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The Solar Bodies: The Passion of Al Hallaj

The Passion of Al Hallaj

The omnicosmic and most holy Al-Hallaj was born in Madina al-Bayda, a little village in the ancient province of Fars, in southern Persia, in the year 224 A.H. / 857 C.E., and was the grandson of a devotee of the great Master Zoroaster.

Al-Hallaj was initiated into the great mysteries of Sufism. Arabian traditions tell us that when he was forty years old, he disagreed with the jurists and orthodox traditional, religious scholars; thus, he went to the streets to directly teach the multitudes the sublime principles of spiritual life.

It is written that Al-Hallaj, the great Sufi master, taught with his word and with his example. Indefatigably, he travelled throughout Iran, India, Turkey, etc., reaching even the very borders of ancient China.

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The Solar Bodies: Story of the Chinese Master Kao Feng

Story of the Chinese Master Kao Feng

The Chinese Master Kao Feng entered the priesthood at the age of fifteen and was ordained at the age of twenty in the monastery of Chin Tzu.

Kao Feng comprehended that all human beings are miserable, sleeping automatons. Therefore, he proposed to “awaken his consciousness” as soon as possible by means of the science of meditation.

“First I worked under Master Tuan Chiao. He taught me to work on the Hua Tou, “Where was I before birth, and where will I be after death?” [I followed his instructions and practiced, but could not concentrate my mind because of the bifurcation in this very Hua Tou.]” —Garma C.C.Chang, The Practice of Zen (1959)

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The Solar Bodies: The Path of John

The Path of John

Since ancient times, the authentic and genuine esoteric work has always been symbolized by a chariot pulled by oxen transporting the Holy Ark. Therefore, to forget this basic symbol and to go astray from the path is frightening.

The chariot reminds us of the human being and his internal bodies. The oxen brings into our imagination the sacred cow with five legs, the sacred symbol of the Divine Mother. The sacred Ark encloses the mysteries of sex; the Ark itself is sex.

In other times, the humble psalmist always paved the way for the holy cup, the cup of Hermes, by dancing and jumping; and in that moment, he was nothing more than a king.

This also reminds us of the whirling dervishes of Mohammedan esotericism. The objective of all of these dances is to awaken the consciousness.

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The Solar Bodies: Peter, Judas, and John

Peter, Judas, and John

It is written that there is a straight, narrow, and frightfully difficult path. However, to comprehend this better, we are going to divide the path into two sections, into two aspects, into two paths.

Peter, the master of Maithuna, Patar, dies crucified on an inverted cross, with his head towards the ground and his feet towards the heavens.

John, I.E.O.U.A.N., the Word itself, rests his head on the heart of the great Kabir Jesus, as if saying: love is nourished with love.

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The Solar Bodies: The Second Birth

The Second Birth

In our former chapter, we stated that the Being, the Innermost, the divine spirit of each living creature, has two souls: Buddhi and superior Manas.

The Being himself is Atman, the ineffable. If we commit the error of giving the Being the qualifications of superior “I,” alter ego, subliminal “I,” or divine ego, etc., we commit blasphemy, because that which is divine, the reality, can never fall into the heresy of separability.

Superior and inferior are two sections of the same thing. Superior “I” or inferior “I” are two sections of the same pluralized ego (Satan).

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