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The Perfect Matrimony: The Two Marys

The Two Marys

Two serpents exist, the one that ascends up the medullar canal and the one that descends.  The serpent ascends within the white magicians because they do not spill the semen.  The serpent descends within the black magicians because they spill the semen.

The serpent ascending in the medullar canal is the Virgin.  The serpent descending from the coccyx downwards towards the atomic infernos of Nature is the Santa Maria of Black Magic and witchcraft.  Behold, the two Marys: the white and the black.

White magicians abhor the Black Santa Maria. Black magicians mortally hate the White Virgin Mary. Whosoever dares to name the Virgin is attacked immediately by the tenebrous ones.

When the initiate is performing the Great Work, he has to struggle terribly against the adepts of Santa Maria.

The creative forces are threefold: masculine, feminine, and neutral.  These great forces flow from above to below.

Whosoever wants to regenerate himself has to change this movement and make these creative energies return inward and upward.  This is even contrary to Nature’s interests.  The tenebrous ones then feel offended and attack the initiate terribly. Lady adepts of the Black Hand assault the initiate in order to sexually discharge him.  This happens especially during sleep.  This is how wet dreams occur. The student dreams of beautiful women who sexually discharge him in order to impede the ascent of the fire through the medullar canal within him.

The tenebrous ones adore Santa Maria within the Abyss and they sing sublimely malignant verses to her.

The white magicians adore the Virgin who as a serpent of fire rises in the medullar canal, and upon her they rest their heads like a child in the arms of his adored mother.

In India, Kali the Divine Mother Kundalini is adored, but Kali in her black, fatal aspect is also adored.  These are the two Marys, the white and the black, the two serpents: the serpent of brass that healed the Israelites in the wilderness, and the tempting serpent of Eden.

There are White Initiations and Black Initiations, temples of light and temples of darkness. All degrees and all initiations are based on the serpent.  When the serpent ascends, we become Angels; when it descends we become devils.

We will now narrate a Black Initiation, exactly as we investigated it.

“While asleep, the devotee was taken out from within his physical body.  The festivity of the demons took place in the street.  All the attendants were in their Astral Bodies.  The neophyte practiced negative Sexual Magic with the loss of semen.  This is how he progressed in the science of demons who presented themselves at the festival dressed in black tunics.  That festivity was a true Witches’ Sabbath.  When the orgy had finished, the left handed adepts escorted their beloved disciple towards a yellow temple.  This was a cavern of Black Magic.  Seen from the outside, this temple appeared to be a humble religious chapel.  Inside, it was a magnificent palace.  Inside the temple there were two floors (or levels) and magnificent corridors through which the tenebrous ones passed.  The adepts of the shadows congratulated the candidate for his tenebrous triumphs.  It was horrible to see the adepts of Santa Maria.  The candidate was in compliance with it.  The devil’s tail was visible on those astral phantoms.  The festivity of darkness was magnificent.  A priest of the Abyss climbed on a rock to give a sermon.  This phantom was a sincerely mistaken one, a man of good intentions but fatally lost.  Thus, this adept of the shadows solemnly said: ‘I shall be loyal to my religion; nothing will make me look back.  This is sacred.’

“Then the tenebrous one continued with a long speech which everyone applauded.

“The guest of honor who had had the misfortune of awakening the Kundalini negatively was marked with a fatal seal.  That mark was triangular and had black and grey lines.  Before using it, this seal was placed into the fire.  The mark of the seal was placed beneath his left lung.

“The tenebrous ones gave the disciple a fatal name which was engraved in black letters on his left forearm.

“The new black initiate was then led in front of a statue of terribly malignant beauty, which symbolizes the Black Goddess, the Kingdom of Santa Maria.  The disciple, sitting before this statue, crossed his legs in the Anagarika style (with the left over the right).  He then placed his hands on his waist and concentrated on the fatal Goddess.  After everything finished, the tenebrous one returned into his physical body happy with his “triumph.”

That is as far as our investigation went in regard to the initiations of the Abyss.

All those who follow the path of the Perfect Matrimony must defend themselves against the tenebrous ones who try to take the devotee from the true path to make him a member of the Black Lodge. When they reach their goal, the student is taken to a banquet of demons.

The struggle is terrible: brain against sex; sex against brain, and what is even more terrible and the most painful is heart against heart.  You know this.

We must crucify all human emotional attachments, abandon all that signifies carnal passion.  This is extremely difficult.  The past screams, implores, cries, begs... This is terribly painful.

The Super-Man is the result of a tremendous revolution of consciousness.  Those who believe that the mechanical evolution of Nature changes us into masters are absolutely mistaken.  The master is the result of a tremendous revolution of consciousness.

We must fight against Nature and against the shadow of Nature.