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Treatise of Sexual Alchemy: Astral Tinctures

Astral Tinctures

1. In our work of metallic transmutations, we must elaborate astral tinctures in order to work in the Great Work.

2. Four parts of metallic water and two parts of soil of red sun; this is the mother tincture of alchemy.

3. Everything must be placed in a receptacle. The contents must solidify and must desegregate three times.

4. This is the mother tincture of alchemy, because we elaborate all the seven tinctures of sexual alchemy with it.

5. The metallic water is the semen. The soil of the red sun is our sexual organs, and the Sun Sulfur is the Kundalini that we must awaken by practicing Sexual Magic with our spouse.

6. It is clear that it is necessary to solidify it three times, because we are a trio of body, soul, and Spirit.

7. We can dye one thousand ounces with the Sun only with one ounce of Sun tincture.

8. We can dye the body of Mercury with only one ounce of Mercury tincture, etc.

9. We can transmute the Vital body into a perfect metal with the Lunar tincture.

10. We can transmute our Buddhic body into a metal of perfection with the tincture of Mercury.

11. We can transmute our vehicle of willpower into a body of perfection with the tincture of Venus.

12. We can transmute our Astral body or Cosmic Chrestos into a perfect metal with the Solar tincture.

13. We can transmute our Mental body into a perfect metal with the tincture of Saturn, etc.

14. We transmute the Conscious Soul of our physical body into a metal of perfection with the tincture of Mars, and we give all of our metals the strength of iron.

15. However, the tincture of gold will unite us with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

16. Our seven bodies are influenced by the seven planets.

17. Our seven serpents synthesize all the wisdom of the seven Cosmocreators.

18. Each one of our seven bodies must synthesize the perfection of each one of the seven Cosmocreators.

19. We must work with our blessed stone in the retort of our sexual laboratory until obtaining the phoenix of the philosophers.

20. This is how we resurrect after having died, just as the phoenix bird of philosophy.

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21. In our depths, each of us is a star. We return to the bosom of the Father after having worked with the astral tinctures that transmute our seven bodies into vehicles of perfection.

22. Just as the flames expand themselves, the seven ordaining Beings, the seven planetary Logoi of our solar system also expanded themselves in the dawn of life. The millions of divine particles evolving through the Mahamanvantara were the result of this expansion.

23. Each divine particle must self-realize as a Master of metallic transmutations, and return to the Father.

24. Every spark must return to the flame from which it departed, yet keeping its individuality.

25. Chapter 61 of The Book of the Dead, "Of Coming Forth by Day," verse 17, states,

26. "Behold, the god of one Face is with me. Hail, ye Seven Beings who make decrees, who support the Scales on the night of the judgment of the Utchat, who cut off heads, who hack necks in pieces, who take possession of hearts by violence and rend the places where hearts are fixed, who make slaughterings in the Lake of Fire, I know you and I know your names, therefore know ye me even as I know your names. I come forth to you therefore come ye forth to me, for ye live in me and I would live in you. Make ye me to be vigorous by means of that which is in your hands, that is to say, by the rod of power which is in your hands. Decree ye for my life by [your] speech year by year; give me multitudes of years over and above my years of life, and multitudes of months over and above my months of life, and multitudes of days over and above my days of life, and multitudes of nights over and above my nights of life; and grant that I may come forth and shine upon my statue; and [grant me] air for my nose, and let my eyes have the power to see among those divine beings who dwell in the horizon on the day when evil-doing and wrong are justly assessed."

27. The God of one Face, which is within ourselves, is the Innermost.

28. The seven beings support the scale of judgment, and they decapitate and slaughter the alchemists in order to self-realize them as Masters of metallic transmutations.

29. Each time that one of our seven serpents rises from the vertebrae of the neck to the head, we pass through the symbolic slaughter.

30. The seven planetary Genii take possession of the hearts and tear the chests in order to liberate the souls of the underworld, to take them to the place of light.

31. The seven Logoi perpetrate killings in the Lake of Fire.

32. It is necessary to die in order to live. It is necessary to die to the world in order to live for the Father. We must die and resurrect as the phoenix bird of sexual alchemy, in the magisterium of the fire.

33. The immortal Gods give us vigor with the staff of command that they hold in their dexterous hands.

34. This staff is our spinal column, our bamboo reed with seven knots, through which the seven ardent serpents rise.

35. With the red and white elixirs we acquire the Elixir of Long Life, and although we are incarnated in our statue—that is to say, in our physical body—the internal worlds are open and we can see the young, divine beings who dwell in the horizon and control the account books of the world.

36. With the Astral tinctures we return to the bosom of the Father and we hear ineffable words.

37. All the power is found enclosed in the wisdom of the serpent.

38. The Book of the Dead states the following:

39. "I am the serpent Sata whose years are many. I die and I am born again each day. I am the serpent Sata which dwelleth in the uttermost parts of the earth. I die, and I am born again, and I renew myself, and I grow young each day." - The Book of the Dead, Chapter 87, "Of Making the Transformation into the Serpent Sata"

40. The Lunar tincture is of a violet color. The tincture of Mercury is yellow. The tincture of Venus is indigo. The Solar tincture is intense blue and golden. The tincture of Mars is red. The tincture of Jupiter is blue and purple. The tincture of Saturn is green, gray, and black.

41. The alchemist must elaborate the seven tinctures in order to transmute all his metals.

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The seven metals (internal bodies) are in the earth (ourselves) awaiting their perfection.