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The Zodiacal Course: Taurus


From the 20th of April to the 20th of May
  • Rules: Neck, Nape and Ears
  • Metal: Copper
  • Stone: Emerald and Agate
  • Perfume: Aromatic Herb
  • Plant: Birch
  • Flower: Thorned
  • Planet: Venus
  • Color: Green
  • Element: Earth
  • Keyword: Love
  • Day: Friday
  • Ruler: Uriel

Beloved disciple,

In the previous lecture I promised that I would give you the clues to the two following golden rules:

The Lion of the Law is fought with the Scale.

When an Inferior Law is transcended by a Superior Law, the Superior Law washes away the Inferior Law.

The solution to these two golden rules is found in a third which states:

Perform good deeds; thus you will pay your debts.

Very well, now imagine a scale: on one side lie your good deeds and on the other side your bad deeds along with your corresponding karma.

If the karmic side is tipped against you, then you will be able to fight it by placing more weight on the side of good deeds. This is how you will tip the scale in your favor and thus wipe out karma.

A temple of the Lords of Karma exists in the subtle world, and the jackal is the great chief of these judges of destiny. This great being is the supreme judge of the cosmic tribunal; he has the appearance of a great man with the head of a jackal.

When we have accumulated capital in the cosmic bank, we pay our debts and avoid pain. Those who live making “new daily deposits” to the cosmic bank will always have something with which to pay their old debts. One should always keep in mind the law of “analogies” and of “correspondences” on this matter about paying debts. Karmic analogies are fought with Dharmic analogies.

Karma and Dharma: these two Sanskrit terms mean punishment and reward; in a more philosophical manner we would say: a bad consequence (Karma) is the outcome of a bad action, and a good consequence (Dharma) is the outcome of a good action. Thus, by modifying the causes, one modifies the effects, since the effects are nothing more than causes reproduced in another form. Are you going to become a prisoner? Then give freedom to another! Is your son going to die? Then heal your fellowman! Are you in misery? Then give all that you have left to the hungry and sacrifice all your efforts in favor of others. Beg, in prayer, to the Lords of Karma and you will be heard.

Do not forget, beloved disciple, that justice is the supreme mercy and severity of the law.

So, I have already taught you the two golden rules and I have explained to you how to wipe out Karma. In the following lessons I will teach you how to manage the sidereal rays.

“For whosoever hath, to him shall be given” and the more they give, the more abundance they shall receive: this is the law. But those who do works of evil shall be victims of their own deeds!

Why do people suffer? Why do they blaspheme against God if human suffering is not God’s fault? We ourselves are the creators of our own destiny. Therefore, sanctify yourself, beloved disciple, sanctify yourself!

There are three eternal things in life: the Law, Nirvana, and Space.

Now, let us start explaining the exercises of the constellation of Taurus.

The cortege of stars that form the constellation of Taurus is the house of Venus, the ineffable star of love, the dawn, and consequently, Taurus is of Venusian nature.

Taurine people are of an amorous and Venusian nature; due to this, when they are in love they love much and always pass through great deceptions.

Taurine people are tame and industrious like the bull that symbolizes that group of stars, but at times they are also “aggressive” like the bull; they are tenacious and gluttonous, romantic and sensual. They love music, dance and beauty. They have the ability for all types of manual arts.

Taurus rules the larynx and the neck. The larynx is also a sexual uterus where the word is born. The larynx will be the creative sexual organ of the future divine humanity.

The sexual fire of Kundalini becomes creative through the word. In our books The Perfect Matrimony, The Revolution of Beelzebub, and Treatise of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic, we have already spoken extensively about the Kundalini and taught the Great Arcanum or supreme secret for the awakening of the sleeping princess Kundalini.

The word is intimately related with the four elements of Nature; this is why the initiates of the ancient temples of mystery were prohibited from talking about the primeval catastrophes of ancient Arcadia in fear that they would bring them back into existence.

Ancient hierophants knew too well that the word is related to the four elements of Nature, and that talking about a catastrophe is the same as evoking it again. For this reason ancient “initiates” never spoke publicly about these archaic cataclysms.

A hard word follows us and later falls upon him who pronounced it, like a ray of vengeance.

One does not only fornicate with the sexual act: fornication with the word is another type of fornication.

The improper use of words is also fornication; fornication with the verb creates astral larvae and misfortunes. It hurts to see how people abuse the word and fill their world with pain. Slander is the worst of all blasphemies.

One must achieve the perfection of the word and language within oneself. One must comprehend the responsibility of the word. One must learn how to use the sexual creative organ of the word (the larynx).

Do you feel the need to learn how to use the word? Listen to me, beloved disciple, we, the members of the sacred College of Initiates, can create anything with thought and materialize it with the word.

Be careful in mentioning names and surnames, because that is slander.

If you are a philosopher, fight “theories,” but never speak about the private lives of its leaders. When one talks about a leader, talk about his doctrine, but never mention his private life. Each person is what he or she is; no one should care about the private life of others.

To speak when one should keep silence is as bad as keeping silence when one should speak.

Sometimes to speak is a crime, and sometimes to be silent is also a crime. Delinquent silences exist as well as words of infamy. One must talk when one must talk and be silent when one must be silent.

One must achieve the perfection of the word within oneself. One must achieve the wisdom of the word within oneself.

People have lost the notion of sincerity. Nowadays, human words do not carry the substance of sincerity, thus people suffer because of their lack of sincerity. In this day and age human words are full of falsehood and hypocrisy.

Do you know what lying words are?

Fraudulent words create monsters.

Have you ever witnessed the birth of a monstrous child? That is the karma of the false word pronounced (by such a soul) in previous lifetimes.

We admire the substance of sincerity very much. A liar could never arrive at our White Island.

In this course, we have arrived at the constellation of Taurus. This sign governs the neck and a new struggle between Venus and Mars is repeated here.

Venus governs the thyroid gland and Mars governs the parathyroid. It is an eternal struggle between Venus and Mars. While some glands produce saliva, others dry it up. This struggle takes place within our entire organism.

Venus is related to love and Mars to war. The astrologer must learn how to use the twinkling of the stars.

Do you know of any home where bitterness reigns? Do you want to serve them disinterestedly?

Do you know of a wretched woman abandoned in misery by a suitor? Do you want to help her? Then listen to me well, beloved disciple, for I will teach you how to use the twinkling of Venus:

Sit in a comfortable armchair.

Close your eyes.

Put aside all earthly thoughts from your mind and focus on your Internal Master, praying like this:


Father of mine, you who are my true Being, I beg you with all my heart and with all my soul, that you penetrate into the “heart temple” of the star of Venus so that you may kneel at the feet of “Uriel” and ask of him the following favor: (here one asks for the favor one desires).

Then, the disciple mentally salutes the guardian at the right column; the disciple will take a deep breath and will pronounce the password “Jachin.” Subsequently, he will do the same with the guardian at the left column; first the deep breath and then pronounce the password “Boaz.” He will then pray to his Internal Master by beseeching him as follows:

My Lord, walk the seven steps towards the interior of the temple in order to make the supplication. My Father, my Lord, my God…

Once the supplication has been made, one asks “Uriel” with one’s whole heart for a choir of Angels in order to accomplish the work. (The choirs of Angels create by singing).

If the Angel of Venus grants our petition, the choir of Angels (who are his children and who live with him in the temple of the nucleus of the star Venus) will start to sing in the “sacred language” in order to perform the work we have asked. This is how the Army of the Word creates by means of the word.

If any profane observer were to see the heavens at those moments, he would see the planet Venus shining and glowing in an intensified and rare manner. The observer would simply be amazed and would contemplate the original sparkle of Venus in those moments.

The indigo-colored hierarchies of the star Venus gave the Causal Body or Body of Willpower to human beings.

They grant us what we ask, when Karma allows it. However, if our petition is not granted, then Uriel will show the disciple “the clock of destiny” and, in this case, we have no other option but to bow our head before the verdict of the Law.

In the world of this day and age, there exist a great number of schools that try to accomplish these same “miracles” by means of the mental force, without taking into account at all the approval of the Lords of Destiny. This is simply pure, legitimate black magic.

The Christ-mind works well in accordance with the law.

Black mental waves do not arrive where they are sent, because in the subtle world there exist a multitude of aerial “elementals” who trap and intercept the path of the black mental waves. In space, innumerable forces also exist which divert or disintegrate the destructive mental waves.

Therefore, evil waves can only cause harm when the victim does not know how to love or forgive.

Mental energy is absolutely deficient when it does not work with the might of the Innermost.

The theurgist utilizes mental energy but unites it with the Innermost. This is the Christic mind. The theurgist works only with the divine powers of his “Inner Angel” and his Christ-mind.

The saintly Masters of the White Brotherhood cooperate with the theurgist and his Christ-mind.

The sidereal genii perform their miracles with the Ray of Justice when the theurgist officiates on the altar of the “Lion of the Law.”

Let us now enter into the exercises of Taurus.

During this month, the following exercise is performed:


The disciple sits down in a comfortable armchair and closes her eyes and removes all thoughts from her mind. While becoming a little drowsy she focuses her mind inwardly, towards the Innermost, and prays like this:


Father of mine, now transport yourself to the principal star of Taurus, and enter through the doors of the heart temple making the salutes which you already know and beg the sidereal genie and his angels of that star to come, to have compassion for me, so that they may “prepare” me and cure my larynx.

Then, already sleepy, the disciple must imagine that she sees the accumulated light of her head descending now into her throat, while she pronounces the word: “AOM.”

She imagines the light descending from her head into her throat with the vowel “A”; she will then imagine the light flooding her throat with the vowel “O”; and the disciple will exhale the breath as if expelling the refuse that resides in her throat with the vowel “M.” This mantra is pronounced four times.

I have to warn my disciples that the bowing along with the passwords “Jachin” and “Boaz” (as I described when I spoke about Venus) must be applied to all the stars in the sky.

Therefore, the genii of the constellation of Taurus will personally come to awaken the powers of the larynx, and if the disciple has any laryngeal illness, she can ask these genii of Taurus to cure her and they will do so. The disciple will also be able to take advantage of these powers in order to heal others.

The disciple must vocalize the vowel “E” daily like this: eheeeeeeee…(as in “beg”), for one hour.

The vibratory sound of this vowel will awaken the power of the occult ear within us.

The vowel “E” causes the thyroid gland, which is the center of the magical ear, to vibrate.

The vowel “E” also develops clairvoyance of the Mental Body within us.

The vowel “E” makes the Mental Body vibrate and gives us conceptual synthesis and the power to penetrate into the intimate sense of the words.


The teacher of your class,

Samael Aun Weor