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The Yellow Book: Jinn State

Jinn State

Hyperspace can be demonstrated mathematically with hypergeometry. Jinn Science belongs to hyperspace and to hypergeometry.

If we know what volume is, then we must accept hypervolume as the base of volume. If we accept the geometric sphere, then we must also accept the hypersphere.

Hyperspace permits Gnostics to perform extraordinary acts. Thanks to hyperspace, Jesus performed the extraordinary act of taking his body out of the sepulcher after three days. Since then, the resurrected Master lives with his physical body within hyperspace.

Every initiate who receives the Elixir of Long Life dies, but does not die. On the third day, following death, he rises from the sepulcher utilizing hyperspace. The sepulcher remains empty.

The appearance and disappearance of a body in three-dimensional objective space, or the passing of a person through a wall, is performed with success when hyperspace is scientifically utilized. Gnostic scientists can place their physical body in the Jinn State and move consciously in hyperspace.

When the body of a yogi is in hyperspace we say that he is in Jinn State. A yogi can walk on fire without being burned when he is in Jinn State. He can also walk upon the waters as Jesus did.

He can float in the air. He can pass through a boulder or a wall, from one side to the other, without damaging his body.

Jinn Science is based on hyperspace; it is a special branch of atomic physics.

Ignorant people who have never studied hypergeometry deny the fact that the Jinn State exists. These types of people deserve to be pitied because they are ignorant.

Primitive geometry is based on the absurd hypothesis that on a plane, from one point to another, we can trace a straight parallel line, but only one line (speaking in elementary terms).

The Gnostic movement rejects the Euclidean point of view, which only studies the three known dimensions. Such a point of view is totally primitive for this atomic era.

The so-called unique parallel line (speaking in an absolutely spatial sense) multiplies itself within the different dimensions of hyperspace. Therefore, it is no longer one unique line.

The single parallel of Euclid is just a sophism in order to trap ignorant people. Gnostics reject this type of sophism.

The Gnostic movement cannot accept this hypothesis, which cannot be demonstrated.

This hypothesis states: “From a given point in our mind, we can trace a real parallel line in the visible reality, but only one line.” However, the unique parallel line does not exist.

The Euclidean hypothesis of the three-dimensional absolute and dogmatic space is unproven and false.

The absurd affirmation that the physical world of experimentation is the only real one results in there being a very common belief among the illustrious ignorant people (who have never investigated the electromagnetic fields and the so called pro-matter, as a causa causorum of physical matter).

The fourth dimension is hyperspatial. Gnostics have special techniques in order to place their physical body within hyperspace.

We, the Gnostics, affirm that the interplanetary infinite space is curved. We affirm that the infinite is in incessant motion. We affirm that there exists an infinite series of revolving spaces from different dimensions that mutually penetrate and co-penetrate without disorder. We affirm that all of the spaces of the infinite space have a hyperellipsoidal form.

We affirm that with the forces of the mind, the human being can place his physical body in whichever revolving hyperellipsoidal space he chooses. We routinely affirm that astrophysics will demonstrate to the world the existence of hyperspace. We also affirm that inside one line, hyperspatial lines exist.

We affirm that the Savior of the world lived within hyperspace with the same physical body that he had in the Holy Land.

We affirm that any initiate who receives the Elixir of Long Life dies, but does not die. We affirm that all of those who receive the Elixir of Long Life will rise from the sepulcher on the third day with their physical body, thus taking advantage of the opportunity that hyperspace grants us.

These initiates maintain their physical body for millions of years. The immortal Babaji and his sister Mataji have maintained their physical bodies for millions of years. They will perform great missions for humanity in the future great sixth and seventh root races.

We bluntly affirm that anyone who works with the Arcanum A.Z.F. can ask for the Elixir of Long Life. He who receives the Elixir of Long Life dies, but does not die.

We affirm that any human being can place the physical body in the Jinn State, at any moment that he wishes to, if he truly has faith in the Divine Mother.

Any sage of the elemental art (Jinn Science) can make the great jump. The Masters of Jinn Science can leave the earth in order to live on other planets with the same physical body that they have here in the third dimension. They can take their physical body of flesh and blood to other planets. This is the great jump. Some Masters of Jinn Science have already made this great jump.

With pranayama we gain the power to place our physical body in the Jinn State.

There exist many keys in order to place the physical body in the Jinn State. It is very important to practice pranayama before using these keys.

It is important to know that the two witnesses, Ida and Pingala, in their final synthesis, are rooted in the right and left testicles of the male and in the ovaries of the female.

Through these two nervous canals, the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system rise until they reach the chalice (the brain). The nostrils and the sexual organs are connected through the two witnesses. This fact invites us to reflect. Pranayama, among other purposes, is truly a system of sexual transmutation for single people.

Every Gnostic must begin practicing the Jinn Science, following intensive preparation in pranayama. The great Masters of Yoga levitate in the air while practicing pranayama.

The only body capable of floating in the air is the body that escapes from the law of gravity. Only the body that enters hyperspace can escape from that law. When mental force is consciously driven, the physical body can enter into hyperspace.

Jinn Science is a matter of vibration. Above and below the limited objective perceptions, there exist worlds that are located in other dimensions.

With the power of thought we can accelerate the oscillatory frequency and normal vibration of the physical body by means of certain keys of Jinn Science, which we give here. This is how we then penetrate with the physical body into hyperspace. When scientists gain absolute control over atomic movement, they will then place any physical object into hyperspace.

Prior to the practice of pranayama, the devotees of the Jinn religion must pray to their Divine Mother, beseeching her for the power to place their physical body in the Jinn State. They must practice pranayama continuously in order to conquer the powers of Jinn State.

The student must carefully select the key that he prefers in order to practice Jinn Science.

It is absolutely urgent that the student comprehends that the Jinn religion demands absolute chastity and supreme sanctity.

Remember, beloved disciple, that the divine powers of Jinn Science are very sacred.

These powers can be utilized in order to cure and heal sick people from a distance. These powers can also be utilized in order to enter the temples of the White Lodge and study the marvels of creation within the womb of Nature.

Whosoever wishes to apply the powers of Jinn Science for selfish gain will convert himself into a horrible demon and will inevitably tumble into the abyss. The law is the law. Karma will punish the abusers.

The devotee must choose the key of Jinn Science that he prefers. He must practice with this key daily, with great intensity, until he reaches victory. Jinn Science is not for the weak, the unsteady, fickle, or inconsistent people. This science is for people who have as much patience as Saint Job. This science is for tenacious, courageous, alert, and strong people who are strong as steel.

This science is not for skeptical people. Such people are useless for Jinn Science. This science should never be exhibited, for the White Lodge forbids it. Jinn Science is not to be displayed or demonstrated as a spectacle of magic. This science is terribly divine and can be practiced only in secret. When I, the author of this book, wanted to publicly demonstrate Jinn Science, the Master Morya immediately intervened by saying: “We have been teaching and helping you for the past ten years and now you want to exhibit your powers. Why? Powers are very sacred. Powers must not be exhibited to the public.”

Since then we have understood that the Jinn Science is very secret. Many people would like to see demonstrations. We, the brothers and sisters of the temple, are not experimental animals of a laboratory.

The truth is what one experiences within oneself. We cannot experiment with other people’s bodies.

We give the keys so that each one can experiment this with their own flesh. We do not advise people who are filled with doubts—skeptical ones—to enter into these studies, because they may go mad. The battle of tremendous contrast and opposition can destroy the brains of the skeptics; this may force them into a mental institution.

Therefore, Jinn Science is for those who have unbreakable faith, like steel. This science is not for people who are full of doubts.

For those who have strong faith, the keys to experiencing Jinn Science are as follows.

First Key

The devotee must lie down on his left side, resting his head on the palm of his left hand.

The devotee must fall asleep in this position. He must be on guard and aware of his dreams; he must become vigilant of his own dreams. When he begins to see the images of his dreams, he must arise very quietly from the bed holding on to the dream as if it were a precious treasure.

Before the devotee leaves his house, he must make a small jump with the intention of floating within the surrounding atmosphere.

If the devotee, after executing the small jump, floats within the atmosphere, then his physical body has entered into the Jinn State. If he does not float, then it is because he is not in the Jinn State.

When the devotee is in the Jinn State, he can leave his house with courage and confidence; in an instant, the devotee can travel to the most remote places on earth. If the devotee does not enter into Jinn State on the first try, then he must not dismay. Go to bed and repeat the exercise nightly, as many times as necessary, until success is achieved.

There are some devotees who will succeed immediately; these are the fortunate ones who have practiced Jinn Science in ancient reincarnations. Others may have never practiced the science. They must begin practicing pranayama and exercise this practice for many years, until they obtain this power. In reality, this key is just a modification of somnambulism (or sleep walking), it is voluntary yet induced somnambulism.

During dreams, tremendous subconscious energies are functioning. The devotee must take advantage of these energies and control them, like a lever, in order to place the physical body into hyperspace.

Second Key

There exists a nut commonly known as the Deer’s Eye. This nut has marvelous Jinn powers. The devotee must go to sleep while holding this nut. He must place himself in the same position as given in the previous key, while holding this marvelous nut in his right hand. It is very important to remember that this nut has a marvelous elemental genie that can help the devotee to place his physical body in the Jinn State.

During this practice, the devotee must go to sleep pronouncing the mantra INVIA.

Then, the elemental genie will arrive and help him to place his physical body in the Jinn State.

The devotee must rise from his bed, holding on to the sleepy state as if it was solid gold.

Before he leaves his house, he must make a small jump with the intention of floating within the surrounding atmosphere. If the devotee floats, then he can leave his house in the Jinn State. If he does not float, then he must repeat the exercise for as many hours, months, or years that it takes until he achieves victory.

Third Key

There is a Master of Jinn State named Oguara. He helps anyone who calls him in the name of Christ.

The devotee must lie down in the same position, previously mentioned in key number one and number two. The devotee must call Oguara, the Master of the Jinn State, in the name of Christ, saying:

In the name of Christ, by the power of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, I call you Oguara, Oguara, Oguara. Please place my physical body in the Jinn State.

The devotee must repeat this invocation continuously until he goes to sleep. The devotee must rise from the bed holding on to his dreams as if they were solid gold. He must then make a small jump, with the intention of floating within the surrounding atmosphere. If he floats, then he is in the Jinn State. If he does not float, then he must return to the bed and repeat the experiment.

Fourth Key

The devotee must sit in front of a table, he must cross his arms, place them on the table and rest his head on his arms. The devotee must invoke the Jinn Masters and ask them for help, so that that they may help him in his practices. He can call upon Babaji, the Yogi Christ of India, or his sister Mataji; there is also Harpocrates, Saint Peter, etc., etc.

When the student begins to dream, he must rise from the chair automatically, instinctively and without thought. He must hold on to his dreams as if they were solid gold. He must then take a long jump, as far as possible, with the intention of floating within the surrounding atmosphere. After the devotee makes this jump, he must mark the exact place on the floor where he landed.

The student must perform this exercise daily, repeatedly and patiently. He must always mark the point on the floor, to measure the length of each jump. This system is marvelous because the student can appreciate his degree of progress in Jinn Science. For example, today the devotee’s jump measured one meter, tomorrow his jump may be one centimeter more than the previous day, and the following day one centimeter more, and so on. Thus, the student is measuring his progress in Jinn Science.

Finally, one day he will discover wondrously, that he has performed an extremely long jump, an incredible jump that no athlete could perform. These are signs that clearly indicate his progress in Jinn Science. Following this incredible jump, the devotee can remain floating in hyperspace. Thus, he has victoriously succeeded. This key is marvelous.

What is important in occultism is to practice. Today, people are tired of theories. It is absolutely necessary to practice occultism now. People who theorize neither practice, nor do they allow others to practice. The student that has not wasted his time theorizing is better off practicing quietly and keeping his progress to himself. He must remain in silence, because this science is very secretive. It is better to remain in silence, therefore, we avoid the mockery and slander of foolish theorists who do not practice or allow others to practice. They are just social parasites.

Fifth Key

The instant in which the student awakens from his normal sleep, he must jump from his bed without any conscious or subconscious analysis, without the process of theoretical analysis. It must be done instinctively. In other words, he must be ecstatic, full of wisdom and very strong faith, like the steel of the sword that is well tempered and ready for battle.

Upon leaving the house, the student must make a jump. If he floats within the surrounding atmosphere, then his physical body has entered Jinn State. At this point, the student can go wherever he wishes with his physical body in the Jinn State. If he does not float in the surrounding atmosphere, then he must repeat the exercise. With patience we can go very far in these studies.

Sixth Key

The Aztec Tiger Knights of ancient Mexico placed their physical bodies in the Jinn State with the assistance of the elemental strength of the tiger.

Some Mexican codices show the Tiger Knights traveling to the temple in the form of tigers. One codex explains that when the Knights arrived at the temple they again took the human form.

In ancient Mexico, the Temple of the Tigers was very sacred. The elemental strength of the tiger permits us to place the physical body in the Jinn State.

The student must lie down on a tiger skin while invoking the Devas who reign over the tigers. He must beg them for their help, for the strength of the tiger.

The Aztec devotees of the sacred order of the Tigers, while identified with the tiger, went to sleep holding onto their dreams as if they were solid gold. Then, they arose with their bodies, walking like tigers on four legs (hands and legs). Then, with great faith they pronounced: “We belong to each other.”

Thus, with their physical body in the Jinn State, in the form of tigers, the Tiger Knights arrived at the temple. Once they arrived, according to the Mexican codex, they again took on the human form. The yogis from India sit and meditate upon tiger skins.

According to the Aztecs, the first human root race was devoured by tigers (the tiger is a symbol of the divine force).

May the suns of enthusiasm enlighten your path.

May Xhcoc sing in your steps.

May the strength of the tiger keep you company.

May the sparks of wisdom illuminate your intellect.

May the whispering Picr be the shadow upon your retirement.

May the emerald frogs croak and direct you along the path without repose.

May She, Nature, be prodigal with you.

May the universal force bless you and guide you.

The occidental yogi lies down on the tiger skin while partially nude, and performs the esoteric practice of the Tiger Knights. This is how he enters into the Jinn State.

Seventh Key

Those who know how to travel in their Astral Body can invoke the physical body from afar. The first step the Gnostic must do with this key is to project himself in the Astral Body. When he finds himself far from the physical body he may call upon any of the great Masters of Jinn Science.

The devotee may ask the great Masters to carry his physical body to the Astral plane. He can invoke the Masters Harpocrates, Babaji, Mataji, Saint Peter, Oguara, etc., etc.

He must beg in the name of Christ, he must ask by the power of Christ, he must beseech by the majesty of the Christ.

The Genii of the Jinn State will then take the physical body from the bed and will bring it to the devotee who is asking for it. Prior to the arrival of the physical body, many bubbles will appear to the devotee. The final bubble is red, behind this red bubble comes the physical body in the Jinn State. When the physical body is near the student, he feels as though his shoulders are very heavy.

The emotion that the student experiences when the physical body is in front of him is tremendous. The greatest surprise comes to him when he discovers that his physical body also has consciousness and will respond to his questions.

In such moments, the devotee must dominate all of his emotions and control his mind so that he does not ruin the experiment. If the devotee lets himself be driven by his emotions, then the physical body and the devotee will instantly return to the bed and the experiment will be ruined.

Table Work

In occultism, table work is the instant in which the physical body is invoked from afar and must inevitably enter the sidereal body of the devotee. This performance is very difficult because the body must learn how to do so, and the soul must dominate its emotions and know how to command the body.

The body must enter the soul through the coronary chakra, or lotus of one thousand petals, which is located in the upper part of the head of the sidereal body.

The devotee must command the body and the body must obey. If the body does not obey, then it is because it does not know how. So, the devotee must teach it.

The soul must command and teach the physical body to leave through the sidereal head of the Astral Body, and enter the devotee through the same door. The result is marvelous; the physical body obeys and enters into the devotee. In the Astral plane things are very different. It is not the devotee who must enter into the physical body; the physical body must enter into the devotee. This is how the devotee remains with his physical body in the Astral plane.

The Jinn system of the seventh key is for those who are very skilled in using and controlling the Astral Body.

With the physical body in the Jinn State we can visit the temples of the great White Lodge and receive direct teachings from the great Masters who initiated the dawn of creation.

This is what is known as practical occultism. Practical occultism is urgently needed by all.

The students of various schools of occultism are tired of theories. Unfortunately, the majority of students want to develop their powers easily, without any effort or sacrifice, comfortably within a short period of time, as if it were, so to speak, “a piece of cake.”

We must be aware of the fact that life is very difficult and nothing is given to us for free.

The person who wishes to develop Jinn powers must have the patience of Saint Job, the courage of the tiger, the tenacity of the bull, and the inexhaustible thirst for divine wisdom.

This science is not for fickle people; it is better that such people remain out of these studies. This science is not for curious people either. We cannot play with cosmic laws without being burned. The law is the law and we must respect what is sacred.

Jinn Substances

There exist many substances that will help us in Jinn Science. The student of occultism must know what these substances are, and learn how to control them. Jinn Science is terribly divine.

The Orphic Egg, the Golden Egg of Brahma, the Egyptian Egg, etc., clearly symbolizes the prime matter of the Great Work. The universes, plants, animals, humans, and Gods come from this prime matter.

The egg contains great occult powers. The hen’s egg is utilized for the Jinn State.


Warm the egg slightly in water; remove the pointy tip of the eggshell then remove the yolk and the white of the egg. Now we have to grind the empty eggshell into dust. This powder is utilized by the yogis of Jinn Science.

Every night, before performing Jinn practices, the devotee must sprinkle the powder on his chest and under his arms or armpits. The student must then cover himself completely with clothing or bedding and begin practicing Jinn Science. The student must have a large quantity of this powder for practices. The great powers of Jinn Science are hidden within this powder. This powder is marvelous.


The student that is studying and practicing Jinn Science must inevitably stop committing the three sins: anger, greed, and lust. Only by doing so is it possible to avoid the attack of the tenebrous ones. If the student does not control these defects, then he will not progress in the true, positive, and complete sense of the word.


Men who are working with Jinn Science must wear only yellow pajama pants (or loose fitting bathing trunks). The remainder of the body must be nude. Comfortable, loose clothing is best for Jinn practices because the chakras will spin freely.


Women who are practicing Jinn Science must wear only a loose fitting yellow robe that is as long and as wide as possible. The robe must be very beautiful, similar to the robes of the Samaritans. Women who practice Jinn Science must not cut their hair. The hair is a symbol of purity and chastity. In ancient times, a woman who committed adultery was punished by having to cut her hair.

Women practicing Jinn Science do not use the same vesture as men (i.e. bathing trunks) because it is immoral for them to do so. Divine hierarchies demand modesty, purity, and chastity.


These yellow robes that are used for Jinn Science are not for Gnostic rituals. These robes are to he used only for Jinn Science practices and must be worn directly over the skin of the body. Absolutely nothing must he worn under this wide robe.