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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Conjurations and Prayers

Conjurations and Prayers

Royal Conjuration

I conjure all thy enemies, just as much thy internal as thy external ones, in the portal of Belen. I conjure them and I conjure them once again in case they have a pact with the devil, black magic, or backward creeds. I conjure them, so that they shall come humbly to thy feet, as the Lamb of Christ reached the foot of the Cross. I conjure them, so that they shall come meekly, just as the Lamb came from the Cross to the Eternal Father. With two I see them and with three I fasten them, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Explanation: 2 is Mother Nature and 3 is the three primary forces.

Prayer for Worms

Perjured animal, I conjure thee. Let all the worms drown in thy own blood, so that none will remain in thee.

Prayer of Our Lady Saint Martha for the Defense of the Body

O Saint Martha, Thou art blessed, very beloved and worthy of God and Thou walk on Mount Tabor. Thou entered and encountered the great serpent, then with the Mother of God’s girdle Thou tied and bound it. Thus, Thou bound the hearts of all my enemies who came against me in the name of the eternal Father and of the Holy Trinity.

Pronounce the “Apostle’s Creed” three times.

For the Toothache

Saint Veronica was seated upon a stone. The Virgin passed and asked her, what’s the matter with that fellow? He has a strong toothache and he cannot endure it. Remember the enduring breath and the cord, which I gave Thee, so that Thou cannot suffer racking pain from any molar or any tooth. Amen, Jesus.

Pray “Hail, Mary” three times and “The Lord’s Prayer” three times.

For Ringworm

Here I pray to the ringworm, from the very source where it starts and to where it ends in thy ribs. Ringworm, thou hast to disappear, ringworm. I believe in God, the Father.

Then, with a feather and writing ink, rub the affected area.

For the Evil Eye

Let the Angels be with thee, in alliance in thy bed among the eleven thousand Virgins and one glory to Saint Anna.

Saint Anna begot Mary, Saint Isabel begot Saint John. With these seven words this evil will be healed.

To Defeat Demons

Thou who art the merciful and grandiose Virgin, I beseech Thee, do not allow anything to fall on me. Let me be thy advocate.

To Combat the Demon

O Divine God! I want Thou to help me to defeat this demon, that wherever I go Thou shalt help me to defeat him. I want Thou to protect me from any evil that comes against me. Save me from all evilness.

To Perform Massages to Heal without Pain

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Most Holy Trinity, the three Divine Persons. Saint Blas ahead, Saint Peter behind. Saint Blas, if these words are good, then let the tendons and joints return to their place.

Apply these words in the name of Jesus Christ.

When Jesus Christ came to the world there were no injuries, no one maimed, no one lame, so let the injuries cease and Hail, Mary.

Pray the “Apostle’s Creed” three times. If the injury is not too severe, pray the “Apostle’s Creed” three times. However, if the injury is very bad, pray the “Apostle’s Creed” nine times. Rub menthol with salt onto the injury.

Prayer to the Aloe Plant

Cross, thou art holy and divine. Sorcerers and witches withdraw from this home. Such persons who intend to arrive here, let it be known that I am with God.

Sovereign God, set me free from treason and from ruination. Blessed be the most Holy Mary and the Consecrated Host.

Bless the Aloe with the sign of the cross.

The Magic Key

The Magic Key (iron key) must be magnetized with a lodestone. The Magic Key opens the doors from the past and gives access to the Infernos.

The Magic Key makes disappeared objects and finds the treasures of the earth. Clearly, this Key puts magic into action.

If this Key is placed over an open Bible on any of the Four Gospels, then the Key rotates and answers whatever is asked of it.

The Gnomes must be invoked in order for the Key to spin. The Key of ancient people is made of iron.

Prayer to the Gnomes

By the pole of lodestone that passes through the heart of the world, by the twelve stones of the Holy City, by the seven metals that run inside the veins of the interior of the Earth, I conjure ye, subterranean workers, I call upon ye in the name of Christ and of GOB. Amen.

After reciting the above, ask for the object, money, or whatever has disappeared. Interrogate the subterranean workers. Thus, the Key will spin. If the Key does not spin, this is a result of a lack of faith. When one has faith, then one has power and the Key spins.

Any subconscious or infraconscious doubt, as insignificant as it might be, is enough in order for the Key not to spin.

Method for asking: “Obey the Christ, subterranean workers. Tell me: is what I lost in this place? Or in this other place? Was it stolen by somebody? Etc., etc., etc.”

If the Key spins towards the right, then the answer is yes. If the Key spins towards the left, then the answer is no.

The Magic Wand

Make for yourself a Magic Wand out of Cedar wood, then pray the following magical words to the Wand:

Elohim, Metatron, Adonai

Thus, the Wand will become consecrated.

One operates magically with the Magic Wand. It serves in order to command the invisible forces of Nature, with the condition that we maintain upright behavior.

The forces of Nature will never obey one who is angry, lustful, greedy, envious, proud, lazy, gluttonous, jealous, resentful, evil, slanderous, etc., etc., etc.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirrors are very useful in practical magic. Write over your Magic Mirror the following mantric words:

Adam - Te - Dageram - Amrtet - Algar - Algas - Tinah

Always magnetize your Mirror and use it in magic in order to clairvoyantly see whatever is necessary.

Keep your mirror sheltered or have it over your altar so that you can utilize it at any time that is necessary.

I advise you not to spy on the private lives of others or to calumniate people. Clairvoyance is developed with the condition of having very upright behavior.

Magic Mirrors should never be missing from the Gnostic Lumisials. The hypersensitive people can see many marvels from the suprasensible worlds in such mirrors.

Magic Circle

When you trace around yourself a Magic Circle, whether it is with your sword, with your willpower and imagination united in vibrating harmony, or with both at the same time, you must pronounce the following mantras:

Helion, Melion, Tetragrammaton

The magician defends himself against attacks from the demons with the Magic Circle and the esoteric pentagram.

Jinn States

If placing your body of flesh and bones within the fourth dimension is a very arduous task for you, if in spite of having done the effort you have not achieved it yet, then bathe yourself daily with aromatic herbs, and before falling asleep call the “Seven Potencies” so that they may assist in preparing your physical body.

Then, after your body is prepared, work again with the secrets, which we have taught you in order to travel with your physical body through the fourth dimension.

One needs to have faith in the Seven Potencies. The Seven Potencies are not the Seven Spirits before the Throne. They are seven Masters who can prepare your body. Ask and it shall be given to you, knock and it shall be opened to you.

Astral Projections

If in spite of all the clues, which we have taught in order to consciously travel in the Astral Body you have not achieved it yet, then do not feel discouraged. Study chapters 16 to 21 of my book entitled The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac. [These chapters are in Dream Yoga]

I promise you, beloved reader, that if you submit yourself to the discipline written in those cited chapters, then you will learn how to consciously travel through the Suprasensible Worlds.

What is important is to perform everything correctly and to not dismay in your efforts. Then you will triumph.

Through this conversation that you and I are having via this book, which you have in your hands, I sincerely tell you that the only thing that is of interest to me is that you progress. Truly, I want to help you.

To Defend Oneself from Lightning and from Fire

In order to defend oneself from lightning and fire, you must write upon the ceiling of your house and on the walls of the rooms of your house the following magical words:

Mentem, Santam, Spontaneum, Honorem, Deo, Patria, Liber

Against Danger from Bullets, Knives, Wounds, Enemies, Ambush, etc.

Are you in a dangerous situation? If so, filled with faith, recite the following words:

Fons Alpha Et Omega, Figa, Figalis Sabbaoth, Emmanuel, Adonay, O, Neray, Ela, Ihe, Reutone, Neger, Sahe, Pangeton, Commen, Agla, Matheus, Marcus, Lucas, Johannes, Titulus Triunphalis, Jesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, Ecce Dominicae Crucis Signum Fugite Partes Adversae, Vicit Leo De Tribu Judae, Radix David Alelluyah, Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison, Pater Noster, Ave Maria, Et Ne Vos, Et Venia Super Nos Salutare Tuum, Oremus.

(You must know all of these magical words by memory and you must pray them with faith in the moments of grave danger. Thus, you will save yourself from knives, bullets, secret enemies, ambush, etc., etc., etc.).

Magic from the Memories of Nature

Do you want to see your past existences in a Magic Mirror? This is very simple. I am going to give you the following formula:

Place a lit candle to the right side of a mirror, in such a position that it will illuminate the mirror, yet without the mirror reflecting the image of the candle within it. You must turn off the rest of the lights within the room.

Do not think about anything. Breathe like newborn children breathe. Put the index, middle finger and your thumb of your right hand over your heart.

Pronounce the mantra Om, Hum with each palpitation of your heart. These words open the chakra of your heart where your past lives abide. Beseech your Divine Mother to show you within the mirror your past lives. Ultimately, you will achieve it with patience.

The Secret Order of the Epoptae

Very ancient scriptures of Tibetan Tantra speak about a universal secret order from the Astral World, which can initiate any aspirant during the normal, common and current dream state, while out of the physical body.

It is emphatically stated that the powerful channels of force, which emanate from the transcendental consciousness of the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae, can be perceived in any part of the world.

The aspirant meets the Adepts of this Order during the sleep of his physical body.

In order to awaken the sacred fire, male Initiates who do not have a wife and who march on the upright path, can practice sexual magic with one of those females who soar up within the clouds. Such females are called “Dakinis.”

Tibetan texts dedicate a considerable amount of space in order to praise and to disclose the beauty and grace of the Dakinis’ form. They are represented with a beautiful contexture, ruby red skin, gentle and pensive faces, red eyes and red nails, and it is said that they exude the tenuous fragrance of a lotus bud.

Women who do not have a husband must not be preoccupied with this. In time, if they do not wed a husband, they will receive a Deva from Nature as a husband and will practice sexual magic with him, in order to awaken their Kundalini, or sacred fire, which always grants us magical powers.

You must concentrate daily in the Master Tahuil, Adept of the Order of the Epoptae. Thus, you will be assisted.

Go to sleep with your head facing towards the north. Relax your body, invoke Tahuil and call upon the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae with the following prayer:

OM, I call, I invoke the Master Tahuil and the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae, so that they can take me out of my physical body and awaken me in the Astral World.

The Adepts from the Order of the Epoptae will educate you in the Astral World during the normal dream state.

When you awaken from your dream, practice then a retrospective exercise in order to remember your astral experiences.

Sometimes, the Dakinis reincarnate as women of flesh and bones. Joyful is the man who can take one of those Dakini women as a spouse.

The Devas also reincarnate and they too can serve as husbands for women who really want to follow the path of perfection.


Most Holy Mary, pious Mother, cover me with your mantle. Divine Cross, I ask Thee protection by these three names of Jesus, Joachin and John.

Prayer of the Lodestone

O precious Lodestone, you that ran along with the Samaritan woman, to whom you gave beauty and luck. I bring you gold for my treasure, silver for my house, copper so that I never lack but am always bountiful, coral so that in my house there will never befall envy or anything amoral. O Divine God, who gave to all men wisdom and power as the Lodestone. May none of these powers be lacking within my house.

Prayer of Saint Paul (for the Snake)

Saint Paul said ‘Jesus’ when he put his foot upon the bolder. Saint Paul said ‘Jesus’ when he took his foot off of it. Saint Paul was so beloved by a so powerful God that he set me free from snakes and from poisonous animals. These words, which he uttered, I utter them, because I know them, in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Pray one “Lord’s Prayer” and three “Hail, Mary” prayers.

Jehovah God

In the name of Jehovah God, Christ Jesus, pray for my brethren, my father, my mother, my children, my nephews, my nieces, and all friends who are good hearted, by my glory to God, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

To Enchant the Body

When you go to sleep, and while within the covers of your bed, pray the following prayer:

Philip, Philip, Philip, Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, take me with my body.

To the little heaven, Philip. To the little heaven, Philip. To the little heaven, Philip. Amen.

Recite this magic prayer thousands of times and when you feel a great deal of drowsiness and a little bit of dreaminess, then get up from your bed while reciting the prayer. Jump immediately, fly and travel.

Astral Departures

Daily exercise: Any time that you are at your work, in the street, in your house, in the presence of a strange thing, or in front of a person whom you have not seen for a long time, ask yourself: “Am I in the Astral Body?”

Then, perform a small jump and if you float it is because you are within your Astral Body. Thus, you can fly and direct yourself to any place in the world. If you do not float, it is because you are within your body of flesh and bones.

When one practices this exercise during the day, then it is repeated during one’s dreams and the result is that the consciousness awakens and experiences a lucid dream. One becomes aware that one is out of the physical body in the Astral World.


Seven islands existed in the Pacific Ocean, which the ancient people called “Malabares.” All sicknesses were healed there with serpents.

It was admirable to see the inhabitants of the Malabares islands skillfully handle many vipers.

Those people had a stature of three meters in height and their bones were elastic. They possessed double tongues and their ears, which were divided by natural partitions, formed a double ear.

Such inhabitants from the Malabares islands could sequentially speak with two distinct persons in two distinct languages.

The Malabares disappeared from night to morning. Nobody knows what happened to those islands and their strange inhabitants.

The King of the World selected them. Now, they live with Him in “Agartha,” the Subterranean Kingdom.

The inhabitants of the Malabares islands healed with serpents. For each sickness, they had a specific and defined serpent.

We already know that the rattlesnake serves in order to cure cancer. Rattlesnake meat is miraculous, yet the remedy is very jealous. It is enough for the sick person to consume any other remedy for the cancer in order for the rattlesnake remedy to become worthless.

I, myself, have cured several persons with cancer with the rattlesnake and I am sure that ninety-nine percent of people with cancer can be cured with the rattlesnake, if they eat the rattlesnake meat until becoming healed.

To Conjure the Demons from the Possessed Ones

Burn before the possessed ones livers and hearts of fish and recite with a lot of faith the Conjuration of the Seven of the Wise Solomon.

The possessed one must also be smudged with the smoke of sage and rue for nine days. These plants must be burned within charcoal embers.

To Drive the Snakes Away

Pronounce the following mantras:

Osi, Osoa, Asi

To Enchant the Snakes

Sing these magic words:

Osi, Osoa, Osias

Mantras to Become Invisible in Case of Danger

Have faith and pronounce the following magic words:

“Athal, Bathel, Nothe, Jhoram, Asey, Cleyungit, Gabellin, Sameney, Mencheno, Bal, Labenenten, Nero, Meclap, Helateroy, Palcin, Timgimiel, Plegas, Peneme, Fruora, Hean, Ha, Ararna, Avira, Ayla, Seye, Peremies, Seney, Levesso, Huay, Baruchalu, Acuth, Tural, Buchard, Caratim, per misericordiam abibit ergo mortale perficiat qua hoc opus ut invisibiliter ire possim. Amen.”

Solar Conjuration to See Your Beloved One from a Distance

Take a blue paper, make an orifice in it, then filled with love and infinite faith, look at the rising Sun through that orifice while reciting the following Dharani:

In the name of the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton, with infinite humbleness, sincerely acknowledging that I am an infamous sinner, I conjure Thee, O Solar Spirit, by the eternal living God, so that Thou can console me by allowing me to see (say the name of the beloved).

I do not intend to spy on her (his) life, neither to perform evil, but I only want to see her (him) with love.

Anima Mea, Turbata Est Valde; Sed Tu Domine, Usquequo.

Amen, Ra, Amen, Ra, Amen, Ra.

Recite this prayer thousands of times, fixing your imagination and willpower and even your eyes on the King Star (Sun). At last, the beloved one will appear. You will see him or her, and you will have that great joy.

You will see the one whom you love, whether this one is your husband, son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

Even if that person is dead, you will see him or her.