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The Aquarian Message: The Church of Smyrna

The Church of Smyrna

The church of Smyrna is the chakra of the prostate in men and the uterus in women. Apas is the tattva of this chakra. All of you will be gods if you depart from Egypt and travel through the Red Sea.

The divine male sings, the ineffable female sings... Both sing together, male and female. Both of them sing the sublime opera of the centuries. This opera of light begins in Eden and ends in Eden.

The voice of this sublime male is heroic—it is terrific like the lightning which strikes—it is like the omnipotent thunder.

The voice of the woman is so sweet and melodious like The Magic Flute of Mozart or like the miraculous voice of a mermaid of the great ocean.

This touching duet and this lovely connubial of the Word fecundates the waters of life.

When the serpent of fire breathes upon the waters of Eden, then the church of Smyrna opens within the august thunder of thought.

Let us kneel in order to contemplate the miraculous lotus of six petals, this lotus of the Nile, which is the prostatic-uterine chakra upon which the mermaids of the ocean stand.

Let us pray and meditate on this chakra of the prostate and uterus. We convert ourselves into kings and queens of the waters when the beloved awakens this chakra.

This chakra grants us consciousness of the nature of all beings who dwell in the internal worlds.

Whosoever drinks from the waters of pure life shall never thirst again [John 4:13-14].

The very pure waters of Eden are the divine mirror of love.

The swan of inviolable whiteness stands upon the lotus flower. This swan of love awakens among the moving murmurs of nature.

“And unto the (atomic) angel of the church in Smyrna write: these things saith the first and the last, which was dead and is alive; (the first and last is alive within anyone who receives the Venustic Initiation).

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (tribulation and poverty are the fundamental conditions in order to open the church of Smyrna) but thou art rich (spiritually), and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

“Fear not of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold the devil shall cast some of you into prison (of pain), that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: (meaning, you shall have tribulation as long as you are submitted to the wheel of reincarnation and karma) be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” Revelation 2:8-10

Whosoever receives the crown of life is free of the wheel of reincarnation and karma.

The crown of life is threefold. It has three aspects: the Ancient of Days, the beloved Son, and thirdly, the very wise Holy Spirit.

The crown of life is the man-sun, the king-sun, who was greatly worshipped by the Emperor Julian.

The crown of life is our incessant eternal breath profoundly unknown to himself. It is the particular ray of each human being. It is the Christ.

The crown of life is Kether, Chokmah, and Binah.

tree of life crown of life

Whosoever is faithful unto death receives the crown of life.

The ineffable countenances of all the saints who have incarnated Him shine like suns of love while at the banquet of the Lamb. The immaculate, white tablecloth is dyed with the royal blood of the immolated Lamb.

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches; he that overcometh shall not be hurt of the Second Death.” Revelation 2:11

Whosoever does not overcome will be divorced from the beloved and will be submerged into the abyss.

Those who enter the abyss will experience the Second Death.

The demons of the abyss disintegrate very slowly over a period of many eternities; these souls are lost.

“Whosoever overcomes shall not be hurt by the Second Death... Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” —Revelation 2:11, 10

“Whosoever knows, the Word gives power to. No one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one who has incarnated it” (the Word, the Christ).

When we receive the crown of life, the Word becomes flesh within each of us.

Every saint who reaches the Venustic Initiation receives the crown of life.

Our very beloved savior Jesus Christ reached the Venustic Initiation in the river Jordan.

“And the Word (the Verb) was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth.” —John 1:14

“Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” —John 3:19

Jesus is the savior because he brought us the crown of life and he gave his blood for us.

In order to receive the crown of life, we must reach the supreme annihilation of the “I.”

We must resurrect the Lamb within ourselves. We need the Easter Resurrection.