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The Major Mysteries: The Fourth Serpent

The Fourth Serpent

When Master Jesus awakened his fourth serpent, he knocked three times on a door and entered into a luminous room filled with delightful flowers and ineffable music. Four masters distributed in two groups received him; those masters were resplendent with majesty and each one had a sword of cosmic justice in his right hand. They rested the hilts of the swords over their hearts, thus the bare swords filled with a terrific power pointed up to the loft. Master Jesus placed himself between two of the masters while ineffable music resounded in the environment.

The serpent of the Mental Body of Jesus awoke by intense practice of sexual magic with the beautiful priestess of the temple. Yes, without the woman, nothing is attained. Likewise a woman without a man does not achieve anything. By means of sexual magic, everything is attained; nothing can replace the joy of love.

Thereafter, the master entered a classroom. All the disciples were seated at their writing desks. Here, all of them were studying the wisdom of the cosmic mind. Thus Jesus, filled with humility, joined the classroom as one more student.

The Mental Body is the donkey upon which we must ride in order to victoriously enter into the heavenly Jerusalem (the superior worlds), where we are greeted with branches of palm trees, praises, and feasts. The Mental Body is a material, dense body. The four bodies of sin (the physical, ethereal, astral, and mental bodies) are material bodies. The mind is the most stubborn animal that we have within; we have to crucify that mind over the sacrificial altar. The mind is the den of desire and wickedness.

If we fling a stone into a lake, we see then waves surfacing from the center of the impact to the periphery. Those waves are the reactions of the water against the impact of the stone; our mind is similar. Incessantly, the mind is reacting to the impacts that come from the exterior world. If we are insulted, we want to respond with a blow. If we are sexually tempted, we react filled with carnal passion. If we are flattered, we display smiles. Yet, if we are insulted, we reply with wickedness. The mind is like the donkey that walks faster if beaten, yet if it is not beaten, it walks even slower.

Krishnamurti addresses the mind a lot, nonetheless, his mind is not yet Christified, since the thirty-three spinal chambers of his Mental Body are filled with darkness because his fourth serpent is not yet lifted up; he needs sexual magic. Yes, all desires, egotisms, crimes, and perversities dwell within the mind of man. However, only the fire can burn the scoriae of the mind.

Reasoning is a crime against His Majesty the Innermost. Many times the Innermost, the Being, gives us an order, yet our mind rebels against him with its reasoning. The Innermost speaks in the form of hunches or unprompted thoughts, yet our mind rebels by means of reasoning and comparison.

Reasoning is based on opinions, on the struggle of antithetical concepts, on the process of conceptual selection, etc. A mind divided by the struggle of reasoning is a useless instrument for the Being, the Innermost.

The voice of the heart is the voice of the Innermost; intuition is the voice of the Innermost. Action without reasoning is upright action; intuitive action is a just, right, and perfect action. Humanity in Aquarius will become intuitive.

Intellectual culture is purely a function of the animal “I.” Intellectuals are puffed up with pride, arrogance, and sexual passion. The intellect is based on reasoning, and reasoning is luciferian and demonic. There are people who believe that they can know God by means of reasoning. We Gnostics state that only God knows himself.

Instead of wasting time reasoning, it is better to practice internal meditation. By means of internal meditation we can converse with God, the Innermost, the Being, the Most High. Only in this manner can we learn from the Inner Master. Only in this manner can we study divine wisdom at the feet of the master.

The intellect nourishes itself by means of external perceptions; such a source of information is incomplete, since the external senses are the sources of that information and the external senses are totally deficient. Microbes cannot be studied with a deficient microscope, and the stars cannot be studied with a deficient telescope. Therefore, we have to awaken all the twelve senses of the consciousness.

Thought must flow silently and integrally without the battle of the antithesis that divides the mind between opposed concepts. A fragmented mind is a useless instrument for the Innermost.

We have to terminate with our reasoning and awaken our intuition. Yes, it is only in this manner that we can learn the true wisdom of God. It is only in this manner that the Innermost hands over the reins of the mind.

The true positive function of the mind is art, beauty, love, music: the mystical art of loving divine architecture, painting, singing, culture, techniques placed at the service of humans, but without selfishness, without wickedness, without hatred, etc. The intellect is the negative function of the mind; it is demonic.

The fourth serpent transmutes the mind matter into Christ Mind. This serpent rises through the spinal medulla of the Mental Body.

As his fourth serpent ascended from vertebra to vertebra, Jesus entered into each of the thirty-three chambers of the mental world. This is how he transmuted his mind matter into Christ Mind. Understand that without the fire of the Holy Spirit it is impossible to Christify the mind, and this fire can be awakened only by means of sexual magic and love.

The human mind is controlled by the Guardian of the Threshold of the Mental Body. This demonic creature is the mental “I” that we have to eject and expel from the Mental Body in the ordeal of the Guardian of the Threshold of the mind. This guardian is Satan in the mind. This is the intellectual, arrogant, and intensely fornicating, reasoning demon of the mind. Now we understand why the human mind is indeed perverse. The most dangerous demons have a sanctimonious mind and boast of being saints.

Jesus became triumphant in all the ordeals as he overcame the Satan of the mind. Jesus illuminated his thirty-three spinal chambers with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and studied the remarkable divine wisdom in each one of them. He learned that the most dangerous black magicians of the cosmos dwell in the mental plane.

The black magicians in the mental plane have sublime appearances. They speak ineffable and beautiful things, and thereafter they subtly advise the ejaculation of the semen. This is how they cause great initiates to fall. All the weaknesses of this humanity are in the mental world.

We must not divide our mind into superior and inferior parts.

As the physical body is an organism, likewise the Mental Body is another organism. If our Innermost hands over the reins of it, we can become as gods, yet if Satan handles the reins of the mind, we become demons.

Therefore, we must dominate the mind with the whip of willpower. We must ride on the donkey in order to enter the Heavenly Jerusalem. It is only in this manner that we become worthy of receiving the Body of Liberation elaborated with the purest atoms.

The Body of Liberation has a Christic appearance. It exudes the aroma of perfection. This body replaces the physical body; it is made of flesh, but it is not the born from the flesh of Adam. This is the body of paradisiacal beings; this body is not submitted to illnesses or death.

When the fourth serpent of Jesus reached the fourth center of the heart, there was a feast in the temple. Then all the masters dressed in their white garments and cloaks occupied their seats and granted unto Jesus the title of Buddha. Dressed in a white garment and cloak, Jesus was within a precious sanctuary waiting for his entrance into the temple.

Thus, this is how, thanks to love and sexual magic, Jesus was able to liberate himself from the four bodies of sin. Yes, thanks to sexual magic, he was transformed into a dragon of the Four Truths: a Buddha.

The fourth serpent totally opened the seven churches of Jesus in the world of the cosmic mind, and the cosmic feast of this event was magnificent. A precious lamp burned over the pyramid. Then, a great march with flags of victory was celebrated on the streets of the city, and the Egyptian masses, aroused with mystical enthusiasm, hailed the master. The guards of the city made a street of honor for the parade, and they had to struggle a lot in order to maintain order in all the stopping and going of the enthusiastic multitudes.

In this day and age, when our disciples receive the degree of Buddha, then the blessed goddess, mother of the world, presents them in the temple of the mind and says, “Lo and behold, my most beloved child. Behold, here is a new Buddha.” Then, she places upon her child the diadem of Shiva and the cloak of the Buddhas.

Then, Sanat Kumara exclaims, “You have become liberated from the four bodies of sin, and you have entered into the world of the gods. You are a Buddha. When a human becomes liberated from the four bodies of sin, he becomes a Buddha. You are a Buddha.” Thereafter, Sanat Kumara delivers unto the initiate the globe of the imperator; this is a globe with a cross on top. Then, there is a solemn feast in the superior worlds.

Nevertheless, in Egypt, these initiatic ceremonies were performed in the physical plane. At that time, the initiatic colleges had not yet been closed. So, the feast of Jesus, the new Buddha, was solemn, and the holy land of ancient pharaohs shook with glory. The solemn, initiatic march was an apotheosis.

Carrying a great cross over his shoulders, Jesus led the parade. Indeed, the cross belongs to the great mysteries.

Jesus represented this drama within the temples. Before Jesus Christ, the entire drama of the Lord’s Passion was represented inside the temples of mysteries. However, later, Jesus painfully lived this drama in the beloved city of the prophets.

The first teacher of Jesus was Elchanam. The second was the Rabbi Jehosuah Ben Perachiah. These were his preceptors in Palestine. However, when Jesus victoriously carried his cross in Egypt, he had already exceeded his previous instructors, since Jesus had become a Buddha.

A psychic extract is removed from the Mental Body. This psychic extract is then fused with the Innermost. This is performed within the temple.

This is how Jesus victoriously finished his Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries.

The sexual fire burns remarkably in the temple of the mind.