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The Major Mysteries: Practice and Not Theories

Practice and Not Theories

Resolute people are tired of theories. Now, they want to know, see, hear, and touch for themselves, because the new Aquarian Age is for practical occultists. Thus, it is necessary for them to learn how to project themselves at will in their Astral Body, and to travel with their physical body in Jinn State (to fly with the body of flesh and blood, to enter within the internal worlds and to visit the souls of the dead, to penetrate into the world of the Angels with the physical body). Indeed, all of this is a gigantic victory for the Spirit.

This is how we can travel and visit all the temples of the White Lodge, and thus study at the feet of the great Masters. Yes, by knowing the mysteries of life and death we will liberate ourselves from so many theories and so much absurd intellectualism.

We advise our disciples to carefully avoid dealing with the tenebrous devotees of the kingdom of “Saint Mary” (the abyss).  [Editor: the author is not referring to Mary, the Mother of Jesus].

The tenebrous “Aquarianists” will tell you that projecting yourself in your Astral Body is dangerous, since this is what they learned from their dangerous impostor who disguised himself as Jesus Christ.

Theosophists will stuff you with fear and confusion by means of their very complicated theories.

Spiritualists will try to confuse your mind in order to convince you that their mediumistic sessions are the best of all, ignoring that in all their spiritualist centers, repugnant and horrible demons of the abyss usually present themselves as ineffable saints or as Jesus Christ in person. Regrettably, these wretched medium-chanellers are victims of repugnant larvae and demons of the abyss, and the gravest of all is that they are convinced that they are in the light; no tenebrous individual believes that he is doing iniquitous acts.

The Pseudo-Rosicrucians will tell you that to project yourself in your Astral Body is dangerous and that it is not yet time; these ignoramuses are firmly convinced of their superiority over the profane.

All of these people belong to the abyss; they have a terrible and frightful pride, and are puffed up with fear and fornication. Yes, they fornicate, because they spill their semen miserably: this is why they are black magicians. However, they never accept that they are dismal; rather, they defend their adorable fornication with refined sophisms and subtle philosophies, which they wrap up within with sweet smiles and apparent sweetness.

Understand that every association of fornicators forms a black lodge, and each lodge or school of this kind has its boss or manager who they venerate as a Saint or Master. Obviously, these managers exploit their school, since their school is just a business that they defend with sweet and hypocritical words.

Logically, for these hypocritical impostors who pass as Masters, Gurus, Avatars, Elder Brothers, Great Reformers, and Princes from India, etc. it is not convenient that their disciples learn how to travel in the Astral Body, since they fear that their charade will be exposed to their own disciples. Moreover, since these impostors do not know how to project themselves in their Astral Body, how are they going to teach this to others? This is why they try to obstruct their wretched followers with their theories, as fearmongers.

Others, through cunningness, or the pretext of organizing the great universal fraternity without any distinction of race, creed, caste, or color, let their beard and hair grow long and try to monopolize all the schools. Naturally, many wretched victims of their infamy end up transforming themselves into an intolerant and harmful stampede, a fanatical flock of goats.

Sadly, this is the reality of these times. This is why we advise our disciples to carefully avoid dealing with those schools of the abyss. Indeed, the way things have become, it is better not to follow anyone, because it is very dangerous.

Thus, let us adore our “I Am.”