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The Major Mysteries: World Karma

World Karma

Before the initiation of the new Aquarian Age begins, all nations will have to pay their great karmic debts. For the good of humanity, there will be war between East and West; this is what Lord Jehovah stated. We know that the East will win the war. There will be combat on land, sea, and air, even in the poles. The East will win.

“In the Aquarian Age, the capital will be decapitated. The United States will be punished.” This is how it is written in the law. The Vatican will be bombarded and destroyed by blood and fire. Soon, it will pay its horrible debts. Spain will be transformed. All of Europe will become totally “sovietized.” During the sign of Aquarius, the Americas will form a great confederation.

In the year 2018, even flashlights or portable lamps will be atomic.

Imbecilic people believe that by uniting little schools they are going to initiate the new era; wretched people. Listen, the new era will be initiated upon the smoky ruins of this perverse civilization of vipers.

The beginning (overture) of the Aquarian Age started the 4th of February of 1962, between two and three in the afternoon.

In the year 2500, in the large cities there will be interplanetary stations for cosmic ships.

Regarding cosmic ships, in the superior worlds there was a great meeting of masters in order to deal with the problem of interplanetary navigation. We were sharing our concerns in order to determine if it was convenient or not to provide interplanetary ships unto this humanity. Thus, every master expressed their view. Our concern was that the human beings of the Earth will use cosmic ships to go to other planets of the solar system in order to commit the same crimes and wickedness that they have already committed here during their historical conquests. It was enough for us to remember the crimes of the Spaniard Hernán Cortés in Mexico, or Pizarro in Peru, in order to comprehend the great responsibility implied by providing interplanetary ships to this humanity.

We made a comparative evaluation of humanities. Namely, the inhabitants of the Earth have failed. The inhabitants of Venus are very much more advanced, since they already know the bad from the good and the good from the bad. And the humans from Mars are somewhat more evolved than the earthlings, etc.

So, the last one who expressed his concept—in his capacity as initiator of the new era—was me, your humble servant, the one who writes this book. Thus I, your servant, filled with pain and comprehending the terrible responsibility of the word, withdrew toward my Innermost and said, “Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt” [Mark 14:36]. Then, my “I Am” answered, “Let relations between the worlds be established.” Since any advanced humanity has those ships, let those flying spheres be delivered to praiseworthy terrestrials.

We know that some scientists will try to build these cosmic ships but their enterprises will fail; their pride will be mortally wounded. The inhabitants of other worlds will come to teach us how to build these cosmic ships. This is how the science of the “iniquitous ones” will fall mortally wounded, and earthly scientists will have to kneel when in front of the inhabitants of the solar system.

Scientists of this century are launching satellites with the pretext of conquering space. Nonetheless, the truth is that they want to establish cosmic bases in order to advantageously bombard defenseless people and nations.

In the Age of Aquarius, many inhabitants of other planets will be established on the Earth; yes, they will be the instructors of Aquarius. Some of them already live in concealment in Tibet. Thus, journeys to other planets of the solar system will become routine. This is an extra help that will be granted to our evolution.

The abuse of nuclear energy will awaken many volcanoes, thus towards the end of the seventh subrace of this present Aryan root race, there will be huge earthquakes and seaquakes (tsunamis) that will transform the terrestrial cortex completely. This Aryan root race will perish in these cataclysms.

Later in time, the sixth root race will flourish on the continent of Antarctica. The sixth root race will be smaller in body but greater in soul. Their twelve senses will be totally developed. The avatar of that root race will be Zachariel, the ruler of Jupiter, who, at that time, will incarnate in a body in order to teach the Sixth Truth.

I, Samael, humble servant of the new era, have merely taught you the Fifth Truth. Listen to me, humans! The Fifth Truth is Sexual Magic.

Gabriel was the avatar of the first root race. Raphael was that of the second root race. Uriel was the avatar of the third root race. Michael was the avatar of the fourth root race. I, Samael Aun Weor, am the avatar of the fifth root race. Zachariel will be the avatar of the sixth root race, and Orifiel will be the avatar of the seventh root race.

These are the seven truths:

1. Knowledge of the pains and miseries of this world

2. Knowledge of human fragility

3. Knowledge of desire and sin

4. Knowledge of the human mind

5. The Tree of Knowledge

6. Human consciousness

7. The Tree of Life

So, there are seven avatars and seven truths; each one teaches a remarkable truth.

Jesus Christ is not an avatar, he is more than that. He is the savior of the world, the leader of all souls. Jesus Christ confirms the teachings of the avatars and improves them. Jesus Christ will come at the zenith of Aquarius and will confirm the teachings that I, Samael, have given you.

Jesus Christ will come successively in the other root races until the restitution of the kingdom of God that he has spoken of through the mouths of all his servants, the prophets.

Each root race ends in a cataclysm. The pit of the abyss is now opened. The smoke that blows out from it brings wars, famine, and misery.

The entire twentieth and twenty-first centuries will be lethal wars so that all the souls who have the mark of the beast on their hands and foreheads will enter into the abyss. Each of the seven angels has blown his trumpet for the great cataclysm.

Woe to those who do not want to accept the Fifth Truth, the Tree of Knowledge!

Study the chapters 8, 9, and 10 of the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse). All the countries will be desolated, destroyed. This great Babylon will sink into the abyss.