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The Perfect Matrimony: The Edda

The Edda

We can consider the German Edda to be the Germanic Bible.  This archaic book contains the occult knowledge of the Nordics.  The narratives concerning the Genesis of the world described in the Edda are as follows:

“In the beginning there were two unique regions: one of fire and light where the absolute and eternal being, Alfadur ruled, and the other, a region of darkness and cold called Niffleheim, ruled by Surtur (the Dark One).  Between one region and the other there was chaos.  The sparks that escaped from Alfadur fertilized the cold vapors of Niffleheim, and Ymir, father of the race of giants was born.  To nourish him, and in the same manner, the cow Audhumbla was created, from whose udder flowed the four rivers of milk. Satiated, Ymir fell asleep, and from the sweat of his hands a giant couple was born, male and female; and from one of his feet, a monster with six heads.”

In this Genesis of creation we discover Sexual Alchemy.  The fire fecundated the cold waters of chaos.  The masculine principle Alfadur fecundated the feminine principle Niffleheim, dominated by Surtur (the darkness), to bring forth life.  That is how Ymir is born, the father of the giants, the Inner God of every human being, the Master.  He is nourished with the raw matter of the Great Work.  This substance is the milk of the cow Audhumbla, the sacred white cow of India.  In Genesis, written by Moses, the four rivers of Eden are mentioned, the four rivers of milk.  These four are the flaming fire, the pure water of life, the impetuous air, and the perfumed elemental earth of the sages (the four tattvas).  In every alchemical operation, the four elements come into activity. These cannot be absent from the Sexual Alchemy of creation.

Ymir sleeps and from his sweat a giant couple is born, male and female, the sublime and giant primeval divine hermaphrodite of the Sacred Island.  In the Genesis written by Moses, Adam falls asleep and God takes Eve from one of his ribs.  Before this moment, Eve was inside of Adam; thus, Eve and Adam were one being.  This being was an hermaphrodite (the polar race).

From the feet of this giant hermaphrodite (the polar race), the six headed monster was born, the star of Solomon, the Sexual Alchemy of the human being, which after many centuries ends up in the separation or division of the giants, transforming them into human beings of separate sexes.  The division into opposite sexes is the beginning of the great tragedy.  Thus, from the hermaphroditic giant, the six headed monster is born.

The human being will again become a divine hermaphrodite.  Adam will return into Eden accompanied by his divine Eve.  When man and woman are sexually united, in those moments they are a single hermaphroditic being.  Indeed, we are Gods during those moments of supreme sexual voluptuousness.  This is the supreme moment which the initiate knows how to take advantage of in order to execute his magical phenomena.

The birth of the human being in separate sexes was a grandiose event of anthropogenesis (which was accomplished through many millions of years).  

After giving this marvelous description of the creation of the world, the Germanic Edda describes the separation into opposite sexes as follows:

“Immediately the Gods decided to create the first human pair.  The man was formed from an ash tree, and they called him Aske.  The woman was formed from an alder, and they called her Embla.  Odin gave them the Soul; Vili gave them understanding; Ve gave them beauty and the senses.  And the Gods, satisfied with their work, retired to rest and to enjoy themselves in their mansion at Asgard, located in the center of the universe.”

The Germanic Apocalypse is shown in the narratives of the Edda, the destruction of the world is as follows:

“Nature itself starts to become disordered; the seasons cease to alternate; the terrible Fimbulvetr dominates and lasts for three years because the Sun has lost its strength; there is no faith among men; peace between brothers, relatives and children of the same tribe is not observed; the sacred duty of the Germans to respect the dead, of cutting their nails and of burning them is neglected.  At the consummation of the centuries, Hrimer, the frost giant and his innumerable companions have to embark on a colossal ship in order to destroy the Gods, and their happy and resplendent abode Valhalla, and the universe.  This terrible reproachful ship, which is made only of the nails of the dead, never cut by any merciful soul, advances and grows in spite of the smallness of the material, until the corruption reaches its limit.  Then the monsters, whom the Gods had managed to enchain, break the chains which bind them.  The mountains sink, the jungles are uprooted, the wolves, who since the beginning of the world have howled at the Sun and Moon, trying to devour these two stars, and who have sometimes almost had them within their claws, now reach them and consume them once and for all.  The wolf Fernis breaks his bonds and assails the world with open jaws, reaching the sky with one jaw and the Earth with the other, and would open them even wider, but there is no space.  The serpent of Midgard floods all the Earth (because the human being has become a fornicator); the frost giants come from the Levant in their ship of nails.  At high-noon the powers of the destructive fire draw nearer.  Loki, the Surda, and the sons of Mitspellheim come to fight the final decisive battle of the Ases.  The divinities of Valhalla prepare to receive the enemy. Their watchman Heimdall, posted at the entrance to the bridge that leads to their dwelling, sounds the clarion and the Gods, in union with the souls of the heroes who have died in battle, go out to receive the giants.  The battle begins, and ends with the destruction of both armies; with the death of the Gods and the giants.  The incandescence of those of the fire spreads over the world, so that all is consumed in an immense purifying holocaust.”

A wise analysis of the Edda’s Genesis and Apocalypse reveals to us that the key point (in one as well as in the other) is the sexual subject matter.  The world is sexually created.  The primeval hermaphrodite becomes sexually divided.  He is a God when he does not spill the semen.  He becomes a demon when he spills the semen.

The world is created sexually, and this world is destroyed when human beings become terrible fornicators, when the Great Whore (humanity) has reached the breaking point of her corruption, that is, when the serpent of Midgard floods the entire Earth.

Indeed, the Great Whore whose number is six hundred and sixty-six is born when the human being becomes accustomed to ejaculating the semen. Fornication is what corrupts the human being. It is through fornication that the human being becomes terribly perverse and then the world is destroyed. The unknown monsters of Nature, which are elements that the human being does not know, and which the Gods have enchained, are unleashed through the atomic weapons.  The jungles are uprooted, the wolves of Karma howl horribly. The wolf Fenrir breaks his bonds and attacks the world with an open mouth, touching the sky and the earth with his jaws.

Karma is indeed terrifying; thus, a collision of worlds will occur.  In archaic times a similar collision already occurred.  Then, the Earth was closer to the Sun, yet it was hurled away towards its present distance.  Now the same cataclysm will be repeated because of the law of Karma.  At that moment, as the Germanic Edda states, all shall be consumed in an immense purifying holocaust.

Any type of Genesis cannot exist without Sexual Alchemy. Any type of Apocalypse cannot exist without sexual degeneration.  Every Genesis and every Apocalypse is based on the phallus and the uterus.  The fire creates and the fire destroys.  Indeed, the destructive powers of the fire are already on the march.  Atomic wars will definitively unleash the powers that will consume the Earth.  This race will soon be destroyed by fire.

The hour to comprehend the necessity of totally penetrating into the path of the Perfect Matrimony has arrived.  Only those who resolve to follow this path can save themselves from the Abyss and the Second Death.

God shines upon the perfect couple.

Human Salvation

In the name of truth, we have to recognize that the problem of human salvation is a true Chinese puzzle, very difficult to solve.  Jesus emphasizes the tremendous difficulty of entering into the kingdom of esotericism and attaining eternal salvation.

It is urgent to fabricate Soul if indeed what we want is to save ourselves.  We have already stated the human being only has an embryo of Soul incarnated.  We have also stated that we need to fortify this embryo and later incarnate the Cosmic Soul.  Now it is good to clarify that to incarnate the Soul in its essence means to be assimilated, devoured by the tiger of wisdom.  We need the tiger of wisdom to devour us.  This tiger is the Innermost, our real Being.  The Aztecs state that the First Root Race, which existed in the world was devoured by tigers.  In the Yucatan, there existed the Temple of the Tigers.  Quetzalcoatl snatches the human heart with his tiger claws.  The tiger cult was never absent in any of the temples of mysteries of America.  The Order of the Tiger Knights was very sacred in Aztec Mexico.

It is interesting to remember that during human sacrifice, the hearts of maidens were offered to the Gods.  All this contains an esoteric meaning which the learned ignoramuses of this century do not understand.  

Obviously, we do not approve of human sacrifices. Those sacrifices were barbaric; millions of children and maidens were sacrificed to the Gods.  These were horrifying scenes of pain. This is abominable.  

Despite this, we are only reflecting upon the fact of offering the bleeding heart to the Gods. This fact is tremendous. The Innermost needs to swallow the heart of the human being, that is to say to assimilate it, absorb it, devour the human personality who has fabricated that which is called Soul.

It is tremendously true, the fact that the Innermost is like a tree with many leaves.  Each leaf is a human personality.  The Innermost does not have one single personality as pseudo-esotericists believe.  The Innermost has various personalities, and what is most astonishing is that he can have them incarnated in different parts of the world.

When a human person does not fabricate Soul, it is logical that he is lost and descends into the Abyss.  However, this matter has no importance for the Innermost.  This is like a leaf that falls from the Tree of Life, one leaf without any importance.  The Innermost continues attending to his other personalities, struggling for them so that they may fabricate Soul in order to devour them as a tiger of wisdom.

Therefore, the value of the human person (which is the intellectual animal called a human being) is less than the ash of a cigarette.  However, fools feel themselves to be giants.  Unfortunately, within all the pseudo-esoteric currents, a great number of mythomaniacs exist, individuals who feel themselves to be masters, people who enjoy when others call them masters, individuals who believe themselves to be Gods, individuals who presume to be saints.  The only one who is truly great is the Spirit, the Innermost.  We, the intellectual animals, are leaves that the wind tosses about.  Leaves of the Tree of Life, that is all.  “The present human being is a hybrid mixture of plant and phantom.  A poor shadow that can only achieve immortality if it fabricates that which is called Soul.”

Humanity has failed.  Most of humanity, almost all of it, still does not have Soul.  The great majority of humans are dead leaves, which the hurricane of fatality drags to the Abyss.  They are fallen leaves from the Tree of Life.

The Germanic Edda states: the wolf Fenrir breaks his terrible bonds. That is, Karma falls upon the whole of humanity.  The divinities of Valhalla will fight the enemy.

The serpent of Midgard floods the entire Earth; thus, this world is a failure.

Germanic mythology is Nordic. The knowledge comes from the north.  The First Root Race was devoured by the tigers of wisdom.  That was an immortal race.  The Second Root Race was swept away by strong hurricanes. The Third Root Race was converted into birds.  The Fourth into men-fish.  The Fifth into goats.

The cradle of humanity is in the north.  The Germanic Edda is Nordic wisdom.  The forefathers of the Aztecs lived on the sacred island of the north.

Occult wisdom came from the north to Lemuria and from Lemuria it passed to Atlantis.  After the Atlantean submersion, the wisdom remained on those lands that formed part of the Atlantean continent.  India never formed part of the Atlantean continent.  It is absurd to think that all ancient wisdom comes from India.  If we want to find the wisdom of the serpent, we shall then find it in Mexico, Egypt, the Yucatan, etc.  Indeed, these countries formed part of Atlantis.

It is urgent to study the Germanic Edda.  It is urgent to know how to read it between the lines; then afterwards, one must investigate Easter Island, Mexico, the Yucatan, etc.

The Germanic Edda, its Genesis and its Apocalypse, is pure Sexual Magic. The root of our Being is found within sex.

We need to be devoured by the serpent.  We need to be devoured by the tiger.  First, the serpent devours us, then afterwards the tiger.