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The Perfect Matrimony: The Divine Trinity

The Divine Trinity

The sacred scriptures of India affirm that the navel, the heart, and the throat are igneous centers of the human organism. They also affirm that by meditating on these centers, we experience the presence of the Masters Sarasvati, Lakshmi, and Parvati or Gauri in successive hierarchical order.

tridevi: Lakshmi, Parvati, and Sarasvati

These three masters work with the three profundities of our resplendent Dragon of Wisdom.  These three Masters direct the forces that come from the three aspects of the Solar Logos.

Sarasvati works with the forces of the Father.  Lakshmi works with the forces of the Son, and Parvati with the forces of the Holy Spirit.

Sarasvati exerts control over the human mind.  Lakshmi exerts control over the Astral Body.  Parvati exerts control over the physical body.

The Apprentice has to perfect his physical body by accustoming it to the practice of Sexual Magic with his priestess wife.  This work is very arduous and difficult.

The Companion needs to perfect his Astral Body until it becomes a useful instrument.

The Master needs to perfect his Mental Body with the power of fire that blazes in universal orchestration.

The Apprentice must invoke the Master Parvati to help him control the sexual organs during the practice of Sexual Magic.

The companion must invoke Lakshmi to teach him how to project the Astral Body.  It is urgent to learn how to consciously and positively travel with the Astral Body.

The Master must invoke Sarasvati so that he may help him to Christify the mind.  These invocations are made during Sexual Magic.

It is necessary to invoke the forces of the Holy Spirit during Sexual Magic. It is urgent to call the forces of the Christ so that they give rise to the birth of the Christ-astral in the depths of our internal universe.  It is indispensable to ask for assistance from the forces of the Father with our mind.  We need to engender the Christ-mind.

The physical, Astral, and Mental vehicles must become fine instruments of the Spirit.

It is indispensable to learn how to leave consciously in the Astral Body.  Let us remember that the mind is found within the Astral.  It is urgent to consciously visit the temples of the White Lodge.  We can study at the feet of the master in the Astral World.

We are going to teach the mantras for Astral projection as taught by a sage in one of his books.  These mantras are in the Sanskrit language.  The yogis from India chant them in order to project themselves in their Astral Body.  They are as follow:

Mantras for Astral Projection

Hare Ram.  Hare Ram, Ram Hare Hare.  Hare Christ. 

Hare Christ, Christ, Christ, Hare, Hare.

Hare Murare Modup Coiptus Hare Copal Govind Mukum Sonre.

Mage Prage Yodi Kolpi Basi Parvot Tullo Hiro No Dane En Bai de Nem.

Sri Govind, Sri Govind.  Sri Govind.  Sri Govind.  Ganesha Namap.

The devotee must fall asleep with the head towards the north or towards the east.  First of all, it is necessary for the devotee to learn by heart these mantras from India.  Thus, while the devotee is laying down dorsal decubitus (face up), he begs, calls and invokes, with all his Soul, the Master Lakshmi in order for the Master to take him out consciously and positively in the Astral Body.  It is necessary to call Lakshmi in the name of Christ.


In the name of Christ, by the glory of Christ, by the power of Christ, I call upon you, Lakshmi, Lakshmi, Lakshmi, Amen.

This invocation is repeated thousands of times, supplicating the Master Lakshmi to take you consciously out of the physical body and to teach you how to travel consciously in the Astral Body.  After making this invocation, recite the Sanskrit mantras thousands of times with the mind concentrated on the Christ. Calmly fall asleep while making the invocation.  When you wake up, practice a retrospective exercise to remember where you were, where you walked, with whom you were speaking, etc.

It is necessary to ask Lakshmi to teach you how to go into the Astral World consciously.

To learn how to go out consciously in the Astral Body, it is necessary to have patience as great as that of Saint Job.  Let us remember that the degree of Apprentice is seven years long and that only after seven years do the first flashes of illumination begin.

We give this caution so that the student knows what to expect.  It is best for the curious, the profane and the profaners of the temple to withdraw.  This science is not for the curious.

The splendors and powers of the Innermost (the Spirit) begin to reflect in his Astral Body and in his mind according to how the devotee practices Sexual Magic with his priestess wife, according to how his conduct becomes more and more upright, according to his continuing sanctification.  Then comes illumination.  This is the path; however, such illumination is attained only after the degree of Apprentice (we are speaking in the terminology of occult Masonry).

Every true candidate prepared for illumination will be able to be recognized and verified with the square and the compass.

The devotee is prepared for illumination when the Spirit and the human personality act in an orderly manner and in full harmony.

Those who complain of not being illuminated cannot withstand the ordeal of the square and the compass.  When the inferior quaternary loyally obeys the Spirit, the result is illumination. As long as the inferior quaternary does not obey the Spirit, that is to say, while the human personality does not know how to obey the Spirit, illumination is impossible.

The devotee must purify his bedroom daily with the smoke of special aromatic substances.  Incense purifies the Astral Body.  A good incense attracts the great masters whom we need for our work.

We can mix incense with gum benzoin.  Benzoin purifies the Astral Body and dispels gross and sensual thoughts.  Benzoin can be mixed with incense in a perfume censer, or all can be burned within a brazier.  This is the most practical way.

The essence of roses can also be mixed with these perfumes to purify the environment.  It is good to remember that roses have great power.  The rose is the queen of flowers.  It is necessary for the rose of the Spirit to open its fragrant and delicious bud upon the cross of our body.

We also recommend olibanum (frankincense) to create a devotional atmosphere in the nuptial chamber.  Husband and wife should live in the midst of perfume and love.

Incense and perfume burn delightfully in all Hindu, Parsi, Jain, Shinto temples, etc.  Incense and perfumes were never absent from the temples of Greece, Rome, Persia, etc.

The devotee needs much purification and sanctification in order to reach illumination.

Special Indication

Jesus, the great hierophant said, “Help thyself so that I will help thee.” Therefore, the Gnostic student must take into account these words of the Master.  The mantras, in order to travel in the Astral Body (as we have taught in this chapter) are marvelous.  The invocation of the Master Lakshmi is magnificent, marvelous; however the Gnostic student must help himself, must concentrate on the navel.  He must fall asleep by chanting the mantras mentally; thus, when he finds himself somnolent, when he feels that lassitude characteristic of sleep, he should imagine himself to be a breeze, a gas, something subtle, to feel that he is completely aerial and gaseous.  Thus, feeling oneself in that state, aerial and subtle, one forgets the heaviness of the physical body, and thinks that one can fly anywhere because one no longer has weight of any kind.  Thus, forgetting one’s physical body, and feeling like a cloud, aroma, breeze, divine breath, one must leap up from bed.  Do not try to leap mentally, it is urgent for all of this to be translated as action, as concrete acts.  Once outside of the physical body, leave your house and direct yourself (in your Astral Body) towards the Gnostic Church or towards whichever place you want. One can travel to other planets with the Astral Body.  One can visit the most distant places of the cosmos, the temples of mysteries, etc., with the Astral Body.

The devotee will be able to study the Akashic Records of Nature with the Astral Body and know all past, present and future events.  There exists an oriental prophecy which states that by the end of the twentieth century, scientists will have special radio-television apparatuses to study the Akashic Records of Nature.  Then all of humanity will be able to see the whole history of the Earth and its races on a screen.  The whole living history of great Men like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl will then be seen.  Present technology struggles to perfect the radio in order to receive the discourses of Christ, Cicero, Orpheus, etc.  These waves exist because nothing stops vibrating in Nature.  Therefore, it is only a matter of perfecting the radio and the radio television.  Likewise, the day when humans will invent certain special lenses in order to see the Astral Body and the Astral Plane is not too far in the distance.  The great White Lodge is initiating these types of scientific inventions and discoveries.