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The Revolution of Beelzebub: The Two Ways

The Two Ways

“Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death.” - Jeremiah 21:8

The bewitching flower of crime grows in the shadow of liquor and the orgy.

The wild vermin and the writhing reptile make their nest by the shadow of the nubile foliage of passion.

In the middle of all the revelry and the bacchanalia, Beelzebub learned to gamble with a great amount of money. In reality, money and the original sin are coexistent: both are the tragedy of the human.

Gambling has driven the elegant lady and the cunning gentleman, as well as the working man and the bohemian gambler, to ruin and suicide.

Beelzebub learned the vice of gambling, and he laughed happily while in the bacchanalia amidst the bare sound of the dice and the happy and triumphant pop of another bottle.

Yet, lo and behold, a mysterious personage was never absent within the orgy. This ominous personage with a sinister face wore a black tunic of Arcadian style and great rings of gold were always shining in his ears.

What mystery was surrounding this sinister personage?

Was he perhaps a genie of the light who came from remote spheres?

Was he perhaps some luminous lord of the flame or some ancient inhabitant from some historical epoch already ended?  

No, nothing of the sort. This man was only a horrible and monstrous transgressor of the law, a black magician.

Beelzebub learned certain clues from this black magician in order to win in the vice of gambling. Their friendship was mingled with thankfulness and orgies. Thus, this sinister personage was conducing his victim along the black path...

The human beings of the epoch of Saturn were using Astral bodies and they were tall in stature. At that time, our modern human bodies were only germs with the possibility of unfolding.

The present human “Innermosts” (Spirits) were just virginal sparks who were animating the mineral kingdom. But, Beelzebub was a human being of that epoch because he had a Being and he knew that this Being was within him.

If Beelzebub would have followed the narrow and straight way which leads towards the light, he then would have become a lord of the mind, a son of the fire, like his most beloved friends. However, liquor, pleasure, gambling, and fornication with its exotic flowers of malignant and seductive beauty hypnotize the weak and take them into the abyss.

This is how Beelzebub became an intimate friend of this sinister personage, who with his miraculous clues, was leading him triumphantly in the vice of gambling. Sadly enough, one day Beelzebub was finally prepared in order to receive the first initiation of black magic within a tenebrous temple... His master had made ineffable promises to him. He spoke to him a great deal about love and justice; therefore doubting him was impossible, especially when he was always guiding him triumphantly with his marvelous secrets in the vice of gambling.

Likewise, in this day and age, how can the students of the school of Sodom doubt the Imperator of their sacred order or their “Holy Rituals?” The one who is going to fall does not see the gap.

The ritual of the first tenebrous initiation that the disciple Beelzebub received in the temple is the same first ritual that the students of A.M.O.R.C. perform today in their room in order to receive their first degree. Thus, in the same way that the student of the first degree from “Sodom” remains enslaved by the Guardian of the Threshold after the rite, as well Beelzebub remained enslaved by the Guardian of the Threshold. This is how he started his career as a demon...

What happens is that during the ordinary hours of sleep “Veritas,” the Black Guru, takes the disciples of the first black degree in the Astral Body and submits them to a very curious rite which we will now observe:

The disciple goes sporadically around a table a few times; he strikes it; then he receives a brick from the hands of the initiator, who ceremoniously pronounces these words: “Underneath the devil, do not forget it.” Afterwards, the disciple buries the brick under the ground.

This ceremony symbolizes that the poor disciple has laid the foundation for his black fellowship and that he now has to obey the commands of the black fraternity. Afterwards, certain occult treatments are made upon the principal chakras of the head of this naive victim with the goal of controlling him for the service of the black brotherhood. Also, a lens in the form of an eye is placed upon his neck in order to have influence over the important centers of his subconsciousness. When the disciple awakens upon his bed, he does not bring back any memory of what happened in the Astral plane.

The black magicians have their mysticism, and they always firmly believe that they walk on the good path. No black magician believes that he walks on the evil path.

The path of black magic is a broad way filled with vices and pleasures.

Mariela, the great female black magician, was filled with a delectable and fatal beauty. With her enchanting voice and tender face, she was agilely and weightlessly slithering upon the soft, thick carpets of the great and splendid halls of the oldest aristocratic lineage of the European nobility. Her seductive voice resounded in the party like a poem of love, like a kiss from the shadows, like ineffable music. She was something like the romance of a symphony of Beethoven. She was Mariela, the great black magician, the splendid lady of all the European courts.

The “seventy souls of the cauldron,” with their grey hair, were resembling something like a garden of white daisies among perfume, silk, and the swallow-tailed coats of the royal palaces... They were the seventy souls of the cauldron, a garden of white flowers which were blown by a breath of death.

The testament of the seventy Hellenes was a testament of darkness and death. What about you Angela? That royal vesture with a long gown makes you look like the longed-for fiancee of a lover who never arrives. You look like a mysterious nymph of a delectable enchanted labyrinth; you look like an unforgettable beauty within the velvety night strewn with stars.

How many times I saw you, oh Angela, like a fatal goddess amongst the bewitched mirrors of that elegant hall of witchcraft, where you were a queen of evil. What is the name, oh children of evil, of that splendid mansion which is similar to an idyll?

Ah! It is Javhesemo, the delectable hall of purple and silk. Only fatal love and the beauty of the abyss of evil reign there, and every maiden is a poem, every smile an idyll, and every dance a romance of an unforgettable love... The limber and delicate waist of every malignant beauty is a dancer within the silhouette of a mysterious landscape.

Andrameleck, the wealthy and pompous black magician of China, says that the human being is an angel; therefore, he does not need to suffer. He always advises his friends to enter into the aristocracy, to dress like princes and to collect a lot of money.

The black K.H., when talking about social matters, says that his disciples must be triumphant, and that the disciple who is not triumphant cannot be his disciple.

The black magicians love fornication, and in order to justify themselves, they say such is a divine relationship.

The black magicians know well that the souls who move away from their Innermosts eventually disintegrate themselves into the abyss. This is why a spokesman from the teachings of the brothers of the tenebrous caverns says that the soul is just a vesture and that it must be disintegrated, because they only have interest in their “real Being” and that they long for the construction of their hiding place in the absolute. This is the dangerous mysticism of black magic.

Any neophyte in occult science will easily fall into this philosophy of a terribly malignant and seductive beauty...

The black magicians hate the Christ... and they consider him an evil personage. They say that the Lord Christ was not an initiate, because no initiate allows himself to be killed... With this philosophy of darkness the black magicians elaborate their mysticism, and filled with rejoicing, they drink, cohabit, and enjoy themselves... They assist in their great festivities and delectably dance in their elegant halls while enjoying and laughing in the arms of fornication...

The black path is easy and open. So, Beelzebub, the handsome and simpatico gallant of ancient Arcadia was oriented in this easy and happy path...

“...Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto light, and few there be that find it (the path which leads unto light is filled with caltrops and thorns). Many are called and few are chosen.” - Matthew 7:13

Therefore, the majority of souls in our terrestrial evolution are lost. The black path, filled with vices and pleasures, was the easier and more accessible path for all of them.

The human evolution has failed! Only a handful of souls will be united with their Innermost and enter into the angelic kingdom.

The majority of human souls will disintegrate themselves into the abyss throughout the centuries and aeons within the exterior darkness and the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Christ, the divine redeemer of the world, came in order to publicly open the initiatic path for all of humanity.

The whole via crucis of the divine Rabbi of Galilee is the path of initiation that the initiate must walk on to go towards the Golgotha of High Initiation. Once there, the soul is united with its Innermost and immortalizes itself and reaches the ineffable souls of pleroma.

The lethargy of impenetrable centuries weigh upon the august and sacred mysteries. The Word made flesh lies in the bottom of our sacred ark awaiting the supreme moment of our resurrection.

The holy doctrine of the Savior of the world shines with the luminous and spermatic fiat of the first instant, and the Rod of Aaron remains waiting for the footsteps of the snake.

The holy Gnostic Church is the zealous guardian of Pistis Sophia, the book in which all of the teachings of the divine Rabbi of Galilee are found written. The very ancient and painful path through which all of the Masters of humanity have walked shines with resplendence in the bottom of all ages.