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The Great Rebellion: The Knife of Consciousness

The Knife of Consciousness

Some psychologists symbolize the consciousness as a knife very capable of separating us from that which is fastened to us, extracting our strength.

These psychologists believe that the only way to escape the power of this or that “I” is to observe it more clearly, each time with the objective of comprehending it so as to become cognizant of it.

These people think that in this way, separation of ourselves from this or that “I” will eventually occur, although it may be just by the width of a knife’s edge.

In this manner, they say, the “I” separated by the consciousness resembles a cut plant. Becoming conscious of any “I,” according to them, means separating it from our psyche and condemning it to death.

Without question, although apparently very convincing, such an idea fails in practice.

An “I” which has been cut off from our personality by the knife of consciousness, thrown out of the house like the black sheep of the family, continues in psychological space.

Transformed into a demon of temptation, it insists on returning home. It does not submit so easily. In no way does it wish to eat the bitter bread of exile. It looks for an opportunity, and when we let down our guard for a minute it accommodates itself anew within our psyche.

Gravest of all, is that within an exiled “I,” there is always a certain percentage of Essence, consciousness, imprisoned.

All those psychologists who think this way have never been successful in dissolving any of their “I’s”; they have actually failed.

No matter how hard one tries to evade the question of the Kundalini, it remains a very serious problem.

In fact, the “ungrateful child” never progresses in the esoteric work on himself.

Obviously, an “ungrateful child” is anyone who scorns Isis, our own particular, individual, Divine Cosmic Mother.

Isis is one of the autonomous parts of our own Being, yet a derivative. The igneous serpent of our magical powers is Kundalini.

Obviously, only Isis has the absolute power to disintegrate any “I,” this is irrefutable, indisputable and incontrovertible.

Kundalini is a compound word: KUNDA reminds us of the abominable “Kundabuffer organ,” and LINI is an Atlantean term meaning termination.

Kundalini means “the termination of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.”  In this case, it is imperative not to confuse Kundalini with Kundabuffer.

As we already stated in a previous chapter, the igneous serpent of our magical powers is found coiled up three and a half times inside of a certain magnetic center located in the coccygeal bone at the base of the spinal column.

When the serpent rises, it is Kundalini; when it descends, it is the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Through White Tantra the serpent ascends victoriously along the spinal canal awakening the powers of deification.

Through Black Tantra the serpent hurtles downward from the coccyx toward the atomic infernos of the human being.  This is how many are transformed into terribly perverse demons.

Those who make the mistake of attributing all the sinister, negative characteristics of the descending serpent to the ascending serpent, definitely fail in the Work upon themselves.

The evil consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ can only be annihilated with the Kundalini.

It would not be an overstatement to say that such evil consequences are crystallized in the pluralized ego of revolutionary psychology.

The hypnotic power of the descending serpent has submerged humanity in unconsciousness.

By contrast, only the ascending serpent can awaken us.  This truth is an axiom of Hermetic wisdom.  Now we better understand the deep significance of the sacred word Kundalini.

Conscious will is always represented as a sacred woman, Mary, Isis, who crushes the head of the descending serpent.

Frankly speaking, in plain language, the dual flow of light, the living and astral fire of the Earth has been represented in ancient mysteries as a serpent with a bull, billy goat, or dog’s head.

It is the double serpent of the Caduceus of Mercury and the tempting serpent of Eden.  But it is also, without the slightest doubt, the bronze serpent of Moses entwined in the “Tau,” that is to say, the “generating lingam.”

It is the male goat of the Sabbath and the Baphomet of Gnostic Templars, the Hyle of universal Gnosticism, the double tail of the serpent that forms the feet of the solar cockerel of Abraxas.

The “black lingam” inserted in the metallic “yoni,” (symbols of the God Shiva, of Hindustani divinity) is the secret key to awaken and develop the ascendant serpent or Kundalini.  This is under the life long condition of never spilling the “vessel of Hermes Trismegistus,” the thrice great God, Ibis of Thoth.

We have spoken between the lines for those who know how to understand.  Whosoever has understanding let them understand, for herein lies wisdom.

Black Tantra practitioners are different. They awaken and develop the abominable Kundabuffer organ, serpent of temptation from Eden, when they commit the unpardonable crime of spilling the sacred wine during their rites.