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Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology: Conclusions


Endocriminology is a science that is still in an embryonic state.

Criminology has been stagnated by materialistic science.

The powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, telepathy, omniscience, etc., etc. are found in a latent state within the endocrine glands.

The mistaken use of powers is criminal.

Ignorance is the cause of the evil use of psychic powers.

Psychiatry, expanded with Theosophical and Rosicrucian matters, will take criminology from the stagnant state in which it is found.

The penal code must be reformed with arrangements based on scientific criminology.

Psychobiology without Theosophy is like a garden without water.

Every esotericist student must have discipline and intellectual culture.

The occultist without discipline and intellectual culture converts himself into a delinquent.

The upright use of powers is a blessing for the whole world.

The unjust use of powers is a damnation for the whole world.

The ignoramus who wants to educe and develop the psychic powers that are latent in the glands of internal secretion is like a child who wants to play with dynamite.

The occultist without intellectual culture converts himself into a delinquent.

This book is a codex of scientific ethics for all the Rosicrucian Gnostics, yogis, occultists, spiritualists, etc., etc.

The esotericist who studies and accepts this book as a codex of scientific ethics will not fall into the abyss of delinquency.

This book opens a new field of investigations for psychiatry and criminology.

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