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The Major Mysteries: Invocations


When in accordance with the law of karma we want to resolve any personal problem, the four exorcisms of fire, air, water, and earth must be recited in front of our altar. Thereafter, we must invoke the great master of karma, Anubis, and his forty-two judges of the law, in the following manner:

In the name of Christ, in the name of Christ, in the name of Christ, we invoke you Anubis, Anubis, Anubis. Amen.

Then, facing the altar, we kneel before the altar where we will mentally converse with Anubis and ask for whatever we deem necessary.

Remember that the judges of karma will remedy our needs in accordance with the law. They cannot violate the laws. Therefore, if our petition is not granted, it is because of our lack of merits, thus we must not protest; we must always bow before their verdict.

If what we need is to heal the ill, then we must invoke Raphael, Paracelsus, Aesculapius, etc. If we are ill, then we must kneel before the altar and ask for healing.

Before the altar, we can invoke any of the seven, since each one of them is a specialist in his own domain.

1. Gabriel is related to conception

2. Raphael with medicine

3. Uriel with love, family, children, etc.

4. Michael with high dignitaries

5. Samael with strength

6. Zachariel with authorities

7. Orifiel with land, mines, etc.

We can invoke them by pronouncing their name three times, in the name of Christ, as follows:

In the name of Christ, by the Christ, by the Christ, we call upon thee, glorious (pronounce here the name of the invoked being), in order to beg of thee (the petition here).

This is how we work in white ceremonial magic. Remember that the holy beings always help us according with the law. They do not violate laws. Therefore, we must not impose our mental force on others, because this is black magic. Let us respect the law. Good sense tells us when to utilize these teachings. We need to develop intuitive clairvoyance in order to see these things.

Recite the Conjuration of the Seven in order to conjure the demons of the possessed and in order to defend ourselves from the tenebrous ones.

However, in order to defend ourselves from black magicians, the following plant magic is advised.

Plant Magic

On the ground, trace a circle around a lemon tree. Near the tree, dig a small hole and firmly insert nine small wooden sticks (distributed into three groups of three) inside the hole, and thereafter fill it with water, making a small puddle. You must also light a fire (in a portable grill, such as an hibachi). You will then beg the elemental of the lemon tree to serve you (each lemon tree has its soul which has a remarkable power). Using the following procedure, you must throw nine lemons into the fire, one by one: look fixedly at a lemon, then pick it, and repeat until you have three in hand; throw them one by one into the fire; gather three more and repeat, until you have thrown nine lemons in the fire. If a lemon explodes (producing an explosion), it is because the black magicians are performing sorcery on you. So, command the elemental of that lemon tree to defend you. When fallen into the fire, each one of the nine lemons will explode in the astral plane like a bomb, destroying the works of sorcery from the black magicians. Thereafter, the elemental will come out of the lemon tree and, shapeshifting itself into the form of a dog, will go and attack the tenebrous ones.

Note: the exorcisms must be learned by memory, since these may be needed unexpectedly. E.g. an ill person may need an exorcised drink of water, or we may need to see clairvoyantly in the water, or we may need to drive away a storm by conjuring the sylphs of space, or we may need to invoke the salamanders in order to command them to stop a fire, or invoke the gnomes, etc.