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The Zodiacal Course: Analytical Summary of the Course

Analytical Summary of the Course

First Lesson

In the first lesson of Aries we have taught how and in what manner we fill our chalice (the brain) with Christic light to totally Christify ourselves from our head to our feet. It is clear that the light “is” the Christonic semen or Christic energy, which is the outcome of the transmutation of the sperm into energy, since mass is always transformed into energy (as the wise Einstein has already proven).

We began this lesson of Aries teaching that the disciple is totally prohibited from fornicating.

This prohibition has as its objective the disciple’s accumulation of Christic energy in order to realize himself in depth.

The Christic energy must pass through the twelve zodiacal doors of our organism in order to obtain our “Christification.” Thus, the first door that our Christonic energy has to pass through, after the sexual energies have risen from the genitals, is the door of Aries in the head.

There, in our brain, our Christic semen is charged with the light of Aries.

Then that Christic energy keeps going through the throat, the thymus gland, heart, etc., under the forces of the zodiacal belt.

The course of the seminal currents is beautifully described by the Apostle Mark, who took care of our holy Gnostic Unction.

Second Lesson

Taurus: In this lesson we have taught our disciples the power of the creative verb. The larynx is a sexual uterus, where the Word is gestated.

The male not only fornicates with the virile organ, but also with words. Evil talk, slander, is fornication.

The perfect male is he who knows how to keep silent when his “Innermost” does not speak.

In Taurus, we must burn the rubbish of our larynx, so that the Christic forces can express themselves through it, as they do through the larynx of the angels. The angels create by means of the Word.

Third Lesson

At the beginning of the twelfth century, a monk named Norbert founded an order of religious character in Europe. Before that idea occurred to him, he was a worldly man dedicated exclusively to vices and pleasures. One day, he was struck by lightning and, although he was not killed, his entire being was totally transformed. This event did not occur by coincidence or by chance. It was a cosmic event provoked by the Gods, since this man was predestined to mark the Karma of the worlds, performing a new task, and initiating a new cultural era of conscience. All the fluid links between the physical, astral, and mental bodies of that man remained totally modified by the “shock” of the force contained in that ray, and that external shock marked the new consciousness that would reach its splendor in Aquarius.

Now then, until the year 1889, those external shocks were very common, because, actually, it was almost impossible to enter the internal worlds during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Nature had shut the doors of the internal worlds to humanity because it was necessary for man to go through an era of darkness in order to later enter into the internal worlds, in a different and positive manner.

Those external shocks were the only ones capable of giving some evolved souls access to the internal worlds.

In 1889, the first cycle of “Kali Yuga” ended, and after that date those “external, psychic” shocks became internal.

In this lesson of Gemini, we taught our disciples to enter the internal worlds in a positive way.

Long ago, in Lemuria and Atlantis, mankind lived in the internal worlds, but negatively: the astral chakras turned from right to left, that is to say, negatively (in reverse). The level of consciousness in humans was like that which people have in what we call dreams. That same consciousness of dreams is that of the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms.

With the exercises of Gemini, we change the “pictorial” consciousness of dream life, for a conscious and totally awakened consciousness.

These exercises confer upon us “continuous cognizance,” the new Aquarian cognizance.

The disciple whose consciousness is asleep in the internal worlds will now awaken his consciousness and will no longer dream. He will exchange his “dreams” for cognizant experiences.

These exercises will produce those internal shocks that will awaken his consciousness, and thus exchange dreams for real and effective experiences within the internal worlds.

So, while his body is asleep in bed, in the internal worlds the disciple will become an invisible helper and worker under the orders of the Universal White Fraternity. Before, the chakras turned from right to left, but now with these exercises, they will turn positively, like the hands of a clock. These exercises will totally impede the disciple from dreaming again and, while his body sleeps, he will be cognizant in the internal worlds.

This will be the outcome of these exercises. The consciousness that dreams is a remnant of our animal consciousness that we once possessed. Animals live a life of pictorial dreams.

There will be many who will have difficulty “leaving” in the Astral Body at will, but by all means the exercises of this lesson of Gemini will “inevitably” awaken their consciousness and so, while their bodies sleep in their beds, they, too, will work consciously in the internal worlds. The important thing is that upon awakening, they remember well their astral experiences, which “are no longer dreams” but rather “cognizant experiences.” In order to obtain this, do not move upon awakening and do a retrospective exercise in order to remember well all that you did while you were out of the physical body, since while every individual’s body is asleep, his consciousness is out of the body; those with their consciousness asleep “dream,” and those with awakened consciousness “work” consciously.

Fourth Lesson

In this lesson of Cancer we taught our disciples to prepare the physical body for practical magic.

Iamblichus, the great theurgist, once made two genii appear before the astonished multitudes: Love and Anti-love (Anael and Lilith).

Iamblichus made the sidereal Gods visible and tangible and this, too, can be done by our disciples if they “prepare” their physical body.

The day mankind learns to manipulate the lunar forces, the Moon will fall upon the Earth because man will no longer need it.

Fifth Lesson

In this lesson of Leo, we taught the disciple to converse with his own internal Master, through internal meditation.

Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (ecstasy) are the three steps that take us to the throne of the internal Master of each person, who is the “Innermost” (the internal Master).

The disciple must learn how to speak with his own Innermost; he must be demanding with his own Innermost.

The disciple must receive instructions from his own Innermost, and the duty of the Innermost is to instruct his Bodhisattva, that is to say, his Soul who is anxious for Light. The doctrine of Shin-Sien teaches that the human mind is like a mirror, which attracts and reflects each dust atom, and has to be dusted each day, until becoming a Christ-mind.

Shin-Sien was the sixth patriarch of northern China, who taught the esoteric doctrine of Bodhidharma.

In Sanskrit, the internal chamber of the heart is called Brahma-pura (the city of the supreme God). The disciple should become a master of Samadhi. Buddha dharma is the religion of wisdom in China.

The doctrine of the heart is called the seal of the truth, or the “true seal.”

Sixth Lesson

In this lesson of Virgo, we taught the disciple that in the abdomen, the forces that rise from the earth are charged with adrenal hormones so that they may become prepared for their ascent to the heart. We also taught him to vocalize the vowel U in order to develop the chakra of the solar plexus or the brain of the emotions.

The solar plexus is the antenna which receives distant thoughts, and with it we can pick up the moral conditions of all those who come into social or commercial contact with us.

Seventh Lesson

In this lesson of Libra, we taught our disciples the law of equilibrium.

Three qualities of nature keep the soul enslaved to nature: harmony, emotion, and inertia.

These are the three qualities of nature.

Only Akash and Prana existed before this universe came into existence.

These are the three qualities of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Harmony, emotion and inertia lived in total equilibrium, but when this equilibrium was lost, then came the movement of the great balance of Nature, the flux and reflux, good and evil, hatred and love, etc. It was then that the “Innermost” of every human being became a member of this great university of Nature: here we devolve and evolve. Thus if we want to become free of nature, we must transcend the three qualities of nature called harmony, emotion and inertia.

We must be indifferent before success and failure, before pleasure and pain, before compliments and insults. When all of nature once again meets its primordial equilibrium, the continents will sink into the oceans; there will be much fire, the oceans will evaporate, the vapors will decompose into their atomic formations. Everything will return to the primordial Akash, to the cosmic night, to the primeval equilibrium of the great cosmic balance, after the activity of a Mahamanvantara which lasts 311,040,000,000,000 years. All the great cataclysms of nature were actualized with fire.

Eighth Lesson

In this course, we taught the disciple how to awaken the Kundalini by means of Sexual Magic.

The dragons of wisdom are formed with the science of the serpent, and the “tree dragon” is the same wisdom of the serpent.

The Akash is able to circulate through the canal of Sushumna and its two aspects flow through Ida and Pingala. This is the Brahmanic cord.

The two cords, Ida and Pingala, are the two columns, J and B of Freemasonry, called Jachin and Boaz. Through both nervous canals rise the solar and lunar energies, that, when making contact at the coccyx, awakens “Hiram,” the divine fire which constructs the temple (solar bodies) for Solomon (the Innermost).

“Hiram” is also a mantra of the Kundalini. The “H” is pronounced like a sigh. The “I” is vocalized like this: iiiiiii; and the rest like this: rrrrrrraaaaaaaaammmmmmm.

The fire has seven degrees of power, which are the seven degrees of power of the fire, the seven steps of knowledge. Sexual Magic converts us into omnipotent dragons of fire.

Ninth Lesson

In this lesson of Sagittarius, we spoke about the sacred Kabbalah, because Sagittarius is the sign of clairvoyance and comprehension.

We explained that there are two kinds of Kabbalists, the Kabbalists of reason and the Kabbalists of intuition. Reasoning is an insubordination and crime of “lese majesty” against the internal Master, and that is why the Kabbalists of reasoning are black magicians.

The great intuitive Kabbalists do not reason. They comprehend by direct perception and listen to the voice of silence when they see any card of the sacred Tarot.

Tenth Lesson

In the lesson of Capricorn, we spoke of the authentic planetary order, and of the legitimate calendar, falsified and altered by the Roman sect.

We consider that the astrology of that Black Age is based on a falsified calendar, and we believe that mathematical astrology is no longer good for the Age of Aquarius.

Eleventh Lesson

In this lesson, we explained to our students that the hermaphroditic human beings reproduced by “spores,” and that these were detached from the calves of their legs.

Our affirmations may seem crazy to many, but the clairvoyant will be able to investigate on his own in the Akashic records and verify our affirmations.

The women of a future age will conceive without a man and the future hermaphrodites will create their own bodies with the word.

The grand sympathetic nervous system will become a second spinal column, and the human-angel of that time will be like Melchizedeck, King of Fire, fatherless and motherless, without any known lineage; he remains a priest forever and ever.

Twelfth Lesson

In this lesson, we spoke extensively about Nirvana.

I sustain that Nirvana is acquired by taking advantage of the powers of our medulla and of our semen to the maximum.

Whosoever practices Sexual Magic begins to construct the luminous suit of Dharmasaya.

The robe of the Dharmasayas is woven with sexual fires.

I sustain that Nirvana can be attained by us in a single reincarnation, if properly taken advantage of.

Samael Aun Weor has delivered this course to you in order for you to attain Nirvana quickly and in a few years. I do not want henchmen nor followers, only imitators of my example.

I have not come to form any sect, or one more belief, nor am I interested in the schools of today, or the particular beliefs of anyone! I am the initiator of the new era. I am the Avatar of Aquarius. [Editor’s note: The “I Am” referred to here is the Innermost of Samael Aun Weor.]

All the lords of the “lodges” or spiritualist schools are jealous of their “lecture halls” of parrots and have declared war against me. Samael Aun Weor is not interested in their “lecture halls” or in their businesses, or in their commerce of souls.

I have delivered this course so that all people may become omnipotent Gods, Gods of fire, ineffable flames.

I do not want to see weaklings or cowards; the hour of great decisions has arrived, and heroic people, people of courage, people of valor, are needed.

No more exploitation, no more infamy, no more cowardice.

We have Nirvana in the semen and it is only a matter of realizing it in each of us through courage. Now, people of steel, heroic people, free people, are needed. We need to always have a strong and omnipotent Self and a powerful and robust personality.

I know Nirvana and I can assure you that all the inhabitants of Nirvana are strong and omnipotent Gods of robust and powerful personality.

May peace be with you all.

Samael Aun Weor