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The Perfect Matrimony: Grow and Multiply

Grow and Multiply

Genesis Chapter 1 verse 28 states: “Be fruitful and multiply.”

To be fruitful signifies to transmute and sublimate the sexual energy in order to grow spiritually.  The word multiply refers to the procreation of the human species.  

There are two types of children mentioned in the Bible: the children of God and the children of men.  Children of God are those who are the outcome of Sexual Magic, when there is no spilling of semen.  Children of men are those who are the outcome of passionate pleasure by the spilling of semen.

We need to engender children of God and then struggle for their spiritual growth.

The Education of Children

Children learn more by example than by precepts.  If we want our children to grow spiritually we must be concerned with our own spiritual growth. To multiply our species is not enough, we also need to grow spiritually.


Our resplendent Dragon of Wisdom has three aspects: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Father is the light and the life; the Son is the water and the blood that flowed from the wound of our Lord’s side, made by the lance of Longinus.  The Holy Spirit is the fire of Pentecost or the fire of the Holy Spirit called Kundalini by the Hindus, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, holy fire symbolized by gold.

Whosoever lies sins against the Father.  Whosoever feels hatred against someone sins against the Son.  Whosoever fornicates, that is to say, whosoever spills the semen, sins against the Holy Spirit.  The Father is the truth, the Son is love, the Holy Spirit is sexual fire.


We must teach our children to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. We must teach our children the law of love.  Love is law, but conscious love. About the age of fourteen we must teach our children the mysteries of sex.  Therefore, based upon this triple aspect of sanctity and perfection, our children will grow spiritually. Thus, whosoever guides their children by this triple aspect of perfection will have established a foundation of steel for their happiness.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to teach them not only with precepts but also by example.  We must show with deeds that which we preach.


Modern life demands that we prepare our children intellectually.  It is right for them to have a profession in order to make a living. We must carefully observe the vocational aptitude of our children in order to guide them intellectually. We must never leave a daughter or son without a profession.  Every human being needs to learn a profession in order to be able to live.  It is a crime, and a very serious one, to leave a child abandoned and without a profession.

Concerning Daughters

Modern times demands that our daughters receive solid spiritual and intellectual preparation.  It is indispensable that mothers teach their daughters the mysteries of sex when they reach the age of about fourteen.  It is upright for them to walk along the threefold path of truth, love, and chastity.

Thus, a modern woman must have a profession to make a living.  It is necessary for fathers and mothers to understand that their daughters can procreate through the Perfect Matrimony and to also grow spiritually.  Nevertheless, everything must be done properly and with order.

It is absurd for daughters to go alone in the streets, or in parks, or in cinemas, or dances with a boyfriend.  Since they have not yet killed the animal ego, they are easily sexually seduced and fail miserably.  Daughters should always be accompanied by their parents or family members and should never be alone with a boyfriend.  Parents should never impede the marriage of their daughters.  Nevertheless, I repeat, do everything with order and according to the Law.  It is necessary to procreate with chastity and to grow spiritually.  This is the path of the Perfect Matrimony.