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Beyond Death: The Law of Freewill

The Law of Freewill

1. I want to ask you a favor: it so happens that my husband has been taken from me by another woman; I undergo the unspeakable, and do not know what to do. Since you know the esoteric sciences, it seems to me that you could fix my problem. I know that you have a wonderful mental force and therefore, you can dominate the mind of the neighbor, to entice the beloved one, to place him at my feet by means of magic. What would be the price of your work? I can pay you whatever the price may be.

Samael Aun Weor: I believe you are mistaken, lady. I am not a black magician. To use the forces of the mind in order to subjugate others, in order to enslave them, in order to force them, is violence, and any violent act is black magic.

Each to his own. Nobody has the right to intrude into the private affairs of other people; it is absurd to want to dominate others.

When will people learn to respect the free will of others? Do you believe perhaps that one can force somebody—to force him with impunity—to love other people, just by our whim? It is necessary for you to know that these types of actions of black magic are chastised with very severe punishments. The angels of destiny are not willing to forgive these types of crimes. Therefore, if you continue on that path you will receive your punishment.

In this world there are many people who dedicate themselves to witchcraft, to sorcery, to black magic. Thousands of sorcerers live on that filthy business, thus, it is clear that such people do not progress because black magic brings misery, hunger, nakedness, supreme pain.

2. Does the punishment of the people who dedicate themselves to witchcraft also reach their children?

Samael Aun Weor: Is clear that the environment of black magicians is usually disastrous. The children of these tenebrous ones are also tenebrous. It is evident that the lost souls search for black magicians in order to have them as their progenitors or terrestrial parents. Then it is not odd that the children of the perverse ones can be perverse also, and fall into misfortune.

It is regrettable for people to not understand the necessity of respecting the free will of others. There always exists the ominous tendency of dominating others, to want to impose our ideas onto our neighbors by force, to try to force others to do whatever our own whim wants them to do. All of this is severely punished with tears, misery, and supreme pain.

3. Why is it that those black magicians consider that they are performing good deeds to humanity since, although they collect payments, they are helping them to solve their problems?

Samael Aun Weor: I want you to know that there is a logic of absurdity. For the tenebrous ones, white is black, and vice versa. Remember that the pathway that leads to the abyss is paved with good intentions.

Letters from many places that are soliciting these type of service are constantly mailed to me. Indeed, it is painful, but this humanity has to be pitied. One is giving a divine message to the people, yet instead of worrying about studying the message, the only thing that occurs to women is to write to me so that I will secure their husbands to them, or if they are men, so that I will dominate the mind of the woman they covet, or that I will intrude in other people’s thoughts in order for this fellow to pay money to this other fellow, etc.

Indeed, all this causes deep pain to me, since they do not write me in order to request esoteric guidance or to clarify the teachings, but to request domination of others.Thus, this is the state in which this humanity is. For this reason I prefer that they do not write to me, because I am only concerned with the teachings, concerned with how to show the path of liberation, concerned about how to indicate the door that leads to the true happiness of the Spirit. Regrettably, the multitudes do not want to understand this.

There are people whom have highly priced the power of mental suggestion. They collect so many dollars by each suggestion, so many other dollars in order to place a “spirit” (as the spiritualists state) to the adored or beloved one so he or she can love them, so that the ones they covet can leave the other person with whom they sleep within their arms, thus they can come crying to their house, and etc., and other etceteras.

It is clear that all those filthy businesses are abysmal, tenebrous, and those who exert them with good or bad devotion will inevitably enter the abyss where only weeping and gnashing of teeth are heard.

4. I foretell with cards, and I can swear that I say the truth to people. I help them with their problems, although I collect from them, because that is my way of living. Do you think that I am behaving uprightly?

Samael Aun Weor: You have a horrible way of living. You are in fact a pythoness [A “woman with the power of soothsaying,” a witch.], a hag [From Old English hægtes, hægtesse “witch, sorceress, enchantress, fury.”]. Do you think perhaps that you can utter the truth with the devil within, exactly within the very kingdom of your heart?

You know very well—and it is convenient for you not to ignore once and for all—that you carry the sinning “I” of mortals—that is, Satan himself—within your heart.

Can a person who has not yet arrived at sanctity be illuminated? The very fact of receiving payment for preaching or foretelling is already is a crime. You might think that what you do is good, but do not be surprised. In the abyss there are many anchorites, penitents, wizards, sorcerers, fortune tellers, who feel themselves to be martyrs and who also think they are behaving in an upright way.

5. Then can you tell me if my children and all those to whom I have taught my beliefs are going bad?

Samael Aun Weor: Since it is concerned with beliefs related with divination, foretelling, etc., I must tell you that they are going bad.

I repeat: it is not possible to know the destiny of others if we do not know our own destiny, and it is not possible to know our own destiny if we have not yet arrived at the awakening of our consciousness. That awakening is impossible if first we do not annihilate the sinning “I” (our defects).

6. In spite of having studied in esoteric schools for many years and having abstained from sex although being married, do you think that there is no salvation for me?

Samael Aun Weor: I think that you are going very badly, since you are married and you have rejected the “Consolator” about which Jesus the Christ spoke to us: I am referring to the Holy Spirit. It is clear that the Holy Spirit is in sex. Thus, knowing how to handle it, one can arrive at illumination, but you reject it and do not even fulfill your sexual duties with your husband. So, do you still believe that you are behaving uprightly?

You might have received a pseudo-occultist or pseudo-esoteric type of information, yet you have realized nothing. The sinning “I” is very alive in you. Recognize it and repent. Study our books and practice.

7. Well, I exert all types of works. I fix spouses to other people. I make people to come to others by force, etc., and I am doing very well economically since I make a lot of money, then what? What could you tell me about this?

Samael Aun Weor: In this case, misery will come to you, just a little bit later. Meanwhile, keep bearing the moral sufferings that you are undergoing—that, by the way, are not very pleasant: remember that you have an sick son with epilepsy. These types of patients are indeed possessed by demons. Do not you understand that? Or do you not want to understand it? Understand: the fate that is reserved for you will be the abyss and the Second Death.