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The Perfect Matrimony: The Great Battle

The Great Battle

In Jeremiah, chapter 21, verse 8, it is written: “Behold, I set before you the way of life, and the way of death.”  Man and woman can use sexual intercourse and the delights of love and kisses in order to become Gods or demons.

From the dawn of life, a great battle has raged between the powers of light and the powers of darkness.  The secret root of that battle lies in sex.

The correct interpretation of the mysteries of sex exists. The white magicians never ejaculate the semen.  The black magicians always ejaculate the semen.  The white magicians make the igneous serpent of our magical powers ascend through the medullar canal.  The black magicians make the snake descend towards the atomic infernos of the human being.

Gods and demons live in eternal struggle. The Gods defend the doctrine of chastity. The demons hate chastity.  In sex, the root of the conflict between Gods and demons is found.

The great battle takes place in the Astral Light. The Astral Light is the deposit of all of great Nature’s past, present and future forms.  The Astral Light is the Azoth and Magnesia of the ancient Alchemists, Medea’s Flying Dragon, the Christians’ INRI, the Tarot of the Bohemians.  The Astral Light is a terrific sexual fire springing forth from the Sun’s nimbus and is fixed to the Earth by the force of gravity and the weight of the atmosphere. The Sun is the one that attracts and repels such an enchanting and delightful light. The Astral Light is Archimedes’ lever. The old sage said: “Give me a fulcrum and I will move the universe.”

The semen is the human being’s Astral liquid. The semen is the Astral Light. The semen is the key to all powers and the key to all empires.

The Astral Light has two poles, one positive and the other negative.  The ascending serpent is positive.  The descending serpent is negative.  When it ascends, it is the brazen serpent that healed the Israelites in the wilderness.  When it descends, it is the tempting serpent of Eden.

When we know how to adore and kiss with infinite tenderness and supreme chastity, the serpent ascends. When we enjoy lust ardently and spill the cup, the serpent precipitates itself, inebriated with madness towards the atomic infernos of the human being.

In the region of light live the beings who adore each other. In the region of darkness live the souls who become inebriated with the chalice of lust, and who after getting drunk spill the cup. Those souls are consumed in the fire of their own lust.

The Earth is ruled by Christ and Javhe who live in eternal struggle.  Christ is the leader of Gods.  Javhe is the chief of demons.

Javhe is that terribly perverse demon who tempted Christ when he took him atop a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them.  Thus, when tempting Christ, Javhe said: “ITABABO.  All these things will I give thee, If thou wilt fall down and worship me.”  Christ answered and said unto him: “Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God, but thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

Javhe is a terribly perverse fallen Angel. Javhe is the genius of evil. Christ is the leader of the great White Lodge and Javhe, his antithesis, is the chief of the great Black Lodge. The powers of light and darkness live in eternal struggle and that struggle is rooted in sex.  The semen is the battlefield.  In the semen, Angels and demons fight to the death.  The medullar bone of the great conflict between Angels and demons is sex.  There is the problem.  There is the root of all the white and black doctrines.  Christ has his program of action, Javhe has his.  The chosen follow the Christ.  The great majority of human beings fanatically follow Javhe.  Nevertheless, they all hide behind the cross.

In the Astral Cross, there is a mutual struggle between the columns of Angels and demons. Facing each Angel, there is a demon.

Every human being has his double.  Behold the mystery of the twin souls.  The Lamas say that Devadatta was the brother and the rival of Buddha.  He is the King of Hell.

The double is similar in everything to his own double. The doubles are analogous; they have the same tendencies, with the differences of the analogies of opposites. Facing a white astrologer, there is a black astrologer. If a master teaches white Sexual Magic, his double will teach black Sexual Magic. The doubles are similar in everything but antithetical.

The physiognomy and the body of the doubles are similar because they are twins. This is one of the great mysteries of occultism. Every white soul has a black double, a contrary soul that antagonizes and combats him.

Love and anti-love mutually fight each other. Anael is the Angel of Love. Lilith is his tenebrous double. Lilith represents anti-love. In ancient times, Iamblicus, the great theurgist, invoked these two Genii and then out of a river two children appeared: love and anti-love, Eros and Anteros, Anael and Lilith.  The multitudes who witnessed Iamblicus’s miracle prostrated themselves before the great theurgist.

The disciple of the rocky path that leads to Nirvana is filled with ecstasy when he has the joy of contemplating Anael, the Angel of Love.

Anael presents himself before those who invoke him, who know how to call him.  Anael is a beautiful child of the dawn.  In the presence of the Angel of Love, we feel ourselves returning to the lost innocence of Eden.  Anael’s hair is like a golden waterfall falling onto his alabaster shoulders.  The face of the Angel of Love has the rosy color of dawn. Anael wears a white tunic and he is indescribably beautiful.  Anael is the Angel of music and love, the angel of beauty and tenderness, the delightful cupid of all lovers, the ecstasy of all adoration.

Lilith is Anael’s rival brother, his evil antithesis, a terribly evil child, the infernal Angel of all great amorous deceptions, a monarch of the atomic hells of the human being.  

Lilith cannot resist the look of the Angel of Love, but is the shadow of that Angel.  Lilith has the presence of a terribly evil child.  Lilith’s hair is in disarray and discolored.  The evil face and the black and blue tunic tells us clearly of a world of cruelty and bitterness.

Anael represents the positive ray of Venus. Lilith represents the negative ray of Venus.

The traditions of the great Kabbalists state that Adam had two wives: Lilith and Nahemah.  Lilith is the mother of abortions, pederasty, sexual degeneration, homosexuality, infanticides, etc…

Nahemah is the mother of adultery. Nahemah seduces with the enchantment of her beauty and her virginity.

When a man is unfaithful to his wife (who was given to him by the Lords of the Law) he receives a luciferic mark between the eyebrows.  When a man marries a woman who does not belong to him, when he performs a marriage which is in violation of the law, it is easy to recognize the error because on the day of the wedding, the bride appears to be bald.  She covers so much of her head with a veil, that the hair does not show.  The woman does this instinctively.  Hair is the symbol of modesty in the woman, and in the weddings of Nahemah it is prohibited to display the hair.  This is the law.

The Angels of light and the Angels of darkness live in eternal struggle.  The root of the great battle between the powers of light and darkness is in sex.

According to the great law, every planet has two polarities.  The positive ray of Mars is represented by Elohim Gibor.  The negative ray of Mars is represented by the double of this Elohim.  This double is called Andrameleck. The perverse demon Andrameleck is now reincarnated in China.

The supreme leader of the positive ray of the Moon is Jehovah.  Chavajoth is exactly his antithesis, his rival brother.  Jehovah directs the positive ray of the Moon.  Chavajoth directs the negative ray of the Moon.  Jehovah teaches white Sexual Magic; Chavajoth teaches black Sexual Magic.

Two moons exist: the white moon and the black moon.  In the two moons the universal, feminine forces of sexuality are represented.

Creation is the outcome of the evolving processes of sound.  Sound is the expression of sexuality.  The Angels create with the sexual power of the creative larynx.

The primordial, unmanifested sound (through its incessant, evolving processes) is converted into energetic forms of stabilized, dense matter.  The unmanifested, primordial sound is the still, small voice. The primordial sound contains in itself the masculine-feminine sexual forces.  As we descend into the difficult Abyss of matter, these forces multiply and become more complicated.  The positive pole of sound is the miraculous force which attracts us towards the unmanifested Absolute where only happiness reigns.  The negative pole of sound is the tenebrous force which attracts us to this valley of bitterness.  The positive pole is solar, Christic, divine.  The negative pole is lunar and is represented by the Moon.  The shadow of the white moon is Lilith.  The origin of fornication is in Lilith.  The origin of separate individuality is in Lilith.  The origin of the “I” is the black moon.  The black moon is Lilith.

Jehovah works with the white moon.  Chavajoth works with the black moon.  The creation of the phenomenal universe is impossible without the intervention of the lunar forces.  Unfortunately, the dark forces of the black moon intervene and harm creation.

The Sun and the Moon represent the positive and negative poles of sound.  The Sun and the Moon originate creation.  The Sun is positive and the Moon negative.  The Sun is the husband and the Moon is the wife; the devil Lilith gets in between and harms the great work; as above so below.  The man is the Sun and the woman is the Moon.  Lilith is the Satan that seduces them both and leads them to fornication and to the Abyss.  Lilith is the black moon, the dark aspect of the white moon, the origin of the “I” and of separate individuality.  Jehovah does not have a physical body.  Chavajoth has a physical body. Chavajoth is now reincarnated in Germany; he poses as a war veteran and works for the great Black Lodge.  In the inner worlds, the black magician Chavajoth dresses in a red tunic and wears a red turban.  This demon cultivates the mysteries of black Sexual Magic in a tenebrous cavern.  He has many European disciples.

Jehovah lives normally in Eden.  Eden is the Ethereal world.  Everyone who returns to Eden is received by Lord Jehovah.  The door of Eden is sex.

In the Astral, there exist temples of light and temples of darkness, and where the light shines more clearly, the darkness becomes more dense.

In Cataluña, Spain, there is a marvelous temple in the Jinn state.  This is the Temple of Monserrat.  In that temple, the Holy Grail is guarded.  It is the silver chalice from which Jesus, the Christ, drank the wine during the Last Supper.  In the Holy Grail is contained the coagulated blood of the Redeemer of the world.  Tradition tells us that the Roman senator Joseph of Arimathea filled that chalice with royal blood at the foot of the Savior’s cross.  The blood flowed from the wounds of the Adorable One and the chalice was filled.

In the Temple of Monserrat live a group of masters of the great White Lodge.  They are the Knights of the Holy Grail.

In other times, the Temple of Monserrat and the Holy Grail were visible to the whole world.  Later, that temple with its Holy Grail was made invisible.  The temple exists in the Jinn state.  The temple with its Holy Grail was submerged into hyperspace.  Now we can only visit such a temple with the Astral Body or with the physical body in the Jinn state.

A physical body can be taken out of the tridimensional world and placed in the fourth dimension. All this can be performed through the wise use of hyperspace. Soon, astrophysics will demonstrate the existence of hyperspace. The indigenous tribes of America had a profound knowledge of the Jinn science.  In Mexico, the Tiger Knights knew how to place the physical body in hyperspace.  In America, there are lakes, mountains and temples in the Jinn state.  In Mexico, the Temple of Chapultepec is found in Jinn state (it is located in hyperspace).  The Master Huiracocha received the Initiation in this temple.

Next to every temple of light, there is a temple of darkness.  Where the light shines brighter, there the darkness by contrast turns denser.

The Knights of the White Grail should inevitably fight against the Knights of the Black Grail.

The witchcraft salon located in Salamanca, Spain, is the fatal antithesis of the Temple of Monserrat.

Let us study this curious analogy of opposites.  The Temple of the White Grail is a splendid monastery of the great light. The Temple of Salamanca is a splendid monastery of darkness.

The monastery of Monserrat has two floors.  The witchcraft salon also has two floors. The Temple of Monserrat is surrounded by beautiful and sweet gardens.  The witchcraft salon also is surrounded by romantic gardens where each flower exhales a breath of death.

Both are splendid edifices.  In both buildings, truth and justice are well spoken of.  In both temples, order and culture reign.  In both temples, sanctity and love are spoken of.  This will astound the reader, and he might question himself, “How is it possible that in the temples of evil, sanctity and love are well spoken of?”  Please, dear reader, don’t be disconcerted.  Remember, dear brother or sister, that the Knights of the Black Grail are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.  The adepts of the left hand love to ejaculate the Christonic semen; that is why they are black magicians.  Their philosophy is the philosophy of fatality.  For them, all good is evil.  For them, all evil is good.  The doctrine of Javhe is divine for them.  The doctrine of Christ is diabolical for them; the lords of darkness hate the Christ.  The sons of the Abyss hate the Divine Mother.  In their regions, they violently attack all those who invoke the Divine Mother or her beloved son.

If the occult investigator goes into the witchcraft salon with his Astral Body, he will inevitably find a beautiful, spiral staircase which leads to the most secret place of the precinct.  This is an elegant salon furnished with the splendid luxury of the lordly mansions of the XVII century.  There shine the One Thousand and One Night mirrors, the enchanted rugs, and all of Nahemah’s evil beauty.  The governor of that mansion of fatality is Don Ramón Rubifero, distinguished Knight of the Black Grail, horrible demon of darkness.

How unfortunate are those disciples who visit the witchcraft salon! Nahemah’s fatal beauty will seduce them with all the delightful magic of her enchantments. Then they will roll down into the bottomless pit where we hear only the crying and the gnashing of teeth.  For them it would have been better not to have been born at all or to have had a windmill stone tied around their necks and to have been thrown into the depths of the sea. [See Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:12]

In the Temple of Monserrat shines the glory of the silver chalice with the blood of the Redeemer of the world.  In the Temple of Salamanca shines the darkness of the Black Grail.  In the Temple of Monserrat, cosmic festivals are celebrated.  In the Temple of Salamanca, profane dances and disgusting witches’ Sabbaths are celebrated.  The Knights of the Holy Grail worship the Christ and the Divine Mother.  The Knights of the Black Grail worship Javhe and great Nature’s fatal shadow.  That shadow is called Santa Maria (Holy Mary). [Samael explains elsewhere that this person is not Mary the mother of Jesus.]  The Kingdom of Santa Maria is the Abyss.  The great battle between the powers of light and darkness is as ancient as eternity.

The medullar bone of that great battle is sex. The white magicians want the serpent to ascend.  The black magicians want the serpent to descend.  The white magicians follow the way of the perfect marriage. The black magicians love adultery and fornication.

There are masters of the great White Lodge.  There are masters of the great Black Lodge.  There are disciples of the great White Lodge.  There are disciples of the great Black Lodge.

The disciples of the great White Lodge know how to move consciously and positively in the Astral Body.  The disciples of the great Black Lodge also know how to travel in the Astral Body.

All of us as children listened to many stories of witches and fairies.  Our grandmothers used to always tell us stories of witches that at midnight rode on their brooms and travelled through the clouds.  Although it will seem incredible to many students of occultism, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, etc., those witches really do exist.  They do not ride brooms as grandmothers believe, but they do know how to travel through the air. The so-called “witches” travel with their body of flesh and bone through space. They know how to make use of hyperspace and travel from one place to another with the physical body.  Soon astrophysics will discover the existence of hyperspace.  It can be demonstrated with hypergeometry.  When a body submerges into hyperspace, it is then said that it has entered the Jinn state.  The body in the Jinn state escapes the law of gravity.  Then it floats in hyperspace.

There is volume and hypervolume. The so-called “witches” move in the hypervolume of curved space in which we live.  Curved space does not belong exclusively to the planet Earth. Curved space corresponds to the infinity of the starry heavens.  If cyclones constitute proof of terrestrial spiral motion, it is then very certain that the spiral rotation of all the suns, constellations and worlds is concrete evidence of the curvature of space.

The white magicians also know how to place the physical body in the Jinn state.  Jesus walked on the waters of the Sea of Galilee by making intelligent use of hyperspace.  Buddha’s disciples, by making use of hyperspace, could traverse a rock from side to side.  In India there are yogis who, by making use of hyperspace, can pass through fire without being burned.  Peter, by using hyperspace, escaped from prison and saved himself from the death penalty.  The great Yogi Patanjali states in his aphorisms that by practicing a samyama on the physical body, it becomes as light as cotton and can float on air.

A samyama consists of three tempos: concentration, meditation, and ecstasy.  First, the Yogi concentrates on his physical body.  Second, he meditates on his physical body inducing sleep.  Third, full of ecstasy, he gets up from his bed with his body in the Jinn state.  Then, he penetrates into hyperspace and escaping from the law of gravity, he floats in the air.

The devotees of Santa Maria (witches and warlocks) do the same thing with the formulas of black magic.

With their bodies in Jinn state,  the white magicians penetrate into a higher dimension.  The black magicians penetrate into a lower dimension with their body in the Jinn state.

In Nature, there is always the subtraction and addition of infinite dimensions.  We leave a dimension to penetrate another one, either higher or lower.  This is the law.

The kingdom of Santa Maria is the abyss of failures.  The kingdom of light is the region of the Gods.

In the kingdom of light only those who have attained the state of supreme chastity can live.  In the abyss, chastity is a crime and fornication is law.

Whosoever views the elegant salon of Javhe-Tzimus will be dazzled by the luxury and happiness.  There, he will meet thousands of female black magicians with the gifts of terribly evil beauty.  The innocent soul who penetrates those evil regions could very easily go astray, into the wrong way and fall forever into the Abyss of perdition.  Nahemah’s evil beauty is dangerous.

In the temples of light, we only witness love and wisdom.  There, the tenebrous ones cannot enter because they live in a lower dimension.

Nahemah’s beauty is fatal.  Those beings who loved so much, those beings who swore to love each other forever could have been happy.  Unfortunately, enchanted by Nahemah’s beauty, they adored another one’s spouse and fell into the Abyss of desperation.  In the salon of Javhe-Tzimus, the beauty of Nahemah fatally shines.

The black magicians have a sacred symbol.  This symbol is the copper cauldron.  The white magicians have the holy cross as their sacred symbol.  The latter is phallic.  The insertion of the vertical phallus into the horizontal uterus forms the cross.  The cross has the power to create.  There can be no creation without the sign of the holy cross.  Animal species are crossed; atoms and molecules are crossed to perpetuate life.

The blessed roses of spirituality bloom on the cross of the perfect marriage.  The perfect marriage is the union of two beings: one who loves more and the other who loves better.  Love is the best religion available to the human species.

The black magicians hate the perfect marriage.  Nahemah’s fatal beauty and Lilith’s sexual crimes are the antithesis of the perfect marriage.

The white magician worships the inner Christ. The black magician worships Satan. This is the “I,” the me, myself, the reincarnating ego.  In fact, the “I” is the specter of the threshold itself.  It continually reincarnates to satisfy desires.  The “I” is memory.  In the “I” are all of the memories of our ancient personalities.  The “I” is Ahriman, Lucifer, Satan.

Our real Being is the inner Christ.  Our real Being is of a universal nature.  Our real Being is not a superior or inferior “I.”  Our real Being is impersonal, universal, divine.  He transcends every concept of “I,” me, myself, ego, etc.  The black magician strengthens his Satan and upon this he bases his fatal power.  Satan’s form and size result from the degree of human evil.  When we enter the path of the perfect marriage, Satan loses his volume and ugliness.  We need to dissolve Satan.  This is only possible with the perfect marriage.

We need to elevate ourselves to the angelic state.  This is only possible by practicing Sexual Magic with the priestess-wife.  Angels are perfect human beings.

There are two kinds of Sexual Magic: black and white.  Those who practice white Sexual Magic never ejaculate the semen. Those who practice black Sexual Magic always ejaculate the semen.

The Bons and Drukpas of the “Red Cap” ejaculate the semen which they later collect from within the vagina.  This semen mixed with the feminine sexual fluid is reabsorbed once again through the urethra, utilizing a tenebrous procedure. [Samael Aun Weor later clairified this statement, saying that the Bons were not practicing black Tantra, they were simply extreme in their efforts. See the Glossary for more information.]

The fatal result of that Black Tantra is the awakening of the serpent in an absolutely negative form.  Then, instead of ascending through the medullar canal, it descends towards the atomic hells of the human being.  This is Satan’s horrifying tail.  Through this procedure, the Bons and Drukpas forever separate themselves from the Inner Christ and forever sink into the terrifying Abyss.

No white magician ejaculates the semen; the white magician treads the path of the perfect marriage.

Bons and Drukpas of the “Red Cap” want (by means of their fatal procedure) to unite the solar and lunar atoms in order to awaken the Kundalini. The result of their ignorance is separation from the inner God forever.

The white magicians blend the solar and lunar atoms in their own sexual laboratory. This is what the perfect marriage is for.  Blessed be woman.  Blessed be love.

The great battle between the black and the white magicians has its root in sex.  The tempting serpent of Eden and the brazen serpent which healed the Israelites in the wilderness fight against each other.  When the serpent ascends we become angels; when it descends we become demons.

During Sexual Magic, the three breaths of pure Akasha that descend through Brahman’s thread are reinforced. When the magician ejaculates the semen, he loses billions of solar atoms that are replaced by billions of diabolical atoms, which the sexual organs collect with the nervous movement that takes place at the time of the ejaculation of semen.  The satanic atoms try to ascend to the brain through Brahman’s thread, but the three breaths of Akasha precipitate them to the Abyss.  When they crash against the black atomic god residing in the coccyx, the snake awakens and moves downward to form the devil’s tail in the Astral Body.

Angels are perfect Human Beings.  The perfect marriage is necessary in order to rise to the angelic state.  Demons are perverse beings.

Two types of Sexual Magic exist: white and black.  Those who practice white Sexual Magic never in their lives spill the semen.  Those who practice black Sexual Magic spill the semen.

The Bons and Drukpas of the Black Lodge of Tibet spill the semen.  These tenebrous beings, after spilling their semen retrieve it from within the feminine vulva with a special instrument.  Later, they reabsorb it through the urethra using a black power, a variety of Vajroli Mudra, which we do not divulge so as not to propagate the fatal science of darkness.

The black magicians believe they can mix the solar and lunar atoms in this way to awaken the Kundalini.  The result is that instead of ascending through the medullar canal, the spinal fires descend towards the atomic hells of the human being and turn into the tail of Satan.

The white magicians mix the solar and lunar atoms in their own sexual laboratory without committing the crime of spilling any seminal liquor.

Thus, the Kundalini awakens positively and ascends victoriously through the medullar canal.  This is the angelic way.

The white magician aspires to the angelic state.  The lords of the dark countenance want to reach the grade of Anagarikas.

The souls who follow the way of the perfect marriage unite with their inner God and rise to the kingdom of the Super-Man.

The souls who hate the way of the perfect marriage separate from their inner God and submerge into the Abyss.

The white magician makes the sexual energy ascend through the sympathetic canals of the spinal medulla.  These two cords are entwined around the spinal medulla, forming the holy eight.  These are the two witnesses of the Apocalypse.

“Fill your chalice, brother, with the sacred wine of light.”

Remember, the chalice is the brain.  You need the eyes of the eagle and the igneous wings.

The tenebrous ones struggle to take you from the real path.  Know that the three gravest dangers which await the student are the mediums of spiritualism, the false prophets and prophetesses, and sexual temptations.

This is the path of the razor’s edge; this path is full of dangers inside and out.

Live alert and keep a watchful eye as the watchman in wartime.  Do not let yourself be caught off guard by those who consider sex a purely animal function without any spiritual transcendence of any kind.  As a rule, false prophets hate sex and exhibit novel doctrines to surprise the weak, to fascinate them, and to lead them to the Abyss.

Do not become confused by the false statements of the tenebrous ones.  Remember that spiritualist mediums often serve as vehicles for black entities.  These entities pose as saints and advise against the perfect marriage. Usually, they declare themselves Jesus Christ or Buddha, etc., to cheat the fools.

Beware of the temptations that await you. Be prudent and watchful.

Remember that in sex the great battle between the powers of light and darkness is found.

Everyone who enters the path of the perfect marriage must be very careful of the three very grave dangers. The tenebrous ones struggle tirelessly to take you from the path of the perfect marriage.

Do not be seduced by the sublime doctrines that advise the ejaculation of the semen, because they are of black magic.  The king of the diabolical atoms awaits in the coccyx for the opportunity to awaken the serpent negatively, in order to direct it downward.  With the ejaculation of semen, the black atomic god receives a formidable electrical impulse, enough to awaken the serpent and direct it toward the atomic hells of the human being. This is how the human being becomes a demon.  Thus, this is how he falls into the Abyss.