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Christ's Will: The Second Canyon

The Second Canyon

tarot 2

Sexual Alchemy places into motion terrific cosmic powers that give us access to each of the thirty-three sacred chambers of the body of willpower.

Advance, oh Buddha, advance! The tenebrous impede your way; defeat them, sibling of mine, defeat them with the well-tempered cutting edge of your sword.

An ineffable light shines in your chamber.

Leave your sandals outside the chamber, and enter, oh Buddha!

In the spinal column of your body of willpower, the fifth fiery snake has entered into the second vertebra—the priestess of the Tarot, the second card.

An ineffable music deliciously resounds amidst the divine areas of the temple...

There is joy in the world of natural causes. This is the occult wisdom of the second Tarot card.

The body of willpower is being transformed into Christ's will.

The ego / manas is being liberated from material things.

Christ's will always knows how to obey the Father.

Human will must be liberated from all types of limitations.

Willpower must be liberated from all types of preconceptions.

Willpower must be liberated from all types of prejudices.

Willpower must not continue to be converted into simple barriers of fear...

Willpower must not continue to be submitted to desires.

Human will must be transformed into Christ's will, in order to comprehend life, free in its movement.

Willpower must not be a simple instrument of fear.

Willpower must not continue to be in bondage to preconceptions, kneaded from the dust of time.

Willpower must become a child.

The ego / manas must learn how to always live in the present, because life is an eternal instant.

Willpower must be liberated from earthly things, and be delivered in its totality to the arms of the Father.

Advance, oh Buddha! Advance...