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The Major Mysteries: Spiritual Birth

Spiritual Birth

In order for the Being (the Innermost) to be born in us, we have to terminate with the process of the human “I.” For this, we must not commit the error of dividing ourselves into a Superior “I” and an Inferior “I.” That which spiritual students call “Superior I” is not the Being, but rather a refined form of the human “I,” a subtle modality of self-defense that the human “I” utilizes in order to persist and remain alive. Yes, that division is just a subtle escape that the human “I” utilizes. It is just a refined concept of Satan.

We have to die in order to live. We have to lose everything in order to win everything. In order to have the right to live, we must die through the death of the cross, because the Being (the Innermost), full of glory and power, is only born upon the cadaver of the human “I.”

Regrettably, our human “I” wants to appear everywhere. Our human “I” wants to be applauded and admired by everyone. The human “I” lets his hair and beard grow and wears strange clothes in order to appear publicly on the streets, so that the naive can call him master, elder brother, etc. Thereafter, like a harlot the human “I” publicly undresses in order to show off his powers, qualities, and lineage.

Yes, the human I’s “love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Master, Master” [Matthew 23: 6, 7].

The human “I” has no humility; he boasts about everything, he swaggers about everything, he shows off everything without any modesty whatsoever. The human “I” is an actor who works in order to be applauded and admired by others.

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. - Ecclesiastes1: 2

The human “I” is filled with jealousy. This is why the human “I” loves to be disguised with the cloak of Aristippus. Tradition tells how Aristippus, a great Greek philosopher, wanting to show his wisdom and humility, garbed himself with an old cloak, full of patches and holes. Thus, grasping the staff of philosophy and filled with a great humility, Aristippus walked through the streets of Athens, and in this fashion Aristippus arrived at the home of Socrates.

When Socrates saw him coming, he exclaimed, “Oh, Aristippus, I see thy vanity through the holes in thy cloak.”

The human “I” knows how to conceal anger within receptacles made of ice. Yes, within cold receptacles filled with beauty and ineffable perfume, the human “I” hides the fire of anger. This is how when driven by jealousy he declares that he is prudent, and he states that his anger is just confusion and stress, etc. Indeed, crime is hidden within the incense of prayer.

The authentic master never boasts of being a master. The true master is unknown. He dresses like any ordinary citizen and goes around anonymous and unknown.

Therefore, in order for the Being to be born in us, the “I” must completely die. The Being is what is, what has been, and what shall always be. The Being is the life that throbs in each atom, the Most Exalted within us. The Being is impersonal; it is the Innermost, the Most Exalted within. The Being is beyond desire, beyond the mind, beyond the will, even beyond consciousness.

The Being is beyond intelligence. The reason for the Being to be is to be the Being itself. The Being is life. “I Am,” the Being.