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The Three Mountains: The Sexual Fire

The Sexual Fire

The sexual transmutation of the Ens Seminis into creative energy is made possible when we carefully avoid the abominable spasm, the filthy orgasm of the fornicators.

The bi-polarization of this type of cosmic energy in the human organism was analyzed since ancient times in the initiatic colleges of Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Chaldea, Rome, Phoenicia, etc.

The ascension of the seminal energy to the brain is performed thanks to a certain pair of nervous cords that, in the form of an eight, splendidly unfold to the right and to the left of the dorsal spine. 

We now have arrived at the Caduceus of Mercury with its wings of the Spirit that are always opened.

This mentioned pair of nervous cords can never be found with the bistoury [scalpel], because they are of a semi-ethereal, semi-physical nature.

These two nervous cords are the two witnesses of the Apocalypse, “the two olive trees and the two candlesticks standing before the god of the earth, and if any man will hurt them, fire proceeded out of their mouth, and devoured their enemies.”

In the sacred land of the Vedas, these two nervous cords are known with the Sanskrit names Ida and Pingala. The first one is related with the left nasal cavity, and the second one with the right.

It is obvious that the first one of these two nadis or canals is of a lunar type. It is clear that the second one is of a solar type.

Many Gnostic students may be a little surprised to find that although Ida is of a cold and Lunar nature, Ida has its roots in the right testicle.

Many disciples of our Gnostic movement might receive the news as unexpected and unusual that although Pingala is of a strictly solar nature, Pingala really emerges from the left testicle. Nevertheless, we should not be surprised, because everything in nature is based on the law of polarities. The right testicle finds its exact antipode in the left nasal cavity, as has already been demonstrated. The left testicle finds its perfect antipode in the right nasal cavity and obviously this is the way it must be. 

Esoteric physiology teaches us that in the feminine sex the two witnesses emerge from the ovaries. It is unquestionable that within women the order of these two olive trees of the temple is harmoniously reversed. 

Old traditions which surge forth from within the profound night of all ages state that when the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system make contact in the Triveni close to the coccyx, then as a simple electric induction a third force awakens; I mean the marvelous fire of love awakens.

It is written in old texts of ancient wisdom that the inferior orifice of the medullar canal is found hermetically closed in common and current people. The seminal vapors open this canal in order for the sacred fire of sexuality to enter within it.

A marvelous combination made of various canals is processed along the medullar canal. These canals interpenetrate each other without being confused. This is due to the fact that these canals are located in different dimensions. Let us remember Sushumna, and others, like the Vajra, the Chitra, the Centralis, and the famous Brahmanadi. The fire of sexual enjoyment rises through this last one when we never commit the crime of spilling the semen. 

It is an absurdity to emphasize the mistaken idea that the erotic fire of all enjoyments undertakes a return trip towards the coccyx after the incarnation of the Being (the Jiva-atman) within the heart of the human being.

Horrifyingly false is the concept that torpidly affirms that the divine flame of love separates itself, venturing on a return trip through the initial path, after having its enjoyable union with Paramashiva. Such a fatal return, that descent towards the coccyx, is only possible when the initiate spills the semen. Then the initiate falls, fulminated by the ray of cosmic justice.

The ascension of the sexual fire along the medullar canal is performed very slowly, in accordance with the merits of the heart. The fires of the cardias (heart) wisely control the miraculous ascension of the flame of love.

Obviously, that erotic flame is in no way automatic or mechanical, as many sincere but mistaken people suppose. This serpentine fire awakens exclusively with the sexual enjoyment of a man and a woman united by a true love. 

The erotic flame will never ascend through the medullar canal of a man and a woman united by mere personal convenience. 

The ascension of the holy flame within the dorsal spine of adulterous men and women is impossible.

The fire of sexual enjoyment will never rise in the dorsal spine of those who betray the Guru.

The sexual fire can never ascend through the medulla of drunkards, homosexuals, lesbians, drug-addicts, assassins, thieves, liars, slanderers, exploiters, coveters, blasphemers, the sacrilegious, etc.

The fire of sexual enjoyment is similar to a serpent of marvels which, when awakened, emits a peculiar sound very similar to any viper which is incited with a stick.

The sexual fire, whose Sanskrit name is Kundalini, is developed, revolves, and ascends within the aura of the Maha-Chohan.

Indeed, the ascension of the flame of ardent enjoyments along the spinal canal from vertebra to vertebra, from degree to degree, advances very slowly. This flame will never instantaneously ascend, as some people who do not possess correct information mistakenly suppose.

It is not irrelevant to significantly state, yet without much pomposity, that the thirty-three degrees of occult masonry esoterically correspond with the thirty-three spinal vertebrae.

When the alchemist commits the crime of spilling the “cup of Hermes” (I refer to the seminal spilling), he obviously loses masonic degrees, because the fire of amorous enchantments descends one or more vertebrae in accordance with the magnitude of the fault. 

To recuperate the lost degrees is frightfully difficult. However, it is written that there is more happiness in the cathedral of the soul for a repented sinner than for a thousand righteous ones who have no need for repentance.

We are always assisted by the Elohim in the magisterium of love. They advise and help us.

The adhyatmic university of the wise periodically examine the aspirants who, after having renounced mammon (intellectualism and material wealth), wisely enjoy the delights of love in the bridal nuptial chamber.

The clue of redemption is found in the medulla and in the semen, and anything that is not through this way, through this path, as a fact signifies a useless waste of time.

The serpentine fire (Kundalini) appears as a snake coiled three and a half times within a certain magnetic center situated in the coccygeal bone, at the base of the dorsal spine.

When the sexual serpent awakens in order to initiate its journey inwardly and upwardly, we pass through six transcendental mystical experiences that we can and must clearly define with the following six Sanskrit terms:

Ananda: A specific type of spiritual bliss.

Kampana: Electric and psychic type of hyper-sensibility.

Utthana: Progressive development of self-cognizance, astral projections, transcendental mystical experiences in the superior worlds, etc.

Ghurni: Intense divine longings.

Murccha: States of lassitude, relaxation of muscles and nerves in a very natural and spontaneous way during meditation.

Nidra: A specific mode of dream which, when combined with profound interior meditation, is transformed into a resplendent Samadhi (ecstasy).

Unquestionably, the fire of love confers unto us infinite transcendental powers.

The sexual flame is without any doubt simultaneously a Jehovistic and Vedantic truth.

The sexual flame is the goddess of the Word always worshipped by the wise. When it awakens, it confers illumination unto us.

The erotic flame confers unto us that divine wisdom which is not of the mind and which is beyond time.

She is the one who gives the mukti of final beatitude, and the jnana of liberation.

DI-ON-IS-IO, DIONISIO, the voluntary transmutation of the libido during the paradisiacal coitus, becomes extraordinary when syllabling this magical word, this mantra of marvels.

Magical Results of this Mantra

DI: Intensifies the vibration of the creative organs.

ON: Intelligent movement of the creative energy in the entire sexual nervous system until being submerged within the consciousness.

IS: This mantric syllable reminds us of the Isiac mysteries, and to its correspondent name ISIS. Obviously, the vowel I and the letter S when prolonged as a sweet and gentle whistle invoke the sexual serpent in order to victoriously rise through the medullar spinal canal.

IO: Isolda, the luni-solar androgyne. Osiris-Isis has sparkled with terrible divinity since the profound creation of all ages. I, with its deep significance, is certainly the phallus (the lingam), the Hebrew י iod. O is the eternal feminine, the uterus (the yoni), the famous Hebrew ה hei.

IO: The integral transmutation of the libido is performed when we intone this last syllable of the magical word during the sexual trance.

Thus, this is how the igneous serpent of our magical powers awakens in order to initiate its exodus along the medullar canal.

Obviously, the maternal aspect of the sacred flame, which in a serpentine form ascends through the dorsal spine, is evident.

The flame with the form of a snake, the divine sexual flame, is the very sacred Mother Kundalini.

Out of the physical body our particular Cosmic Mother (because everyone has their own) always assumes the presence of a marvelous Virgin Mother.

Once upon a time when I was out of the physical body — the date and hour do not matter — I met with my sacred Mother within the interior of a precious hall.

After all the well-known hugs between son and mother, she sat on a comfortable chair in front of me, an opportunity that I took advantage of in order to ask questions which are necessary.

Question: “Am I doing well, my Mother?” 

Answer: “Yes, my son, you are doing well.” 

Question: “Do I still need to practice Sexual Magic?” 

Answer: “Yes, you still need it.” 

Question: “Is it possible that in the physical world there could be someone who could Self-realize without the necessity of Sexual Magic?”

The answer to this last question was tremendous: 

Answer: “Impossible, my son; that is not possible.”

I frankly confess and with plain words that this pronouncement from the Beloved One left me astonished. I then remembered with supreme pain so many pseudo-esotericist and pseudo-occultist people who in truth are longing for the final liberation but who do not know the Sahaja Maithuna — Sexual Magic — the marvelous clue of the Great Arcanum.

Unquestionably, the path that leads towards the abyss is paved with the stones of good intentions.