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The Major Mysteries: Shambhala


Jesus Christ presently lives in Shambhala (a secret country of Tibet) with his same resurrected physical body. Yes, in Shambhala he also has his temple of mysteries. The entire country of Shambhala is in the Jinn state. Here is where the principal monasteries of the White Lodge are.

Many masters live in Shambhala whose stream of life of their physical bodies comes from very ancient ages, and who are in the Jinn state.

When Jesus walked upon the waters, he carried his body in the Jinn state. Any disciple can travel in the same manner. The disciple becomes slightly asleep, then filled with faith and preserving the slumber state, he rises from his bed like a somnambulist. Subsequently, he will perform a little jump with the intention of submerging himself within the supersensible worlds. With the jump, he will float in the atmosphere. This is called the Jinn state. This is how one floats in space and walks upon the waters. Some succeed immediately, while others take months and even years.

In all the corners of the world there are monasteries of the White Lodge in the Jinn state. Our disciples (in the Astral Body or in Jinn state) can visit Shambhala and converse with Jesus Christ.

A road from the northeast goes from the city of Ghandara until arriving at the Sita and Bhastani rivers. Two sacred columns are found behind these two rivers, and thereafter a lake where an initiated elder guides the traveler to the secret country, Shambhala. Profane people will never find this country, since it is very well hidden.

Jesus Christ will return at the zenith of Aquarius with his same resurrected physical body, which he still preserves in Jinn state.

Later on, Master Jesus will come again in the continent of Antarctica in order to illuminate the Koradhi, the sixth root race.

Much later, he will come back in order to instruct the seventh root race.

Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. Indeed, the only one who can save us is our resplendent and luminous “I Am.” Jesus Christ brought the doctrine of the I Am: this is why he is the savior.

The Roman priests stole the secret doctrine of the Lord.

Any mystic in a state of ecstasy can see within many spiritual schools, religions, and sects the Christ tied to the column where they whipped him 5,000 and more times.

Yes, all those schools and religions are whipping the Lord daily.

Some Theosophists still believe that above Jesus Christ there are more elevated beings, yet those diverted, wretched souls are mistaken, because Jesus Christ is a Paramarthasatya who renounced the Absolute in order to come to this valley of tears.

Jesus Christ is a leader of all souls, an inhabitant of the Absolute.

Many devotees commit the mistake of affiliating themselves with impostors, i.e. like the Aquarianists who affiliated themselves to a perverse French engineer who disguised himself as Jesus Christ. This evildoer, this horrible larva, is already severed from his Innermost. Yes, La Ferriere is a perverse demon of the abyss.

Impostors are monsters who will receive their punishment. “For without (the Heavenly Jerusalem) are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie” [Revelation 22:15].

In any war, traitors are shot in the back. What type of punishment is deserved by the ones who betray the leader of all souls, those who exchange the Christ for an impostor?

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." - Luke 23:43

Understand our final statement: whosoever becomes a disciple of a demon will go to the abyss to accompany his beloved demon-guru.