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The Major Mysteries: Personages Who Do Harm

Personages Who Do Harm

Regrettably, Yoga has been misunderstood in the Western world.

Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, author of The Secret Doctrine, was a yogini. We all know that she did not live with the Count Blavatsky; nevertheless, after having widowed the Count, she had to marry again. Yes, she had to remarry, yet a great yogini like her could not have married out of mere carnal passion; besides, she got married to a venerable old man, therefore, the reason for her to remarry is even deeper, more esoteric.

Indeed, the Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky needed marriage for her cosmic realization. She achieved something with Yoga, but not everything, since a yogi/yogini without Sexual Magic is like a garden without water. So, this is how by means of Sexual Magic she achieved the total development of her seven serpents.

Sexual magic is secretly taught within the schools of Eastern Yoga. Unfortunately, pseudo-yogis and pseudo-yoginis have spread in the Western world, and these ignoramuses have harmed many homes. These pseudo-prophets teach that sex is vulgar and perverse; they believe that they can jump over the walls of the Garden of Eden.

These pseudo-yogis/yoginis have ended the happiness of many homes, since they believe that they can enter Eden through false doors; they are the cause for the disgust and repugnance that many virtuous wives feel towards sex. Thus, by insulting the Holy Spirit these personages have ended the happiness of many homes.

We knew the case of a disciple of a cynic demonic pseudo-yogi, who rejected her husband sexually in order to follow the theories of such a black magician, who naturally destroyed that marriage.