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The Great Rebellion: Inquietudes


There is no doubt that there is a big difference between thinking and feeling.  This is indisputable.

Among people there is great indifference. This is the coldness of that, which has no importance, of that which is superficial.

The masses believe things of no importance to be important.  They suppose that the latest fashion, the newest model car or the question of basic salary is the only serious matter.

They call “serious” the daily newspaper, a love affair, a sedentary life, a glass of alcohol, horse racing, bull fighting, car racing, gossip, slander, etc.

Obviously, when the modern human beings hear anything about esotericism, they respond with terrible coldness, or they simply sneer, shrug their shoulders and indifferently turn away.  This is because it is not in their plans, it is not of interest within their social circles, nor is it sexually titillating enough.

This psychological apathy, this frightening coldness is based on two things: first, the most tremendous ignorance; second, the absolute absence of spiritual inquietudes.

A contact, an electric shock is needed.  No one gave this to them at the store, nor was it found in what they believed to be serious, least of all, in the pleasures of bed.

If someone were capable of giving an electric shock to an indifferent imbecile or a superficial woman, a spark in the heart, some peculiar reminiscence, an inexplicable something that is all too personal, then perhaps everything would be different.

However, something displaces that secret voice, that initial hunch, that intimate yearning.  This possibly could be a stupid triviality, a beautiful hat in some shop window, a delicious dessert at a restaurant, an encounter with a friend which later holds no importance for us, etc.

Trivialities and nonsense, while having no particular transcendence, still have the power at any given moment to extinguish that first spiritual disquietude, that intimate longing, that insignificant spark of light, that hunch which unsettles us for a moment without our knowing why.

If those who are currently living corpses, cold sleepwalkers in nightclubs or simply umbrella salespeople in department stores on the avenue, had not suffocated their initial intimate uneasiness, they would at this moment be spiritual luminaries, adepts of the light, real Humans in every sense of the word.

A spark, a hunch, a mysterious whisper, an unexplainable sensation felt sometimes by the butcher on the corner, by a shoe-shiner or a highly specialized doctor, is all in vain.  The foolishness of the personality always extinguishes the primary spark of light, later continuing with a coldness of the most frightful indifference.

Unquestionably, people are swallowed up by the Moon sooner or later.  This truth is indisputable.

There is no one, who at some point in his or her life has not felt an impulse, a strange disquietude. Unfortunately, anything from the personality, however stupid it may seem, is sufficient to reduce to cosmic dust that which, in the silence of the night, disturbs us for a moment.

The Moon always wins these battles; she feeds and nourishes herself precisely on our own weaknesses.

The Moon is terribly mechanical. Completely devoid of all Solar inquietudes, the lunar humanoid is incoherent and moves in a dream world.

If a person were to do what no one does (which is to revive the intimate uneasiness that arises, perhaps in the mystery of some night), there is no doubt that in the long run such a person would assimilate Solar Intelligence, and as a result would become a Solar Human Being.

This is precisely what the Sun wishes; yet these ice-cold, apathetic and indifferent lunar shadows are always swallowed up by the Moon.  Then comes the leveling of death. [Editor’s Note: The Sun refers to the giver and supporter of life; it is a symbol of the universal cosmic Christ, also known as Quetzalcoatl, Osiris-Ra, Apollo, Jupiter, Vishnu, Avalokitesvara, etc.]

Death levels everything.  Any living corpse without Solar uneasiness gradually degenerates terribly until it is devoured by the Moon.

The Sun  wants to create Human Beings.  It performs these exercises in the laboratory of nature.  Such experiments, unfortunately, have not produced good results; the Moon swallows up people.

Nonetheless, nobody is interested in what we are saying here, least of all the learned ignoramuses. They consider themselves to be mother hens or kings of the jungle.

The Sun has placed certain Solar seeds within the sexual glands of the intellectual animal (mistakenly called human being) which, when properly developed, can transform us into authentic Humans.

However, the Solar experiment is terribly difficult due precisely to lunar coldness.

People do not want to cooperate with the Sun and because of this the Solar seeds devolve, degenerate, and are unfortunately lost in the long run.

The Master Key to the work of the Sun lies in the dissolution of the undesirable elements we carry within us.

When a human race loses all interest in Solar ideas, the Sun destroys it, because it serves no purpose in its experiment.

Since this present race has become unbearably lunar, terribly superficial, and mechanical, it serves no further purpose for the Solar experiment: more than enough reason for its destruction.

In order for there to be continuous spiritual disquietude, it is necessary to transfer the magnetic center of gravity to the Essence, to the consciousness.

Unfortunately, people hold their magnetic center of gravity within the personality, in the cafe, in the canteen, in banking transactions, in brothels, or the marketplace, etc.

Obviously, all these belong to the personality, and the corresponding magnetic center attracts these things.  This is incontrovertible, and anyone with any common sense can verify it directly for him or herself.

Regrettably, reading all of this, the scoundrels of intellect, accustomed as they are to constant argument or to remain silent with intolerable pride, prefer to throw away this book with scorn and read the newspaper.

A few sips of good coffee and the daily paper are splendid nourishment for rational mammals.

Nevertheless, they feel that they are very serious.  Undoubtedly, their own pseudo-knowledge has deluded them, and the Solar matters written about in this insolent book offend them greatly.  There is no doubt that the bohemian eyes of the homunculi of reasoning will not dare to continue with the study of this book.