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Beyond Death: Negotiations


1. I have a business, and lately the economic situation has become very difficult for me; my store goes terribly; many of my clients have gone. What I must do?

Samael Aun Weor: First of all, my dear friend, I must tell you that you need to keep forty days of absolute sexual abstention, because I understand that you have had a very profane life. You have been an awful fornicator—that is, you have clumsily spent your sexual energies.

It is indispensable—it is urgent—for you to comprehend the intimate relationship between the sexual organs and the pineal gland.

Do not be surprised by what I am stating to you; that small gland is located in the superior part of the brain.

Any Gnostic student knows very well that in our organism we have a complete wireless system. The solar plexus —located at the region of the navel—is the telepathic receiver-antenna that catches the mental waves of our friends and enemies, and transmits them to the mind. The pineal gland is the transmitter of thought, which transmits waves to different people and places.

It is clear that the great vendors, the great dealers of all times, have such a gland very developed.

When the sexual energy is squandered, then the pineal gland weakens, degenerates. Then, one no longer can emit mental waves with force. Thus, failure in business is the outcome.

Since you are a profane person who knows nothing about our esoteric studies, the only thing that I can advise you is to keep at least forty days of absolute sexual abstention in order to accumulate sexual energies and give force to your pineal gland. Thus, this is how your economic situation will improve. It will be a favorable change.

In addition, I advise you to carry sulfur within your shoes. Do not be surprised! The ethereal emanations of sulfur will clean your personal atmosphere.

You must know that through fornication many invisible larvae are formed around your aura. There are various species of larvae, but with the emanations of sulfur those filthy larvae are disintegrated and your atmosphere is clarified.

Moreover, it is convenient for you to cleanse the atmosphere of the place where you have your business. So, perform sulfur smudges (a smoky, sulfur fire to drive the larvae away from there). [CAUTION: Do not breathe the toxic smoke of burning sulfur.] Do this for about nine days. Afterwards, perform smudges with sugar for another nine days in order to sweeten the atmosphere, to make it pleasant.

We are talking here about esotericism, and I think that you comprehend me, because you need to improve your business.

2. Could you indicate to me what I can do in order to prosper? I sell articles in many towns of the states of Mexico, so I do not have a fix placed of business, and there are months where I cannot profit anything.

Samael Aun Weor: I comprehend your situation, my friend. With all sincerity I can tell you that when one fulfills exactly the Ten Commandments of the law of God, when one prays daily to the Father who is in secret, it is clear that any situation improves. Then, our Heavenly Father grants us everything; we lack nothing. But when one goes bad, when one does not really fulfill the Ten Commandments, when one does not deliver himself to the Father, then the Father is absent and one falls into disgrace.

Follow my advice: make many works of charity, make a vow of chastity, bathe your body with aromatic herbs, such as peppermint, chamomile, eucalyptus, walnut, etc. Use these plants for forty days in your daily bath and, I repeat, make works of charity by tons; only thus will your economic situation improve.

3. Well then, but what do you understand by chastity?

Samael Aun Weor: My friend, here, I am not going to explain the Arcanum A.Z.F of our Gnostic studies to you, because you would not understand it. This is only an elementary book for those people who never have studied our other books. I will limit myself to tell you that you must keep forty days of sexual abstention in thought, word, and actions; that is all. However, if you wish to penetrate a little further into our studies, then read our advanced books, such as the The Perfect Matrimony, and many others.

4. Could you explain to me the works of charity that I can do?

Samael Aun Weor: It is good for you to know that works of charity are works of mercy, namely: give food to the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, dress the naked, teach those who do not know, heal the sick, etc.

5. Could you tell me when can I make a work of charity and when not, and to whom?

Samael Aun Weor: One is not a judge in order to judge any one else; besides, charity does not need a judge. Charity is a matter of common sense. To give food to the hungry is something very humane, because even the prisoners have to eat, otherwise they would die of hunger. To give drink to the thirsty is something very logical, since it would be cruel to deny a glass of water to a thirsty person. To give a shirt to the naked is something very natural, to console the afflicted one is very humane, so, we do not needed judges for that. Nevertheless, it would be an absurdity to give alcohol to the drunkard, or to lend a weapon to an assassin.

Love is law, but love with cognizance!