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The Seven Words: The Seven Words (3)

The Seven Words (3)

The entire initiatic process of the Astral Body is found wisely enclosed within the symbolic narration of Joseph, son of Jacob.

Joseph represents the Astral Body of the human being, and Jacob represents the Father, who is in heaven, the Father Star.


The Seven Words: The Seven Words (4)

The Seven Words (4)

During this Holy Lent that precedes the Ascension of the Master, the ineffable verb of the great Enlightened Beings resounds with a mysterious echo within the closed Temple. These are forty days of terrible efforts for the Sacred College of Initiates.

Thus, the Masters, by singing mysterious songs in a sacred language within the closed Temple, detach with the power of their sacred verb, our Astral vehicle from the profound roots of the evilness of the abyss, within which our Astral Body is rooted since ancient times.

The Seven Words: The Seven Words (5)

The Seven Words (5)


In the Ascension of the Lord, our Astral Body becomes liberated from the abyss and ascends within the luminous aura of our Father, who is in Heaven.

As if descending from the blue of infinity, Sanat Kumara (in whose name all Initiations are received) appears radiantly upon the holy Altar when the Inner Master kneeling before the sacred Altar of the Third Initiation of Greater Mysteries receives his Initiation.