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The Zodiacal Course: Cancer


From the 21st of June to the 22nd of July
  • Rules: The Stomach
  • Metal: Silver
  • Stone: Pearl
  • Perfume: Camphor
  • Plant: Eucalyptus, Cherry Tree, and the Violet
  • Flower: White Rose
  • Planet: The Moon
  • Color: Silver
  • Element: Water
  • Keyword: Fecundation
  • Day: Monday
  • Ruler: Gabriel

Beloved disciple,

Having already practiced the exercises of Gemini, we now enter into the constellation of Cancer.

Throughout these studies, you have realized that we the Gnostics are essentially practical.

Frankly, we do not like to spend our lives theorizing; we get to the point. We are tired of so much theory. We are essentially “realistic.” We want deeds, not theories or morbid intellects. We like effective realities. We head towards great realizations.

All the spiritualist schools talk to you about supra-sensible worlds, but we go beyond that because we are more practical. We teach our disciples how to enter those worlds in the Astral Body and even with the very body of flesh and bone, in a totally conscious and positive manner.

This matter about entering into the ultra-sensible worlds with the physical body appears to be strange to the theorists because they know nothing else but how to theorize; but to people who comprehend, this does not seem strange since, of course, this is as old as the world. In not so distant times, the physical body evolved and developed within the Astral World; so what is the big deal?

After this short preamble, let us fully enter into our present lesson of Cancer.

Cancer is the house of the Moon. Its metal is silver, its stone the pearl, and white its color.

The Moon influences the thymus gland and regulates the growth of the human being. The Moon influences all of the milky juices in all living things. The Moon adjusts the procreation of all that is alive. The Moon governs the sap in vegetables and the rise and ebb of the tides of the seas.

The Moon has power over salt; salt is the foundation of all that is alive. There exist twelve salts within our organism; these are the twelve salts of the twelve zodiacal signs.

Cancer is the sign of the sacred scarab.

Cancer is the sign of reproduction. Fetal conception is verified with the rays of the sign of Cancer. This is why it is the sign of the sacred scarab.

In Egypt, the sacred scarab symbolizes the soul. The reincarnating souls pass through the sphere of Cancer before taking a body.

Cancer produces the sickness that bears its name.

Cancer is the karma of fornicators.

The Moon is the symbol of a secret planet that lies behind it. The violet hierarchies of the heart temple of the Moon gave the Vital Body to human beings.

The Moon is inhabited on the side that is not visible.

The “Selenites” are the most vulgar and laggard beings from our Earth; there was a need to confine them there. Almost all the inhabitants of that city are women. These beings are neither good nor bad, but simply “laggards.” As they evolve, they will be given a body here on Earth and eventually, all of them will have a body.

Another small moon called Lilith (by astronomers) also exists. Lilith is the black moon. The souls that have already totally separated themselves from their Monad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas) go there.

Those souls are of an indescribable perversity, and here they have to pass through the Second Death to which the Apocalypse refers, and of which Christ spoke to us.

H.P.B. refers to the Avitchi and the Second Death in her sixth volume of The Secret Doctrine.

The Bhagavad-Gita talks to us about the abyss also; however, when we talked about this topic [in 1950], the spiritualists of Colombia laughed at us.

I never stated that my physical person is responsible for confining the perverse souls into the abyss. This would be an absurd remark, since I am a man like any other: God is the only one who has those powers. Marvels of that nature are only performed by “Atman,” the great Universal Spirit of life; “Alaya,” the super-soul of Emerson, the great soul of the world.

These marvels have been performed by my internal God only, my “Purusha,” my “Superior Being,” my Innermost, my Internal Master, my Monad, my Internal Angel, before whom I have to kneel, because he is Atman, the Ineffable.

The Internal God of any one of you can also do this, because “Atman” is the Omnipotent and the Ineffable.

Masters are many, but the “Soul-Master” is one: the Soul of the World, the divine “Alaya” that seems to be many.

Samael Aun Weor is the authentic name of a flame of the great blaze, before whom I must prostrate.

Samael Aun Weor means “Will of God” and the Will of God is what has performed such a task (which is to confine perverse souls into the abyss).

Therefore, when we talk about the Avitchi, we do not state anything new, since almost all the best spiritualists comment, describe, and mention it.

Spiritualists grieve deeply that “Atman,” the great Universal Spirit of Life, is acting through one of his flames in order to accomplish a cosmic mission. Yes, they become amazed because ignorance in its bold simplicity is a Celestine beggar, with whom one cannot have immaculate contact! Where is the wisdom of all these ignoramuses who criticize me? What became of it?

The Avitchi is a very old subject: even Dr. E. Adoum (Mago Jefa) talks to us about the Second Death in La Zarza de Oreb.

In ancient times, the personalities who were totally separated from their divine triad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas) remained in the Avitchi of our earth. (See the sixth volume of The Secret Doctrine of H.P.B.)

Today, times have changed: we are beginning the new Aquarian Age, and we have to isolate from this terrestrial globe those personalities that have already become separated from their divine triads, in order to cleanse the atmosphere of all evil. That is all. However, if this is reason for mockery from lecture-hall spiritualists and occasional readers, whose fault is that?

When the bridge called “Antakarana” (which connects the divine triad with its “inferior essence”) is broken, the inferior essence (trapped within the ego) is left separated and is sunk into the abyss of destructive forces, where it (the ego) disintegrates little by little. This is the Second Death of which the Apocalypse speaks; this is the state of consciousness called “Avitchi.”

In these cases, the divine triad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas) is clothed with a new Mental and Astral Body to continue its evolution, while the discarded personality is submerged in the state of “Avitchi,” into the most inexpressible suffering.

All the moons of the solar system are governed by Jehovah, but our terrestrial satellite is directly governed by the “Angel Gabriel.”

The magician must pay close attention to the lunar influences because all the sidereal energies crystallize in our terrestrial globe through the lunar forces.

Anything that starts during the crescent Moon progresses quickly. Anything that is done during the waning Moon does not succeed, but fails.

The new Moon is very weak while the full Moon is very strong and serves in order to perform all types of practical magical works successfully.

The last day of the Moon means: abortions and failures…

Always do your business during the crescent moon so that you may succeed.

Hitler launched himself against Russia during the waning moon and failed.

When a star shines within a nimbus of the moon, it is a sign that a General is surrounded by enemies.

The Moon produces the periodic rise and fall of the sea level. The Moon produces high and low tides. The Moon attracts and repels the terrestrial magnetism.

The magician must “prepare” his body for the exercise of practical magic. The magician’s body is different from others because it is prepared.


Sit in a comfortable armchair. Close your eyes. Remove all thought from your mind. Focus the mind on your Innermost and pray like this:

Father of mine: you who are my true Being, I beg you, my Lord, to enter into the heart temple of the Moon so that you can bring the Angel Gabriel to me. Perform the salutations, my Lord... Amen.

Then address the four cardinal points and perform the following invocation of the Angel Gabriel while blessing the north, south, east and west:


Thirteen thousand rays has the Sun, thirteen thousand rays has the Moon, thirteen thousand times may the enemies I have repent!

The disciple will pray to the Angel Gabriel to prepare his body to become invisible, or to transform his face, stop a bullet or knife in a moment of danger, or to materialize any superior entity. Iamblichus, the great theurgist, made the sidereal Gods visible in the physical world because he had his body well prepared.

The Angel Gabriel will occultly treat the spleen and certain centers of the spinal column in the disciple. When the latter can already make the Angel Gabriel visible and tangible in the physical plane, it is because his body is “prepared.” Then, in a moment of danger, the disciple will perform the invocation of the Angel Gabriel, and if the disciple wants to become invisible, the Angel Gabriel will erase him from his enemies’ sight, or will transform his face if the disciple so desires. The invocation will always be done blessing the four cardinal points.

These exercises of preparing the body are practiced throughout our entire lifetime.

When the theurgist has his body well prepared, he can make the sidereal Gods visible in the physical plane. This requires patience and perseverance, because nothing is just handed to us. Everything has the price of struggle and sacrifice.

The forces that descend from heaven, on arriving at our thymus gland, meet the forces that ascend through our organism from the earth, and there, in the thymus gland, the two triangles of the superior and inferior forces interlace to form the seal of Solomon.


Sit down and imagine this marvelous encounter of the cosmic forces forming the seal of Solomon at the thymus gland and, while submerged within profound inner meditation, pray to your Innermost to enter the sidereal temple of the principal star of Cancer, to bring thee the principal hierarchies of that constellation, so that they may awaken your inner powers and give that gland a treatment. Vocalize the letter “A” for one hour daily.

The natives of Cancer are peaceful, but too wrathful at times. They have an aptitude for manual arts. They are very sensible and their character changes with the lunar phases. Things go well for them on long journeys. They are very romantic, amorous and very tenacious.


The teacher of your class,

Samael Aun Weor