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The Aquarian Message: Preface


In the name of the truth, we, the brothers and sisters of the temple, give infinite thanks to our brother Manuel S. Sanchez and to all the brotherhood of the Sanctuary of Barquisimeto for making possible the printing of the first Spanish edition of this book. That sanctuary will be named from now on “Sanctuary Maitreya” because of the services given to the cosmic Christ, as well as the service given to this great suffering humanity. This Sanctuary Maitreya is accomplishing a gigantic world mission.

We also give thanks to our brother Ramon Flores Derma for his technical Biblical work, and in general to all those who in one way or another were concerned with the triumph of this work.

We called all religions, schools, sects, orders, lodges, etc., in order to form the world salvation army.

We invite all people of good will to enlarge the columns of AGLA [American Gnostic Liberation Action]. We are not against anyone, neither against the religion or school of anyone. We consider all religions, schools, and sects as precious pearls linked in the golden thread of divinity.

We do not attack anyone, we do not hate anyone, we do not combat anyone.

We explain the secret doctrine of our beloved savior. We intensely love this poor suffering humanity. We warn this humanity of the planet Earth about the apocalyptic hour in which we are.

We disclose the veil of the book of Apocalypse. This is a terribly divine book. With this book the human beings will have to define themselves as angels or demons, eagles or reptiles.

The times of the end have arrived and we are in them. Those who suppose that the times of the end are in a very remote future are very mistaken.

Events are speaking for themselves. The dreadful cataclysms that recently struck Chile and that caused terrible harm to Japan, as well as the terrible earthquakes that are occurring in different parts of the world, and all the unknown sicknesses that are appearing that medical science cannot cure, deadly hatred, atomic bombs, etc., are showing us in an evident way that the times of the end have arrived.

The world's Gnostic movements, the South American Liberation Action, and Sivananda Aryavarta Ashram are standing, fighting for the new Aquarian Age. So, the triangle ALAS — Gnosis — Sivananda Aryavarta Ashram fights for the new age.

The terrible hour has arrived and we cannot remain indifferent.

Soon the atomic war will explode and terrible events will occur in all of the corners of the Earth.

The apocalyptic hour has arrived. Woe! Woe! Woe to the dwellers of the Earth!

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