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The Major Mysteries: Preparation for Initiation 9

Preparation for Initiation 9

A great equilibrium in the consciousness is necessary in order to become an initiate; thus, it is necessary to cultivate powers but not to covet them; to aspire to initiation but not to covet it; to know how to find virtues within the heart of the wicked and to know how to find the evilness within the heart of the righteous.

People begin to practice Sexual Magic and then become weary; they fail due to the lack of tenacity and perseverance. If our consciousness has not yet acquired cognizance of what it is doing, then tenacity cannot be attained and the consciousness cannot acquire this cognizance without suffering.

This humanity still needs to suffer more; they do not yet have moral responsibility. People want to attain everything in a single day; rare are they who persevere for their entire life.

People live fleeting like butterflies from one school to another, this is why they fail. The Gnostic who withdraws from the Gnostic doctrine is a totally “irresponsible individual,” an embryo, a fetus without a complete, mature development whatsoever. Yet, the mature Gnostic would prefer death rather than to withdraw from Gnosis.

To achieve a perfect equilibrium between light and darkness is to achieve practical adepthood, and this perfect equilibrium cannot be achieved by any fanatic.

Great saints are born from the great wicked, yet saints can easily become demons.

The abyss is closer for the one who has already seen the Light than for the one who still has not seen it.

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