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The Revolution of Beelzebub: Lemuria


And Jehovah Elohim planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. - Genesis 2:8

There has been much discussion regarding the topic of the terrestrial paradise.  Max Heindel sustained that the terrestrial paradise is the Astral Light; yet, he did not inquire into what the word “terrestrial” signifies.

Really, this paradise existed and was the continent of Lemuria, which was situated in the Pacific Ocean.  It was the first dry land that existed in the world.  The temperature during that time was extremely warm.

But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. - Genesis 2:6

The very intense heat together with the water mist created a foggy atmosphere. Consequently, human beings breathed through gills like fish.  

So, Elohim created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. - Genesis 1:27

The human beings of the Polar epoch, the Hyperborean epoch, and even in the beginning of the Lemurian epoch were hermaphrodites.  They reproduced themselves as hermaphroditic microbes reproduce themselves.

In the earliest times of Lemuria, there was almost no differentiation between the human species and the animal species.  Yet, after 150,000 years of evolution, the Lemurians reached a very grand degree of civilization, which we, the Aryans, are still very far from reaching.

It was the Age of Gold; it was the age of the Titans.  It was the delectable time of Arcadia, a time in which “what is mine and what is yours” did not exist, because everything belonged to everybody.  It was the time in which the rivers poured forth milk and honey.

The imagination of the human being was an ineffable mirror in which the panorama of the starry heavens of Urania was solemnly reflected.  The human being knew that his life was the life of the gods.  The one who knew how to play the lyre shook the divine fields with his delectable melodies.  The artist who handled the brush inspired himself with the eternal wisdom.  He gave to his delicate sculptures the tremendous majesty of God.

Oh, the epoch of the Titans!  It was an epoch in which the rivers poured forth milk and honey.

The Lemurians were of a high stature and they had a broad forehead.  They wore symbolic tunics, which were white in the front and black in the back.  They had flying ships and boats propelled by atomic energy.  The lighting system used in the Lemurian structures was made from nuclear energy.  They reached a very high degree of culture.

Such were the times of Arcadia.  The human being knew how to listen to the voice of the gods through the seven vowels of Nature.

The seven vowels I.E.O.U.A.M.S. resounded in the Lemurian bodies with all of the ineffable music of the accentuated rhythms of the fire.

The Gnostic disciple must vocalize the vowels for one hour daily in the described written order.  Each vowel must be prolonged as follows, emptying the lungs with each intonation.

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Eeeeeeeeeeee, Ooooooooooo, Uuuuuuuuuu, Aaaaaaaaaa, Mmmmmmm, Sssssssssssss.

[They are pronounced as Spanish vowels: I as in “tree,” E as in “fell,” O as in “low,” U as in “you,” A as in “tall,” M as if humming, and the S as a hiss].

The letter I makes the pituitary and the pineal glands vibrate; thus, the human being becomes clairvoyant.

The letter E makes the thyroid gland vibrate; thus the human being becomes clairaudient.

The letter O makes the chakra of the heart vibrate; thus the human being becomes intuitive.

The letter U awakes the solar plexus (top of the stomach); thus, the human being awakens telepathy.

The letter A makes the chakra of the lungs vibrate; thus, the human being acquires the power of remembering his past lives.

The vowels M and S efficiently help in the development of all of the occult powers.

Therefore, one hour of daily vocalization is worth more than reading a million books of oriental theosophy.

The body of the Lemurians was a miraculous harp where the seven vowels of nature sounded with the tremendous euphoria of the cosmos.

When night arrived, all of the human beings fell asleep as innocent creatures within the cradle of Mother Nature.  They were lulled with the very sweet and moving chant of the gods. Thus, when the dawn was rising, the sun brought diaphanous contentment and not tenebrous grief.

Oh the epoch of the Titans!  Those were the times in which the rivers poured forth milk and honey.

The matrimonies of Arcadia were Gnostic matrimonies. Then, the human beings performed the sexual union under the commands of the Elohim as a sacrifice on the altar of matrimony, in order to provide bodies to the souls who needed to reincarnate.  Fornication was completely unknown and there was no pain in giving birth.

Throughout many thousands of years, Lemuria sank within the boisterous waves of the Pacific Ocean; meanwhile, the Atlantean continent was emerging from the bottom of the ocean.