other wise guest, since he had a different vibration, because he was a Master from another planet, and it is clear that the vibration of this genre was of another frequency, different from that which the elder carried in his body.

When Hadji-Asvatz-Troov ascertained that there was no boil on the left leg of the sage, his guest, he immediately leapt from his place and cried out, “It cannot be!” and began to stare fixedly with the eyes of a madman at the sage’s left leg. It was then necessary for this wise visitor from another planet to make him comprehend that nothing had failed, and that later, alone, he would tell him his secret.  

It may seem incredible to many readers to know that inhabitants from other planets walk on our Earth. It is very likely that now they will skeptically laugh about it, nevertheless this how it is. Our Earth has been visited throughout time by inhabitants of other planets. [Read Cosmic Ships by the author]. Ancient traditions state that the Master Sanat Kumara, founder of the great College of Initiates of the great White Lodge, came with his physical body from Venus. The sage of our story was a Master from another planet, yet he kept it secret.  

In other times, there were wonderful musical instruments with which formidable experiments were performed. By knowing how to handle the vibratory waves of sound, it is possible to act upon every substance, upon all life. John 1:1 states:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Indeed, without sound, without the verb, without the Word, the Solar System in which we live, move, and have our Being, could not exist.

In the dawn of life, the Cosmocreators worked in their temples with the sexual magic of the Word. The two fundamental forces cannot create by themselves; a third force is necessary in accordance with the sexual magic of the Word.

Any Master skillful in meditation can study cosmogenesis within the Akashic records, and thus verify for himself the liturgical work of the Cosmocreators at the dawn of life.  The temples of the Cosmocreators and their work with the vibrations appear in the Akashic records visible to any illuminated one. Within each temple appear a priest and a priestess seated on their thrones in the internal East. In each temple there is a ground floor, on which are all the seats of honor, and the columns of the temple. The Elohim mentioned by the sacred scriptures occupy that ground floor. This is the primeval Masonry. These are the workshops of the Cosmocreators. The priest and priestess chant along with all the Elohim of the temple, and their voices resound in the Chaos.

Thus, this is how the rituals of fire are performed at the dawn of life, and the three forces called masculine, feminine, and neutral scientifically vibrate, producing multiple phenomena within the primordial matter. Thus, the Great Mother, the prima matter of the Great Work, becomes fertilized, and the germs of all creation sprout forth. Thus, this is how the universe of Pleroma is born. Thus, this is how any solar system is born.

The sexual magic of the Word created this universe in which we live, move, and have our Being. In the beginning, our solar system was subtle. Later it became denser and denser until taking its present physical consistency. This universe is therefore a product of the vibrations of the word, of music.