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The Perfect Matrimony: Secret Egypt

Secret Egypt

In ancient Egypt, yonder, in the sunny land of Khem, the great mysteries of Gnosis existed. Then, whosoever in those days was admitted to the Initiatic colleges (after having been submitted to the most difficult trials) received the terrific secret of the great Arcanum (the key of Sexual Magic) by word of mouth.

Everyone who received this secret had to take an oath of silence.  Whosoever swore and then violated his oath was taken to a rocky paved courtyard of death.  There, before a wall covered with strange hieroglyphs, he was inevitably put to death.  His head was cut off, his heart was torn out, his body was burned and his ashes thrown to the four winds.

In fact, everyone who received the great Arcanum during the sacred ceremony immediately moved to work with the vestal of the temple. There were many vestals ready to work in the Great Work with the celibate initiates. The married initiates practiced in their homes with their priestess wives. The vestals were duly prepared for the priesthood of love.  They had great Lady masters who prepared them, and they were submitted to great ordeals and penances.  These were precisely the sacred prostitutes about which many authors speak. Today it would be impossible to have vestals of this type in the Lumisial. The world has become so corrupted, that the result would be to further corrupt that which is already corrupted. We would in fact become abject accomplices to the crime.

All the celibate initiates who have shone throughout the history of the centuries practiced Sexual Magic inside the pyramids with these vestals. Jesus also had to practice Sexual Magic in the pyramid of Kefren. There he recapitulated all of his initiations.  Many will be shocked by our statement.  We cannot criticize these puritans. Actually, it was the Roman Catholic priesthood that dehumanized Jesus.  Unfortunately, this has been so well ingrained into peoples’ minds, that even occultists continue with the false idea of a castrated, mutilated Jesus.  The reality is that Jesus was a complete man in the fullest sense of the word.  Fully a man.  

In the occult Masonry of the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, there were three basic degrees: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. These three degrees are related to the ethereal forces that flow through and around the spinal column of each human being.

Madame Blavatsky refers to them in The Secret Doctrine, as follows:

“The Trans-Himalayan school... locates Sushumna, the chief seat of these three nadis, in the central duct of the spinal cord, and Ida and Pingala (the two Witnesses of the Apocalypse) in the left and right sides respectively. Ida and Pingala are simply the sharp and flat of the note FA of human Nature, which, when struck in a proper way, awakens the sentries on either side, the spiritual Manas and the physical Kamas, and subdues the inferior by means of the superior.

“The pure Akasha passes through Sushumna (the medullar canal).  Its two aspects flow in Ida and Pingala (the pair of sympathetic cords that are entwined around the spinal medulla).  These are the three vital airs, symbolized by the Brahmanic thread and are ruled by the will.  Will and desire are the superior and inferior aspects of one and the same thing.  Hence, the importance of purifying the channels... from these three a circulation is established which from the central canal penetrates the whole body.

“Ida and Pingala function in the curved wall of the vertebral column in which is found Sushumna (the medullar canal).  They are semi-material, positive and negative, Sun and Moon, and put into activity the free and spiritual igneous current of Sushumna.  Each has its own particular path, then, if this were not so, they would irradiate the whole body.”

In that ancient elemental Egypt (which grew and matured under the protective wings of the elemental Sphinx of Nature) the ceremony of initiation was something terribly divine.  When the venerable Master wielded the sword in the act of admission, the canals of Ida and Pingala (the two Witnesses) and the canal of Sushumna (along with the forces which circulated through them) received a tremendous stimulus.  In the First Degree, this stimulus only affected the feminine lunar current of Ida; in the Second Degree, Pingala, the masculine current; and in the third, the igneous current of Kundalini (that flows ardently through the medullar canal of Sushumna) received the stimulus. With this Third Degree, the Kundalini remained awakened. We want to clarify that these three stimuli were related with the work of Sexual Magic that the initiate performed with the vestal of the temple.  Such stimulus would be useless if the candidate was a fornicator.  This is for people who are practicing Sexual Magic intensely.

Ida rises from the base of the spinal column to the left of Sushumna and Pingala to the right.  These positions are reversed in the woman.  The cords end in the medulla oblongata.  All this is symbolized by the Caduceus of Mercury with its two spread wings.

The two wings of the Caduceus of Mercury signify the power to travel in the Astral Body, the power to travel in the Mental Body, the power to travel in the Causal, Conscious, and Spiritual vehicles.  The fire gives those who follow the path of the Razor’s Edge the power to leave the physical body at will.  Kundalini has the power of awakening the consciousness of the human being.  We remain completely awakened in the Superior Worlds with the fire.  All those who have awakened in the Superior Worlds live absolutely conscious outside of the physical body during the hours of sleep.  Whosoever awakens the consciousness can never again dream.  They become in fact, and rightfully, absolutely conscious citizens of the Superior Worlds.  They work with the White Lodge while their physical body sleeps.  They are the collaborators of the great White Universal Fraternity.

We clarify: Ida and Pingala are not physical.  A physician could not find them with a scalpel.  Ida and Pingala are semi-ethereal, semi-physical.

The great mysteries of ancient Egypt, as well as the mysteries of Mexico, Yucatan, Eleusis, Jerusalem, Mithra, Samothrace, etc., are all intimately related and are in fact absolutely sexual.

Ask, and it shall be given you.  Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.  The great initiates always answer.  The Guardians of the elemental Sphinx of Nature always respond.

Everyone who practices Sexual Magic must ask for the fire, beg the Guardians of the Sphinx, and invoke the God Agni.  This God restores the igneous power in each of the seven bodies.

There are five great Initiations of sacred fire.  The first means the departure of the one who has already entered the current leading to Nirvana.  The fifth means the entry into the temple raised upon the summit of the mountain.  With the first we leave the well trodden path; with the fifth we enter the Secret Temple.