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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 17

Preparation for Initiation 17

Esoteric discipline is indeed remarkable. Some fanatic devotees of the spiritualism of Aquarius commit the most horrible crimes within their mind, yet if they suspect something bad of someone else, they cynically attribute these feelings as warnings from their Innermost. Thus, this is how they slander people and thereafter they say, “My Innermost tells me everything.” When they get enraged, they shout, “I am not angry! What I feel are strong intuitive impulses of my Innermost.” Thus, they attribute every evil idea, every evil thought, as impulses from their Inner God.

Such people confuse intuition with malice, and the voice of the silence with the voice of Satan. We Gnostics state the voice of the silence never utters atrocities, because it is perfect, whereas the voice of Satan always utters perversities.

Within the abyss, the black magicians adopt the shape of our friends, and thereafter they say and do horrible things before the initiates. Thus, if the initiates allow themselves to be deceived by those tenebrous entities, they then become slanderers of others. Defamation is worse than stealing.

Slandering initiates sink into the abyss. Slandering initiates lose their degrees and initiations, in other words, they fall.

Some of those initiates who in remote ages were demons of the abyss are now marvelous; they no longer allow themselves to be deceived by the tenebrous entities; they marvelously know how the demons behave. These types of initiates cannot be misled by any tenebrous entity, since they know what the abyss is. Their expertise is profound in that area; they know very well the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil.

However, the initiates who in ancient times did not know the abyss now become naive victims of the tenebrous entities; such initiates are easily deceived by the tenebrous ones. These are the initiates that become slanderers of their fellowmen. These are the initiates who vociferate against others and who fall into the abyss.

In order to be as Gods, we have to totally know the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil.