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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 20

Preparation for Initiation 20

Those who know how to consciously project themselves in the Astral Body, those who know how to settle their negotiations in the tribunals of karma, those who directly receive the teachings within the temples of mystery, those who remember their past reincarnations, are the ones who really know esotericism, even if they have never read a book of occultism. Yes, these are the people who really know esotericism, even if in the world, they are nothing but wretched illiterates, even if they are nothing more than simple cooks, or uncivilized Indians.

We knew two powerful enlightened beings, which were absolutely illiterate. One was an uncivilized Indian (a Mama) of La Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia). The other was the powerful Guru Litelantes, a great Master of karmic justice. These two powerful initiates enjoy the privilege of possessing continuous cognizance. In similar privileged conditions, these two initiates possess teachings that could never be written down, because if they were to be written down, such knowledge would be profaned.

The great intellectuals, who met these two Gurus, looked at them with disdain because these initiates did not talk like parrots, because they were not full of sanctimoniousness, because they were not intellectuals, because they never went around boasting about their esoteric affairs.

Notwithstanding, we have known others who have only sporadically, in other words, from time to time, awakened consciousness; these types of devotees are nothing but mere beginners in these matters. What is important is to possess continuous cognizance in the astral plane. This is why we have delivered exercises and clues in this book.

Therefore, whosoever does not know how to consciously project himself in the Astral Body, does not know occultism, even if they have the “33rd social degree of Masonry,” even if they are Aquarian devotees, even if they are named Theosophist or even if they self-qualify themselves as a Rosicrucian Knight.

To read books of occultism, or to skillfully theorize about it, can be done by anyone; yet, in order for our consciousness to acquire cognizance of the occult wisdom is something else, to do this one needs to study the true occult wisdom within the internal worlds.

Again, whosoever does not know how to consciously project himself in the Astral Body, does not know occultism.