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The Great Rebellion: Return and Recurrence

Return and Recurrence

A human being is what his life is.  If a human being does not work on his own life, he is wasting his time pitifully.

Only by eliminating the undesirable elements which we carry within us can we make a masterpiece of our life.

Death is the return to the beginning of life with the possibility of repeating it anew in the setting of another existence.

The various types of pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools maintain the eternal theory of successive lives.  Such a concept is mistaken.

Life is a film.  Once the showing is over, we rewind the film on its reel and take it to eternity.

Re-entry exists, return exists.  When we come back to this world, we project the same film, the same life on the screen of existence.

We can establish the thesis of successive existences but not of successive lives, because the film is the same.

Human beings have three percent free Essence, and the other ninety-seven percent is imprisoned within the “I’s.”

On return, the three percent of free Essence totally impregnates the fertilized ovum.  Thus, unquestionably, we continue on in the seeds of our descendants.

Personality is different; there is no future for the personality of the deceased; it slowly dissolves in the mausoleum or cemetery.

In the newborn baby, only the small percentage of liberated Essence is reincorporated.  This gives the child self-awareness and inner beauty.

The diverse selves, having returned, revolve around the newborn child, freely coming and going everywhere.  They would like to enter the organic machine, however, this is not possible until a new personality has been created.

It is good to know that the personality is energetic, and that it is formed through experiences over time.

It is written that the personality is created during the first seven years of childhood, and that subsequently it is strengthened and fortified by all of the experiences of everyday life.

The “I’s” start to intervene in the organic machine little by little as the new personality is created.

Death is a subtraction of fractions.  Once the mathematical operation is terminated, the only things which continue are values, in other words, “I’s” which are good or bad, useful or useless, positive or negative.

Values in astral light attract and repel one another according to the Laws of Universal Magnetization.

We are mathematical points in space which serve as vehicles for predetermined sums of values.

These values which serve as a basis for the Law of Recurrence are always found within our human personality.

Everything happens just as it happened before with the addition of the results or consequences of our former actions.

Since many “I’s” from former lives exist within each one of us, we can emphatically assert that each of them is a different person.

This leads us to understand that within each of us lives a myriad of people, each with distinct commitments.

Within the personality of a thief exists a true den of thieves; within the personality of a murderer exists a gang of murderers; within the personality of a womanizer exists a bawdy house of lechers; within the personality of any prostitute exists a brothel, etc.

Every one of these people that we carry within our own personality has his or her own problems and commitments.

People living within people, persons living within persons, this is irrefutable, indisputable.

Gravest of all is that each of these persons, or selves, which live within us, comes from former existences and has set commitments.

The “I” that had a love affair at the age of thirty in a past existence will wait until that age in a new existence in order to manifest itself.  When the moment arrives it will search for its dream lover and will telepathically contact the loved one.  Finally the reencounter and reenactment of the scene will take place.

The “I” that at the age of forty was involved in litigation over property will wait in a new existence until that age in order to repeat the same course of action.

The “I” that at the age of twenty-five fought another man in a bar or pub will wait until that age in the new existence in order to seek out his adversary and repeat the tragedy.

The “I’s” of one subject seek out those of another through telepathy, then reunite to mechanically repeat the same things.

This is actually the mechanism of the Law of Recurrence.  This is the tragedy of life.

Over millions of years, diverse characters reunite to relive the same dramas, comedies, and tragedies.

A human person is no more than a machine at the service of those selves with so many commitments.

Worst of all, the commitments of these people within us are fulfilled without our prior knowledge or understanding.

In this sense, our human personality resembles a carriage being dragged along by many horses.

There are lives of the most precise repetition, existences which recur without any modification.

Life’s comedies, dramas, and tragedies could never be repeated on the screen of existence if there were no actors.

The players in all of these scenes are the selves we carry within and which come from past existences.

If we disintegrate the “I’s” of anger, the tragic scenes of violence will inevitably come to an end.

If we reduce the secret agents of greed to cosmic dust, problems stemming from them will stop completely.

If we annihilate the “I’s” of lust, scenes of prostitution and sexual perversion will end.

If we reduce the hidden characters of envy to ashes, related events will radically terminate.

If we slay the “I’s” of pride, vanity, conceit, and self-importance, the ridiculous scenes arising from these defects will draw to a close due to a lack of actors.

If we eliminate the factors of laziness, inertia, and negligence from our psyche, the horrifying scenes brought about by these types of defects will not be able to be repeated due to an absence of actors.

Feasting, drunkenness, etc., will come to an end for want of participants, if we pulverize the disgusting “I’s” of voraciousness and gluttony.

Since these multiple selves are unfortunately processed at different levels of the Being, it becomes necessary to recognize their causes, their origins and the Christic procedures which will finally lead us to the death of the me, myself and to ultimate liberation.

The study of the Intimate Christ, the study of Christic esotericism is fundamental when we attempt to provoke a radical and definitive change within ourselves.  This is what we will study in the following chapters.