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The Major Mysteries: Esoteric Vocalization for Singles

Esoteric Vocalization for Singles

The vowel “I” [pronounced ee as in “tree”] awakens the frontal chakra and makes us clairvoyant.

The vowel “E” [pronounced eh as in “red”] awakens the thyroid chakra and makes us clairaudient.

The vowel “O” [pronounced oo as in “no”] awakens the heart chakra and makes us intuitive.

The vowel “U” [pronounced uu as in “you”] awakens the solar plexus and makes us telepathic.

The vowel “A” [pronounced ah as in “tall”] awakens the pulmonary chakra in order to remember past existences.

These vowels are vocalized by sustaining and prolonging the sound of each one of them. By combining mental vocalization with pranayama, one can vocalize in the following order, I... E… O... U... A... One will mentally imitate the sound of the air, hurricane, or breeze. Each letter must be mentally vocalized separately.

By means of these studies and exercises, any human can attain the degree of a Christ.

Women can attain the degree of Virgin. I.e. Litelantes is a powerful Virgin of the Law. The eleven thousand Inca Virgins are divine and ineffable. The Virgin of the Sea, who was Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the Immaculate Conception, because she directs immaculate conceptions. The Virgin of the Stars, etc. These are different female adepts who attained perfection, who attained Nirvana.

When a Virgin of Nirvana wants to incarnate her “I Am,” she must then renounce Nirvana and incarnate preferably in the body of a male, i.e. the Virgin of the Sea has now incarnated in a male body in Egypt in order to elevate herself to the degree of a Christ.

Thus, we have finished this book. Unfortunately, we can count with our fingers those who are prepared for Gnosis. Up until now, I have only known two people who are prepared for Gnosis: an illiterate Indian Mama (shaman) and a woman. Yes, those who want to know have to kill the great destroyer of reality: the mind.

Final Instruction

Gnostics must greet each other with the mantra “Inverencial peace.” Alternatively, they should recognize each other with the hand-sign with which Jesus Christ is usually depicted, namely, extending the thumb, index, and middle fingers of the right hand.

They must address each other with the terms “Mr., Mrs., gentleman, friend,” etc. The use of the words “brother” or “sister” is forbidden, since it has been abused. Yes, mutual disrespect, disorder, fornication, adultery, theft, etc., have been hidden behind this word. Humanity is not yet prepared to use such noble words.

Let us preserve mutual respect, decency, and gentlemanliness.