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Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot: Arcanum 16

Arcanum 16

Let us study now the Sixteenth Arcanum of the Tarot. This is the Arcanum of the Fulminated Tower. This is the Tower of Babel. Two personages are precipitated to the bottom of the Abyss. One of these personages when falling with his head downwards and his legs and arms outstretched represent the inverted pentagram. Many are the initiates that allow themselves to fall; many are the fulminated towers. Any initiate that spills the Cup of Hermes falls inevitably. The legend of the fallen Angels has been repeated and will be repeated eternally.

tarot 16

Presently many fallen Gods live in the world; they are now camouflaged with the body of human beings.

Human Specter

Present humans are soulless creatures; when death arrives for them, only the human specter continues!

The embryo of the Soul escapes from within this specter.

The post-mortem states mentioned by occultists correspond to the embryo of the Soul; this embryo returns to its true Being who normally lives in the Causal World.

An in-depth analysis takes us to the conclusion that the human specter is a den of filthy demons; the conclusion is that after death, the present humans are transformed into a legion of demons that continue on. Indeed, the physical human person dies, because present humans are not immortal; nonetheless, present humans believe themselves to be immortal and powerful, but their breaking point of arrogance is fulminated by the Ray of Death, and from their Tower of Babel they roll into the abyss. This is the Fatality.

Astral Christ and Mental Christ

Present humans have two centers that they do not use: the Superior Mind and the Superior Emotion. These are two divine centers, the true instruments of the eternal and imperishable Humans with Soul. We can profoundly study the great mysteries of life and death with these two superior centers. It has been said to us that we can even penetrate into the Great Reality that is far beyond time and eternity with these two superior centers.

Those who believe that they already use these two centers without having engendered the vehicle of the Mind-Christ and the vehicle of the Astral-Christ are completely mistaken, because is necessary to engender these two vehicles in order to clothe the superior mind and the superior emotion (only by means of the Arcanum A.Z.F. is it possible to engender these two superior vehicles). The Astral-Christ is born in the Third Initiation of Major Mysteries and the Mind-Christ is born in the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries. Therefore, the Astral and Mental bodies studied by occultists and often referred to by Theosophy are just miserable specters of death that eventually will be fulminated by the terrible ray of Cosmic Justice. Thus, this is how the Tower of Babel along with Satan will roll into the abyss.


Whosoever possesses the Astral and Mental bodies becomes absolutely immortal. When we study these Christic vehicles and compare them with the astral and mental vehicles that are used by the defunct, then we find the following differences:

The Astral-Christ shines marvelously, whereas the astral of death does not shine because it is just a fatal shadow.

The Mind-Christ shines gloriously, whereas the mind of death does not shine.

The Astral-Christ is clean from passions, whereas the astral of death is a vehicle for animal passions.

The Mind-Christ has an angelical, divine figure, whereas the mind of death has an animal figure.

The Astral-Christ has the Kundalini and the chakras awakened, whereas the astral of death does not have the Kundalini awakened and if by chance it has the chakras awakened (by means of any genre of esoteric discipline) they shine like fatuous fires within the darkness of the abyss.

Conclusion: The Human-Christ is immortal, whereas the terrestrial human is not. The Human-Christ shines like the Sun, whereas the terrestrial human is just a shadow. The Human-Christ is a Self-realized Being!

What is Fundamental

Those students of occultism that practice esoteric exercises without working with the Arcanum A.Z.F. are similar to the man that builds his house upon the sands, his building will roll into the abyss; we must build upon the living rock: this rock is sex. Whosoever develops his chakras within the specter of death will roll into the abyss; his temple will be a fulminated tower.

Whosoever engenders their Christic bodies with the Arcanum A.Z.F. and works with the development of their chakras become Living Christs.

The Awakening of the Consciousness

It is necessary to awaken the consciousness in order not to fall into the abyss of perdition. Presently, many leaders of esoteric groups who have their consciousness profoundly asleep exist; blind leaders guiding the blind, all of them will roll into the abyss; this is the law.

Present human beings live absolutely asleep; for example, if suddenly during a football game a group of football players were to awaken their consciousness, you can be absolutely sure that the game would unexpectedly end because all the players, ashamed of themselves, would immediately flee from the football field.

The fundamental cause of the profound dream in which the consciousness of humanity lives in is that which is called F-A-S-C-I-N-A-T-I-O-N. Football players’ consciousnesses are profoundly fascinated by the game, thus they play sleepily, apparently they are playing while awake, but nonetheless the reality is that they are playing while asleep.

Ordinary Sleep

During the hours of rest (while the body ordinarily sleeps in bed), the ego travels out of the physical body many times to very remote places. However, out of the physical body, the ego lives asleep; indeed, the ego takes its dreams into the supersensible worlds. In the internal worlds, carpenters are in their carpentry shops dreaming about all of the things they do in the physical world; likewise, the blacksmiths are in their forges, the policemen are patrolling the streets, the tailors are in their tailor shops, the drunkards are in the bars, etc., all of them dream, all of them carry their dreams into their supersensible worlds. And after death they continue repeating the same thing; their ego continues with the same dreams. Indeed, as in ordinary sleep the ego carries out their dreams; it is likewise after the physical death.

Technique for the Awakening of the Consciousness

The technique for the awakening of the consciousness is based on the Self-remembering of oneself. Every humanoid is found fascinated by many things as we have already stated in the former paragraph. We forget ourselves when fascinated before a certain representation; we then dream.

During a public assembly people have launched themselves into violence. Gentlemen (when in their sane judgment) who are not capable of uttering a bad word, suddenly, while confounded by the multitudes, end up insulting and stoning their neighbor; behold here the power of fascination. One forgets oneself, then dreams and while dreaming one performs many completely absurd things. Shame and problems come after the dream has passed. Thus, it is necessary that the Gnostic student does not become fascinated with anything.

Gnostic students must remember themselves while in the presence of any interesting representation; they need to ask themselves the following questions: “Where am I? What am I doing here? Am I out of my physical body?”

Then, carefully observe everything that surrounds you; with inquisitive eyes look very carefully at the sky and all of the details of the internal worlds, at the strange colors, at the rare animal, at the beloved shadow of a deceased relative, etc., these will confirm that you are out of your physical body; thus, this is how you will awaken your consciousness. In those moments of reflection and self-remembrance, it becomes very useful to perform a small jump with the intention of floating in the surrounding environment. Thus, logically, if we float it is because we are out of our physical body.

If all those who dream would ask such reflective questions during their dream, then logically, they would awaken their consciousness. If after the death of the physical body, the ego would ask itself such reflective questions while in the presence of any representation, then it would instantaneously awaken. Unfortunately, such reflective questions are never uttered by the ego because during life it does not have the habit of doing so. Therefore, it is necessary to develop this habit and to intensely live it. Thus, only in this way is it possible to have the idea of asking ourselves such reflective questions during ordinary sleep and after death.

Therefore the outcome of this practice is the awakening of our consciousness. Whosoever awakens their consciousness becomes clairvoyant. Whosoever awakens their consciousness lives completely awakened in the superior worlds during the sleep of the physical body.

The great Masters do not dream; they are cognizant citizens of the supersensible worlds. The great Masters work consciously and positively within the superior worlds during the sleep of their physical bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to awaken the consciousness in order not to go there blind. The blind can fall into the abyss. The Arcanum Sixteen is very dangerous.


The entire memory is found deposited within the subconsciousness. Many initiates work in the internal worlds during ordinary sleep with cognizance; unfortunately, in the physical world they ignore this because they do not have good memory; thus we must learn how to handle the subconsciousness.

In the moments of physically awakening from ordinary sleep, we must command the subconsciousness as follows: “Subconsciousness, inform me of everything that I saw and heard while out of my physical body.” Thereafter, practice a retrospective exercise in order to remember everything that you did while out of your physical body. Force your subconsciousness to work, give imperative orders to it in order to oblige it to inform you. Practice this exercise during the slumber state in those moments when you are awakening from your ordinary sleep.