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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Revolution of the Consciousness

The Revolution of the Consciousness

Fruitful blossoming gardens of solar splendor that burst with delicious fruits are like rivals to honey’s sweetness.

Like Orpheus, who tames the fierceness of the brutes with the sound of his lyre, whosoever possesses the attributes of a troubadour shall clarify everything with the Word… Thus, the darkness is dissolved… light is created…

Lo and behold that I advance towards the abode of the King of Gods (the Father who is in secret).

A winged Spirit leads me. Hail oh thou who soars throughout the expansions of heaven and who illuminates the son of the White Crown (the Son of Man)!

Be granted that my White Crown (which shines on the head of the Saints) could be under thy protection.

Be granted that I can live at thy side (Father of mine)!…

Lo and behold that I have collected and reunited all of the dispersed members of this great God. Now, after having entirely created a heavenly path, I advance throughout this way. - Book of the Occult Abode, C: LXXVI

Ah…! If the people would understand what it is to collect and reunite all of the dispersed members, the distinct fractions of our interior Being, which are unfortunately bottled up within too many subconscious elements…

Ah…! If those wretched mortals would comprehend the necessity of becoming integral, uni-total, complete…

If indeed they would resolve to die from moment to moment… then… indeed! They would radically cease to exist in order to definitively BE.

In the sunny country of Khem, during the dynasty of the Pharaoh Kephren, I comprehended the necessity of returning into the upright path, the necessity of shaping my own heavenly path.

“...Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto light, and few there be that find it.” - Matthew 7:13

“One man among thousands strives for perfection, among the few who strive for perfection perhaps one is successful, and among the perfect ones a rare one knows me perfectly.” - Bhagavad Gita C:VII:3

“Of a thousand who seek me, one finds me;

of a thousand who find me, one follows me;

of the thousand who follow me, one is mine.”

The Gods and those few ones who in the world have become human know very well that the crowds always move themselves inside the circle of the terrible necessity. [Read chapter 22 of this book.]

When recapitulating mysteries in the sacred land of the boisterous Nile, I was able to remember frightful difficulties.

The path of the razor’s edge is filled with dangers from within and without.

The path of the revolution of the consciousness severs itself from the ways of the evolution and devolution.

Jesus, the great Kabir, stated, “Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.” [Mark 8:34]. These are the three factors for the inner revolution.

The dogma of evolution is reactionary. Therefore, let us talk about mystical insurrection.

After having suffered too much, I, an ancient Tibetan Lama, was initiated into the Egyptian mysteries.

Ah! What grief the death of my brother caused me. That was something decisive for me …

Poor little boat of mine, broken between reefs, without sails, without rhumb, and alone among the waves…!

Fortunately, I was assisted and I studied a lot. I entered into the priesthood college as any neophyte and after successive exaltations I became a hierophant.

That I became both a physician and a priest at one time? This is something that I cannot deny!

I was travelling daily on my camel, carrying a lot of remedies for my patients, a noble Galenic mission…

To forget my haven in that sacred land of Hermes is impossible. It was an ancient, ancestral house surrounded by very old walls.

Litelantes, as always, was my priestess spouse. She does not ignore this; she still remembers.

I have the high honor of having been the educator of the Pharaoh Kephren. I was the preceptor of that young man and I do not regret it, since later on, he became a great sovereign.

I remember terrible things… Those who violated their oath of silence and divulged the Great Arcanum were condemned to the death penalty. They were beheaded, their hearts were wrenched out, and their ashes were cast into the four winds.

The execution was performed on a stony patio surrounded by terrible walls upon which skins of crocodiles and mysterious hieroglyphics were shown.

The unutterable secret is hidden within the Sahaja Maithuna, sex yoga, with its lingam yoni and pudenda.

The Levantine Egyptian light varies in colors of ineffable vigor; it develops infinite powers within each soul.

Spirited light from the hoard of the sacred river, which flows upon the acacia’s foliage, is a very sacred symbol of Resurrected Masters.

Light, which is dearest to the fresh rice fields, which perfumes the flower of the lemon tree, is as fertile in festival songs as in the sweet twilight of January.

In the profound night of all ages, the words of the priest of Sais are still resounding:

“Alas, Solon, Solon, my son! The day will come on which men will laugh at our sacred hieroglyphics. They will say that we, the ancient people, were worshipping idols.”