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The Perfect Matrimony: Introduction


I have written this book for the few.  I state “for the few” because many people do not accept it, comprehend it, or want it.

When the first edition of The Perfect Matrimony appeared, it produced great enthusiasm among students of all schools, lodges, religions, orders, sects, and esoteric societies.  The outcome of such enthusiasm was the formation of the Gnostic Movement. This movement began with a few comprehending people.  Afterwards, it became broadly international.

Many students of occultism studied this book; however, only a few understood it.  Many of them, enthusiastic with the enchanting theme of The Perfect Matrimony, joined the ranks of the Gnostic Movement. Nonetheless, those who did not leave the Gnostic Movement can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Many swore loyalty in front of the altar of Gnosis; however, in reality, they unquestionably violated their sworn oaths. Some seemed to be true apostles, which even made it seem a sacrilege to doubt them. Nevertheless, in the long run we had to realize with infinite pain that they were also traitors.  Often it was enough for some of these false brothers and sisters to read a book or to listen to a new lecturer who had just arrived in the city in order to withdraw from the Gnostic Movement.

Therefore, in this battle for the new Age of Aquarius (which began on the 4th of February, 1962, between 2 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon) we had to learn that the Abyss is filled with sincerely mistaken people who have very good intentions.

The Perfect Matrimony and the Cosmic Christ are the synthesis of all religions, schools, orders, sects, lodges, yogas, etc.  Indeed, it is unfortunate that so many who discovered the practical synthesis have left it in order to fall into an intricate labyrinth of theories.

Tradition states that in the center of the labyrinth there exists the synthesis, that is to say the labarum of the temple. Etymologically, the word “labyrinth” originates from the word “labarum.” The latter is a double-edged ax, a symbol of the masculine and feminine sexual force. 

Indeed, whosoever finds the synthesis and afterwards leaves the center and returns to the complicated corridors of theories (which form the labyrinth of the mind) commits the greatest foolishness.  

Christ and Sexual Magic represent religious synthesis.

If we make a comparative study of religions, we shall then discover phallicism at the foundation of all schools, religions and esoteric sects.  Let us remember Peristera, the nymph of Venus’ entourage, who was transformed into a dove by love. Let us remember the virtuous Venus.  Let us remember the processions of the God Priapus from the august ancient Rome of the Caesars when the priestesses of the temple, filled with ecstasy, majestically carried an enormous phallus made out of sacred wood.  Hence, Freud (the founder of psychoanalysis) correctly stated that religions have a sexual origin.

The mysteries of fire are contained within the Perfect Matrimony.  All the cults to the fire are totally sexual.  The vestals were true priestesses of love.  With them, the celibate priests reached adepthood.  It is unfortunate that the modern vestals (nuns) do not know the key of Sexual Magic.  It is unfortunate that the priests of this day and age have forgotten the secret key of sex.  We feel profound pain when we see so many yogis ignoring the supreme key of yoga, which is Sexual Magic, the supreme synthesis of all systems of yoga.

People are filled with horror when they hear about Sexual Magic; however, they are not filled with horror when they give in to all kinds of sexual perversion and carnal passion.

In this book, dear reader, you have the synthesis of all religions, schools and sects.  Our doctrine is the Doctrine of the Synthesis.

Powerful civilizations and grandiose mysteries existed there within the profound night of the centuries. Then, the priestesses of love were never absent from the temples. Those who became masters of the White Lodge practiced Sexual Magic with them.  The master must be born within us by means of Sexual Magic.

In the sunny land of Khem, there in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, whosoever dared to reveal the great Arcanum (Sexual Magic) was condemned to death.  His head was cut off, his heart was torn out, and his ashes were tossed to the four winds.

In the land of the Aztecs, the men and women who aspired to become adepts, caressed each other, loved each other and practiced Sexual Magic for long periods of time within the courtyards of the Temple.  Whosoever spilled the Cup of Hermes during these practices in the temple was beheaded for having profaned the temple.

All systems of intimate self-education have Sexual Magic as their ultimate practical synthesis. Every religion, every esoteric cult, has as its synthesis Sexual Magic (the Arcanum A.Z.F.).

Naked dancing and ineffable things existed within the mysteries of Eleusis.  Sexual Magic was the fundamental basis of those mysteries. At that time, no one thought of perversities, because sex was profoundly venerated. Initiates know that the Third Logos works within sex.

We have written this book with broad clarity; we have unveiled what was veiled. Now, whosoever wants to self-realize in depth can rightly do so.  Behold, here is the guide, here is the complete teaching.

I have already been harassed, humiliated, slandered, persecuted, etc., for teaching the path of the Perfect Matrimony.  This does not matter to me anymore. At first, treason and slander hurt me a great deal; however, I have now become like steel. Hence, treason and slander no longer hurt me.  I know all too well that humanity hates the truth and mortally hates the prophets; therefore, it is normal that they hate me for having written this book.

We aspire towards only one thing, only one goal, only one objective: Christification.

It is necessary for each human being to Christify himself.  It is necessary to incarnate the Christ.

In this book we have lifted the veil of the Christic mysteries.  We have explained what the Christ-principle is.  We have invited all human beings to follow the path of the Perfect Matrimony in order to attain Christification.  We have explained that Christ is not an individual but a universal, cosmic and impersonal principle, which must be assimilated by each human being through Sexual Magic.  Yes, indeed, fanatics are scandalized by all of this; yet, the truth is the truth, and we have to utter it, even if it may cost us our lives.

The teachings of the Zend Avesta contain the Christ-principle and are in accordance with the doctrinal principles contained in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  The Iliad of Homer, the Hebrew Bible, the Germanic Edda and the Sibylline Books of the Romans contain the same Christ-principle.  All these are sufficient in order to demonstrate that Christ precedes Jesus of Nazareth.  Christ is not one individual alone.  Christ is a cosmic principle that we must assimilate within our own physical, psychic, somatic, and spiritual nature through Sexual Magic.

Among the Persians, Christ is Ormuz, Ahura Mazda, the terrible enemy of Ahriman (Satan), which we carry within us. Amongst the Hindus, Krishna is Christ; thus, the gospel of Krishna is very similar to that of Jesus of Nazareth.  Among the Egyptians, Christ is Osiris and whosoever incarnated him was in fact an Osirified One.  Among the Chinese, the Cosmic Christ is Fu Xi, who composed the I-Ching (The Book of Laws) and who dubbed the Dragon Ministers.  Among the Greeks, Christ is called Zeus, Jupiter, the Father of the Gods.  Among the Aztecs,  Christ is Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ.  In the Germanic Edda, Baldur is the Christ who was assassinated by Hodur, God of War, with an arrow made from a twig of mistletoe, etc.  We can cite the Cosmic Christ within thousands of ancient texts and old traditions which hail millions of years before Jesus.  This invites us to embrace that Christ is a cosmic principle contained within the essential principles of all religions.

Indeed, only one unique and cosmic religion truly exists.  This religion assumes different forms according to the times and the needs of humanity.  Therefore, religious conflicts are an absurdity, because at their base all religions are only modifications of the universal cosmic religion.  Thus, from this point of view, we affirm that this book is not against any religion, school or system of thought.  The only objective of this book is to give humanity a key, a sexual secret, a key with which every living being may assimilate the Christ-principle contained within the foundation of all the great religions of the world.

We recognize Jesus-Iesus-Zeus-Jupiter as the new Super-Man who totally assimilated the Christ-principle, and became for that reason, a God-Man.  We consider that we must imitate him.  Jesus was a complete man, a true man in the full sense of the word. He attained the absolute assimilation of the Universal Cosmic Christ-principle through Sexual Magic.  

Those few devotees who understand must rightly study the Gospel of John, chapter 3, verses 1 to 21.  In that chapter, the devotee of the Perfect Matrimony will find pure and legitimate Sexual Magic as taught by Jesus.  Obviously, the teaching is written in code; however, the one who has understanding will intuitively understand it.

Modern humanity has committed the mistake of separating the great Master Jesus from all his predecessors who, like him, Christified themselves.  This is what has damaged this present humanity.  We need to progressively comprehend that all religions are only one religion.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, as well as Isis, Juno, Demeter, Ceres, Maia, etc., correspondingly represent the Cosmic Mother or Kundalini (sexual fire) from whom the Cosmic Christ is always born.

Mary Magdalene, as well as Salambo, Matres, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, and Venus all represent the priestess-wife with whom we must practice Sexual Magic in order to awaken the Fire.

The Martyrs, Saints, Virgins, Angels, and Cherubim are the same Gods, Demigods, Titans, Goddesses, Sylphs, Cyclops, and Messengers of the Gods from Pagan mythology.

All the religious principles of Christianity are Pagan. Therefore, when the present religious forms disappear, their principles will be assimilated by the new religious forms of the future.

It is necessary to comprehend what the immaculate conceptions are.  It is necessary to know that only with the Perfect Matrimony can Christ be born within the heart of the human being.  It is urgent to awaken the fire of Kundalini (the fire of the Holy Spirit) in order to incarnate the Christ.  Whosoever awakens the Kundalini transforms himself (like Ganymede) into the eagle of the Spirit in order to soar to Olympus, to become a cup-bearer for the ineffable Gods.

It is lamentable that the Catholic priests have destroyed so many documents and so many valuable treasures of antiquity.  Fortunately, they could not destroy them all.  During the Renaissance, some marvelous books were discovered by brave priests.  Thus, despite the persecutions of the clergy, Dante Alighieri, Boccacio, Petrarch, Erasmus, etc., were able to translate famous books like The Iliad and The Odyssey of Homer, true books of occult science and Sexual Magic.  They also translated The Aeneid of Virgil, The Theogony, The Works and Days of Hesiod, The Metamorphoses of Ovid, and other writings of Lucretius, Horace, Tibullus, Titus Livius, Tacitus, Apulius, Cicero, etc. All of this is pure Gnosticism. It is really unfortunate, how some ignorant people abandon Gnosis in order to follow systems and methods that ignore Sexual Magic and the Perfect Matrimony.

We have investigated all the great Gnostic treasures, and we have delved into the basis of all the archaic religions; thus, we have found the supreme key of Sexual Magic at the base of all cults.  Now we deliver this treasure, this key, to this suffering humanity.  Many will read this book; however, few will comprehend it.

The topic of this book is exclusively Sexual Magic.  Indeed, those who are accustomed to read thousands of books out of pure intellectual curiosity will assuredly miss the opportunity to study this book in depth.  

It is worthless to read this book in a hurry.  Those who proceed thus are mistaken.  

It is necessary to profoundly study this book and to totally comprehend it, not only with the intellect but in all the levels of the mind.  The intellect is only a small fraction of the mind.  The intellect is not the whole mind.  Therefore, whosoever understands this book only with the intellect, has not understood it.  

Only with internal meditation is it possible to understand this book in all the levels of the mind.

It is urgent to practice Sexual Magic in order to attain Christification. The reader will discover the supreme key of intimate Realization of the Self within this book.  

We are not against any religion, school, sect, order or lodge because we know that all religious forms are manifestations of the great cosmic universal infinite religion latent in every atom of the cosmos.

We teach the synthesis of all religions, schools, orders, lodges, and beliefs.  Our doctrine is the Doctrine of the Synthesis.

Sexual Magic is practiced in esoteric Christianity.  Sexual Magic is practiced in Zen Buddhism.  Sexual Magic is practiced amongst the initiated Yogis.  Sexual Magic is practiced amongst the Mohammedan Sufis.  Sexual Magic was practiced in the Initiatic Colleges of Troy, Egypt, Rome, Carthage, Eleusis.  Sexual Magic was practiced by the mysterious Maya, Aztec, Inca, Druids, etc.

Therefore, Sexual Magic and the Cosmic Christ are the synthesis of all religions, schools, and sects.  We teach the Doctrine of the Synthesis.  This doctrine could never be contrary to the diverse religious forms. Our teachings are found within all religions, schools, and beliefs.  If the reader makes a serious study of all the religions of the world, he will discover the phallus and uterus as the synthesis of all mysteries.  

There has never been any authentic religion or school of mysteries where the Cosmic Christ and the mysteries of sex were absent.

The Doctrine of the Synthesis cannot harm anyone, because it is the synthesis of all.

We invite the devotees of all cults, schools, and beliefs to make a comparative study of religions.

We invite the students of all the diverse systems of intimate self-education to study the sexual esotericism from all the secret schools of mysteries.

We invite all Yogis to study Sexual Yoga and White Tantra from India, without which no Yogi is able to attain absolute liberation.

Whatever be the name, Sexual Magic and Christ are the synthesis of all esoteric studies, religious forms, or educational systems.

The attacks of which we have been victims, the persecutions, anathemas, and excommunications etc., are because of ignorance and lack of study.

Any religious form or esoteric system enriches itself with the synthesis.  The synthesis cannot harm anyone.  This is the Doctrine of the Synthesis.  We intensely love all religious forms.  We know that all religious forms are the loving manifestation of the great cosmic universal religion.

The supreme religious synthesis is found within the Perfect Matrimony.  God is love and wisdom.  

The ultimate synthesis of all lodges, orders, schools, sects, systems and methods of intimate Realization of the Self, from the East the West, the North and the South, is found within Christ and within sex.

Inverential peace.

Samael Aun Weor