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The Solar Bodies: Atlantis


Beloved gnostic brothers and sisters, on this Christmas night of 1967, we are going to start our Christic message by remembering the very ancient, submerged continent of Atlantis.1

The priests of Sais in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs told Solon that Atlantis had been destroyed 8,000 years before having that conversation with him.

On a Mayan manuscript preserved in the British Museum, the following can literally be read:


The Solar Bodies: The Aryan Root Race

The Aryan Root Race

The epoch of Atlantis’s submersion was indeed an era of many geological changes. During that time, other landmasses surfaced from within the profound bosom of the immense sea to become new islands and new continents.

Some Atlantean survivors sought refuge on the small continent of Grabontzi (present-day Africa). This continent increased in size and extent because other landmasses (that had surfaced from within neighboring seas) were added onto it.

In ancient times, the Gulf of Mexico was a beautiful valley. The Antilles Islands, Canary Islands, and Spain are pieces of the now-submerged Atlantis.

The Solar Bodies: The New Catastrophe

The New Catastrophe

Beloved gnostic brothers and sisters, on this Christmas of 1967, it is urgent that we all very judiciously study and analyze this tremendous moment in which we are living.

It is indeed impossible to deny that we presently live in moments of global crisis; in the history of our Aryan root race, there have never been such terrible moments. [Editor's Note: “‘Unprecedented’ 65 million people displaced by war and persecution in 2015: The number of people displaced from their homes due to conflict and persecution last year [2015] exceeded 60 million for the first time in United Nations history, a tally greater than the population of the United Kingdom, or of Canada, Australia and New Zealand combined, says a new report released on World Refugee Day today... Distressingly, children made up an astonishing 51 per cent of the world’s refugees in 2015, with many separated from their parents or travelling alone...” —The United Nations, 20 June 2016]

The Solar Bodies: Dangerous Symptoms

Dangerous Symptoms

Eminent people of science from the famous Columbia University have made available to the world the alarming news that the fatal source of the diverse telluric commotions of former years are monstrous faults at the bottom of the seas.

The people of science calculate that these oceanic faults form a fissure about 90,000 kilometers in length, with a middle width of forty kilometers and an average profundity of two and a half kilometers.

We were told that an elder Tibetan Lama, before dying, warned a certain gentleman about those oceanic cracks. Without a doubt, the Lamas do not ignore this fact.

The Solar Bodies: Atomic Science

Atomic Science

In itself, the atom is a miniature universe. All of the mechanical processes that are performed within the depth of the atom are also performed within our solar system.

Atomic investigations have verified that in the exterior regions of the atom there is a cloud of electrons with an authentic negative electrical charge, which when dissociated from the atoms, agglomerate in dense floods in order to form all of the electric currents.

The atom has been abundantly investigated and its marvels are astonishing. The nucleus, positively charged, is the vital center of this small, spherical world. As the planets gravitate around the Sun, likewise electrons gravitate around that mysterious nucleus.

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