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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Foreword to the Reader

Foreword to the Reader

This book which you have in your hands, entitled Treatise on Occult Medicine and Practical Magic, has been delivered as a 1977-1978 Christmas Message.

This Message was proofed by the author, who later added many formulae of High Magic, Theurgy, Occult Botany, Thaumaturgy, Elementotherapy, Esoteric Medicine, Nahualism, etc.

In reality, we truly have written this book for those individuals who are presently weary of the many pseudo-occultist and pseudo-esoteric theories.  It is written for those who want to enter into the internal worlds immediately.  It is written for those who now yearn to enter into the laboratorium of Nature.

Certainly, it is very painful for us to see people wasting their time miserably.

We want practical magicians, true occultists, and not simple charlatans.

Authentic Gnostic physicians are needed, true magicians and botanists, practical people in medicine and magical matters.

The Author

Note from the Editors Much research was done in order to identify the English and scientific names of the plants listed in this book.  These have been included as available.  In cases where the English name of a specified plant could not be found, the Spanish name of the plant has been listed in quotations.  The publisher eagerly seeks additional information regarding the English or scientific names of the as-yet-unidentified plants.  

The photographs and illustrations are as accurate as we have been able to determine; however, the reader is well-advised to rely on the text as the authority rather than the images, as there remains the possibility that some photograph or another may be inaccurate.

It should be noted that some of the plants listed in this book are indigenous to specific parts of Colombia, South America, and Mexico.   

The Editors