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Treatise of Sexual Alchemy: The Red Lion

The Red Lion

1. The Red Lion is the drinkable gold.

2. The drinkable gold is the Kundalini.

3. The Kundalini is the fire of the semen.

4. It is necessary to separate the Red Lion from all types of waste.

5. These wastes and impurities are separated from the Red Lion by a kneading process.

6. Sexual Magic and the strength of willpower are what we understand to be the kneading process.

7. This drinkable gold must be mixed with the alcohol of the wine in order to be washed and then distilled in a very good distiller, until the sourness of the royal water completely disappears.

8. The alcohol of the wine is nothing more than the wine of light, with which the semen is mixed during the processes of sexual transmutation.

9. This wine of light is transmuted semen.

10. It is necessary to distill, which means to totally transmute the semen.

11. This is how the sourness disappears from the royal water. This is how it is referred to in alchemy.


12. The Red Lion is the sacred fire.

13. It is necessary to place this drinkable gold into a very well sealed receptacle.

14. It is necessary to bake and re-bake three times, until the perfect tincture of the Sun is obtained.

15. The perfect tincture of the Sun gives us the power to resurrect from the dead.

16. Christ resurrected from the dead on the third day.

17. The perfect tincture of the Sun is the Kundalini of the Astral body.

18. When the initiate conduces his third serpent to the heart, he then passes through the symbolic resurrection and the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.