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The Perfect Matrimony: Celibacy


Swami X stated the following in one of his lessons:

“Unmarried people can unite spiritually within themselves the natural creative force of the soul by learning the correct method of meditation and its application to the physical life.  Such people do not have to pass through the material experience of matrimony.  They can learn to marry their feminine physical impulse with the masculine impulse of their Inner Soul.”

If our beloved Gnostic disciples reflect on Swami X’s words, they will reach the conclusion that they are manifestly absurd.  This idea of marrying the feminine physical impulse with the masculine impulse of the Inner Soul is one hundred percent false.  This type of utopian marriage is impossible because the human being has not yet incarnated the Soul.  With whom then is he going to marry his feminine physical impulse?  The intellectual animal still does not have a Soul.  Whosoever wishes to incarnate his Soul, whosoever yearns to be a human with Soul, must have the Astral, Mental, and Causal Bodies. The human being of this day and age still does not have these internal vehicles. The Astral specter, the Mental specter, and the Causal specter are only specters. The majority of occultists believe that these inner specters are the true vehicles; nonetheless, they are very mistaken.  We need to be born in the Superior Worlds. This subject matter about being born is a sexual problem.

No human being is born of theory.  Not even a simple microbe can be born of theories.  No one is born through the nostrils nor through the mouth.  Every living being is born of sex.  “As above, so below.” If the human being is born of sex here in this physical world, it is logical that above, in the Internal Worlds, the process is analogous.  Law is Law and the Law is fulfilled.

The Christ-astral is born as the body of flesh and bone is born.  This is sexual.  Only with Sexual Magic between husband and wife can one give birth to that marvelous body.  We can say the same of the Mental and Causal.  We need to engender those internal bodies and that is only possible with sexual contact because, as above so below and, as below so above. No celibate person can marry his feminine physical impulse with the masculine of his Inner Soul, because a single celibate person can not incarnate his Soul.  To incarnate the Soul we must engender the internal bodies, and only through the sexual union of man and woman can they be engendered.  No single man or woman can engender or conceive.  The two poles are necessary to create.  This is what life is.

It is necessary to engender the internal vehicles.  It is necessary to be born in the Superior Worlds.  Celibacy is an absolutely false path.  We need the Perfect Matrimony.

After birth, each vehicle needs its special nourishment.  Only with this special nourishment does it develop and strengthen itself totally.  The nourishment of these vehicles is based on Hydrogens.  The different types of Hydrogens with which the different internal bodies of the human being are nourished are produced within the physical organism.

Laws of the Bodies

  • Physical Body: This is governed by 48 laws.  Its basic nourishment is Hydrogen 48.
  • Astral Body: This vehicle is subject to 24 laws.  Its basic nourishment is Hydrogen 24.
  • Mental Body: This vehicle is subject to 12 laws.  Its basic nourishment is Hydrogen 12.
  • Causal Body: This vehicle is governed by 6 laws.  Its basic nourishment is Hydrogen 6.

Every substance is transformed into a specific type of hydrogen.  Thus, just as the substances and life forms are infinite, likewise the hydrogens are infinite. The internal bodies have their special hydrogens, and with these they are nourished.

Swami X was only a monk.  We have been told that soon this good monk will reincarnate in order to marry; thus, he will attain profound Realization of the Self.  He is an excellent disciple of the White Lodge.  In the Superior Worlds he thought himself to be Self-realized.  However, in the temple he was greatly surprised when we had to make it known to him his mistake.  Indeed, this good monk has not yet engendered his Christic bodies; he needs to engender them.  This is a sexual problem.  These marvelous internal bodies can only be engendered with Sexual Magic.

We give notice to our critics that we are not speaking against Swami X. His exercises are marvelous and very useful.  But we do clarify that no one can achieve profound Realization of the Self with the system of the “bellows.”

Many schools exist; all of them are necessary. All of them serve to help the human being, but it is good to warn that no theory can engender the internal bodies.  We have never witnessed anyone being born from a theory.  We have not yet met a human being who was born out of theories.

There exist very respectable and venerable schools. These institutions have their courses of instruction and degrees.  Some of them also have rituals of initiation.  However, in the Superior Worlds the degrees and initiations from these schools are useless.  The Masters of the White Lodge are not interested in the degrees and hierarchies of the physical world.  They are only interested in the Kundalini.  They examine and measure the spinal medulla.  If the candidate has not yet raised the serpent, for them, he is simply an ordinary being, like any other, even though he may occupy some high position in the physical world, or be a venerable person or some supreme hierarch in his school or lodge.  If the Kundalini has risen three vertebrae, he is considered by the masters to be an initiate of the Third Degree, and if has risen it only one vertebra, an initiate of the First Degree.

Thus, the masters are only interested in the Kundalini.

Indeed, those who abandon everything in order to work in their cave with their eagle and their serpent are very few.  This is something for heroes, and this present humanity does not abandon its lodges and schools to remain alone with its eagle and its serpent.  The students of all organizations are not even loyal to their schools.  They live flitting from lodge to lodge, from school to school. Thus, this is how they supposedly want to achieve profound Realization of the Self.

We feel infinite pain when we notice these capricious brothers and sisters.  Many of them practice marvelous exercises.  Certainly, there are many good practices in the schools. The practices of Yogananda, Vivekananda, Ramacharaka, etc., are admirable.  Students practice them with very good intentions. These are very sincere students.  We greatly value all those students and all those schools.  Nonetheless, we feel great and unremediable pain for those who, with such yearning, seek for their final liberation.  We know that they must engender their internal vehicles.  We know they must practice Sexual Magic.  We know that only with Sexual Magic will they be able to awaken their sacred fire and engender their internal vehicles to incarnate their Soul.  We know this through our own experience.  Nonetheless, what can we do to convince them?  We, the brothers and sisters, suffer greatly and without remedy...

In the former Earth-Moon, millions of human beings evolved. However, from all of those millions, only a few hundred elevated themselves to the angelic state. The great majority of human beings were lost. The great majority sank themselves into the Abyss.  Many are called and few are chosen.  

If we observe Nature, we see that not all seeds germinate.  Millions of seeds are lost, and millions of creatures perish daily.  A sad truth it is, but it is the truth.

Every celibate person is a sure candidate for the Abyss and Second Death.  Only those who have elevated themselves to the state of Super-Man can give to themselves the luxury of enjoying the delights of love without sexual contact.  We penetrate then, the amphitheater of cosmic science.  Nobody can attain the incarnation of the Super-Man within himself without Sexual Magic and the Perfect Matrimony.