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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: Cancer


What is cancer...? We answer this question by emphasizing the idea that it is the disorderly and anarchical development of the cells of the patient’s own organism.

Is cancer contagious? The scientific experiments made in the Institute for Experimental Medicine of Argentina were conclusive. The scientists placed sick rats and healthy rats in the same cage. Unquestionably, they did not discover any type of contagion. Rats of different sexes have been placed within such properly controlled experiments and have been found without contagion. It has been stated in the scientific world that rats that were fed with cancerous tumors did not become infected. They affirm that rats that were injected with the blood of a sick animal remained immune, without contagion.

Can any type of wound cause cancer? This type of question has an extraordinary importance, from the civil point of view and from the legal point of view, because of the claims that could be made for compensation of work accidents. These claims could be attributed as causes of cancer that any given employee can acquire from a work injury.

It is obvious that little wounds frequently repeated in the same place can be the cause of this terrible sickness. Yet, only one wound, even when this is a strong wound, is a decisive NO.

For this intelligent scientific conclusion, what was taken into account were the bullet wounds that were produced during the First World War of 1914-1918.

Is cancer produced by a germ? Official science affirms no, it is not. They emphasise the concept that this frightful sickness is not caused by any type of microbe or germ.

Revolutionary, scientific Gnosticism permits itself, with all respect, the liberty of disagreement. We, the Gnostics, affirm the existence of the “cancro,” the microbe or germ of cancer.

Is cancer transmittable? It is obvious that the official science, after many experiments, answers with a categorical NO.

Nevertheless, exceptions exist, for example: cancer was inoculated into a rat which was nourished with a diet poor in copper and low in catalase. The result was positive: the rat became infected. It is indubitable that when this experiment has been repeated, the same results have been obtained.

In an opposite experiment, cancer was inoculated into a rat which had been previously prepared with a diet very rich in copper and catalase. The result was negative: the rat was not infected.

Official science has discovered that hydrogen peroxide, “oxy-genated water,” particularly increases the catalase and protects against the undesirable development of cancer.

We understand that the germ of cancer, the terrible “cancro,” is developed in organisms that are poor in copper and catalase.

It is unquestionable that the “cancro” cannot be seen, not even through the most potent electron microscopes. However, if this dreadful sickness can be transmitted to organisms which are poor in copper and catalase, then it is obvious that such a microbe exists.

The germ of cancer develops and unfolds within the fourth dimension. It only allows itself to be observed in the tri-dimensional world through its destructive effects.

It is indubitable that in the future the most powerful electron microscope will be invented. Then, the “cancro” will be perceptible for the ultra-modern scientists.

It is obvious that this fatal germ arrives to the planet Earth submerged within the electromagnetic currents from the constellation of Cancer.

By all means, cancer is the karma of fornication. It is obvious that ancient wise men knew in depth this very special type of Nemesis.

Here in Mexico, a very special plant exists that can cure cancer. I want to emphatically refer to a certain bush-plant which is known in the region of Ixmiquilpan, state of Idalgo. The name of this bush-plant is “aranto.” Ancient aboriginal people baptized this plant with the indigenous name of “aulaga.”

The complete data, which is delivered by our beloved Gnostic brother Alfonso Silva, is very interesting.

“Mr. Mario Aponte, chief of the office of the former Electric Force and Light Company from the Mexican Republic, Misquiahuala, Idalgo, was attacked by a sickness in his gums. It is obvious that he did not acknowledge it.

“He then travelled to Mexico City with the good purpose of consulting the physicians from the electricians union. They diagnosed him with cancer of the mouth.

“Unsatisfied with such a diagnosis, the mentioned gentleman consulted other doctors. However, the diagnosis given by all of them was the same.

“Mr. Aponte returned to Misquiahuala very afflicted. Obviously, he could not remain absent from his office for a long time.

“This cited gentleman narrated that a little old lady from that place made the agreement of healing him with a vegetal tea, which she, herself, would give him to drink in his presence. This was because she feared the patient would not drink the remedy by himself.

“The results were extraordinary. In a period of eight months, Mr. Aponte was radically cured.

“He continued drinking the tea of this old lady. It was not necessary for her to give him the tea or to beg him to drink it, because the cited man was asking for it daily.

“One month later, the doctors from Mexico City, with astonishment, had to acknowledge that the cancer had disappeared.”

The Gnostic brother Alfonso Silva continued by saying:

“To this date, from the people who I had offered the ‘aranto’ or ‘aulaga,’ I remember the name of Mrs. Luisa Lara de Barroeta, who is my sister-in-law. She was close to being operated on within the Social Security Institute for a cancerous tumor. It was the type of tumor in the womb, something very grave.

“This sick woman became radically healed by drinking infusions of ‘aranto’ and until this date she lives totally cured.

Thus, our Frater Silva continues by telling us:

“Mr. Agustin Uribe’s spouse (we do not wish to reveal her address) was prepared by the physicians with the purpose of extracting a tumor from her liver. Yet, when they evidenced that this was a cancerous tumour, they immediately stitched her up at once, obviously declaring her a lost case. There was no chance for her, since the doctors found her abdominal cavity filled with cancerous tumors.

“However, this sick woman was definitively healed with the ‘aranto’ and still lives, thanks to the astonishing virtues of this bush-plant.”

The distinguished physician, Doctor of Medicine Jacinto Juarez Parra from the National University of Mexico, tested the power of this bush-plant on a cancerous, terminally ill woman, already without hope. In this case, indeed, it was very difficult and it was not possible to save the life of this sick woman. I think that when the organism is already totally destroyed because of this sickness, every remedy fails.

Dr. Juarez considers that research with the electron microscope can and must be performed on this whole plant. By centrifugation, the nucleus, the lysosomes, the ribosomes and the microsomes must be separated in order to make a spectro-photometric analysis of each one of the parts of this plant. This would be for the intelligent purpose of discovering its colloids, enzymes, and its print element or oligo element. It must be investigated, says Dr. Juarez, to see which intracellular portions of this cited plant effectively act over the cancer.

The mentioned physician continues saying that every cancerous patient who is diagnosed through stimulating cytology and biopsy, will be medicated with the “aranto,” as well as dosages of catalase and copper, and later he will again make another measurement with the diagnostic data.

Catalase and copper are low in cancerous people, and this is already completely demonstrated.

It is necessary to investigate the amount of sanguineous catalase and the dosage of copper in the plasma.

Any organism poor in catalase and copper is a proper field for the complete development of the dreadful “cancro.”