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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: Constructing Molecules

Constructing Molecules

Rene Dubois stated: “Science’s great spectacle still continues with its role; however, now it is represented hidden behind the curtain without an auditorium or connoisseurs. Only the performers intervene. Near the stage’s entrance some few loquacious and wrongly informed charlatans sell confused imitations of the great rites to the public. Miracles at a low price have been promised to the world, though they no longer partake of the glorious mysteries.”

In the dawning of life, the complex matter of our bodies was found latent within the elemental atomic germs. However, very slowly it developed itself throughout the uncountable centuries.

It is obvious and clear that four basic types of molecules always intervene within the various processes of gradual transformation of organic matter.

Proteins form part of the most important structural matter of all organisms. It is evident that proteins in the form of enzymes concretely serve as specific catalyzers. Without them, the vital chemical reactions would develop very slowly or would absolutely not develop.

Any given molecule of protein has hundreds of amino acids. These amino acids are intelligently linked in a marvellous chain that tends to form a spiral, along with atoms of hydrogen, which, as a very wise nexus, firmly hold these spirals in their position.

It has been told to us that although some eighty amino acids are very well known, only twenty intervene in the elaboration of proteins. In like manner, as the twenty-eight letters of the [Spanish] alphabet can be arranged in order to form infinite combinations, likewise, these amino acids can be arranged to form infinite combinations which clearly express their functions.

Nucleic Acids

The essential quality of life depends upon these admirable substances for the continuity of existence.

The form known as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) never leaves the cell’s nucleus. It preserves itself as a store or depository of instructions for the correct functioning of the cell.

It is unquestionable that its ally, the RNA (ribonucleic acid) is the transmitter of instructions that come from the DNA’s message and are carried to the portions of the cell that elaborate proteins.

The amino acids are very wisely entwined or concatenated during the process in order to satisfy the norm of DNA.

The DNA molecules consist of two spiral chains. These are magisterially ordained in such a way that resemble a double helix spiral staircase of an extended longitude.

The splendid sides of this formidable spiral staircase consist of units of sugar and phosphate. The steps or ascents are linked purines and pyrimidines.

There are only four purines and pyrimidines inside the DNA: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. In a very subtle way, these are indeed in charge of transmitting messages similar to the punctuated and linear code of the Morse alphabet. Those inside the RNA are the same ones with the exception of thymine, which is substituted by uracil.


These are a fundamental group of organic greasy matters that store vital energy and form part of the structure of the cell. Their molecules consist of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen linked in a complex assemblage of atoms of carbon.


These are a chain of sugar molecules that accumulate energy and that compose the valuable cellular walls in a form of cellulose. It has been stated to us that a cellulose molecule consists of 2000 units of glucose.

Eminent scientists emphasise the idea that the polysaccharides form part of the numerous families of the carbohydrates.

It is indubitable that the four primary elements of these vital substances, namely: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, are precisely the most active chemical principles of the universe.

It is worthy to mention the fact, the very interesting fact, that only the proteins and nucleic acids contain hydrogen.

It is notorious that sulfur is found within many proteins, since phosphorus is an indispensable component of nucleic acids.

Back in the year 1930, it was discovered that the atmospheres of the planets Jupiter and Saturn were very rich in methane and ammoniac and subsequently it was verified that methane was very abundant on Uranus and Neptune.

These investigations contributed in order to enforce the idea that the primeval atmosphere of the planet Earth belonged to the methane-ammoniac type.

Indeed, Urey mistakenly supposed that ultraviolet light and electrical discharges could equally liberate molecules within the atmosphere and allow them to cluster in order to form more complex organic compounds.

They searched, they investigated for the synthesis of the organic compounds clue. Miller supposed that the origin of life is found within an archaic atmosphere dominated by hydrogen. Certainly. However, it is unquestionable that hydrogen in itself is the first emanation of the universal primordial matter (Mulaprakriti). However, if we want to know the origin of life we must delve deeply into profoundness.

The word ‘matter’ is very discussible since it encloses many concepts. The dictionary explains it as: material, stuff, wood, concern, action, thing of affair, cause, occasion, substance, nature, etc.

Therefore, matter is something very intellective, abstract, vague, undefined, since it virtually includes, contains, a whole procession of ideas.

The term ‘procession’ etymologically signifies theory, when it is used in the learned style or treated in the style of ancient Greece, meaning: theory of the Panathenaea.

Matter in itself as substance, per se, surpasses, transcends, exceeds, the narrow frame of Euclid’s three-dimensional geometry.

The infinite processes of matter are multidimensional, this is obvious. Hence, perceiving the things from this angle, it is obvious that the Earth with all of its varieties of phenomena existed before, within the fourth dimension.

Continuing with the inductive system, we can and must even emphasize the idea of an existence even more ancient for our world within that which is called the fifth dimension.

The Jivanmukta, the Adept or authentic Mahatma, by means of the open Eye of Dangma, goes even further: he discovers traces of our world within the sixth and seventh dimensions.

This open Eye is the purely spiritual sight of the Adept. However, it is necessary to clarify that this is not clairvoyance, but rather, it is the faculty of spiritual intuition, through which the direct and true knowledge can be acquired.

The neo-platonic and oriental deductive system, opposite to the Aristotelian inductive system, allows us to comprehend the staggered descent of our world from the unknowable to the knowable, gradually passing through one dimension into another, until crystallizing in its present dense form.

It is obvious that during the planetary descent, all of the vital germs develop themselves by constructing molecules.

It is unquestionable, effective, and real that cells, organs and organisms develop themselves with atoms and molecules.

Inside any given living germ, the cosmic energy operates in three modes, namely: centrifugal, centripetal, and neutral.

If the first of these three forces becomes extroverted and basic for the action, it is obvious that the second one introverts itself, attracting atoms and organizing molecules, while the third one serves as a point of support.

The planet Earth, throughout its staggered descent, finally penetrated into this three-dimensional region, carrying a formidable cargo of germs and organisms.

It is evident for any Mahatma that the most valuable treasure brought by this great ship called Earth was the first human Root Race, who lived on the north polar cap.

It is unquestionable that at that time, the present north and south poles were located on the equatorial zone.

It is evident, positive, and authentic that if we exclude the faculty of intuition, the internal and spiritual Eye of the Adept, then we lamentably fail in these types of investigations, because the first half thousand millions of years related with the whole geological history of the Earth in this region of three dimensions seems buried or lost in a definitive, radical, and absolute way.

The task of re-constructing the mode in which life and its primeval forms might have emerged becomes very difficult indeed, due to the total lack of information regarding fossils from that epoch.

Apart from some vestiges of algae, the most dignified, trustful data dates from about 500 millions of years, that is to say, from an epoch much prior to the era in which the most important events of evolution took place.

“We can affirm with a certain degree of scientific trust, that cellular life, as we know it on the surface of the Earth, exists in millions of other places of the universe.

“Nevertheless, this does not deny the possibility of other types of matter that could be called ‘living matters’ existing, which in accordance with the pattern that we have formed in relation with our earth might be strange for us…

“Accordingly, we have transferred life from the limited place that a little while ago was considered a special and unique event… into a state of multidimensional, widely expanded matter within the whole universe.”

Five are the indispensable basic factors for the transformation of matter into living cells, namely:

  1. Formation of the most simple organic compounds.
  2. Transformation of these ones into more complex organic compounds.
  3. Origin of chemical products, the clue of life, such as the proteins and nucleic acids.
  4. Origin of structures and metabolisms (chemical energy).
  5. Evolution of metabolism.

Apply the five basic factors of this formula to the organism in process of crystallization and the problem of the origin of life is solved.

Clarification: I am utilizing the term ‘crystallization’ in a convenient form, so that it can indicate or point to the arrival or entrance of any organism into the three-dimensional region.

It is obvious that the organisms in their way of crystallization were submitted to incessant preterit evolutions within the superior dimensions of Nature.

Therefore, to search for the origin of life exclusively in this three-dimensional region would be an absurdity, an incoherence.