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Hell Devil Karma: Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion

Worthy audience, respectable gentlemen, honorable ladies, our lecture will briefly discuss perpetual motion.

Periodically, in some way or another the intellectual loafers become preoccupied with making a perpetual motion mechanism, on account of which the public opinion becomes intensely agitated. People always get into their heads the challenge of inventing a mechanism that will run perpetually, but this is not possible due to the inevitability of worn-out materials.  It is clear that the momentum of any perpetual motion machine ceases if the pieces of the mechanism are worn out.  Thus, the outcome of it all is that when trying to discover the law of perpetual motion some people have ended up in insane asylums.

The least that one can do is to laugh when seeing so many wiseacres’ machines that fail to fulfill their function.  What ingenious and complicated mechanisms have the intellectual loafers not invented? Nonetheless, their problem continues without solution.

Frankly, we have already discovered the law of perpetual motion in the marvelous cylinder of the system of the Archangel Hariton. It is stated:

“Its chief part is made of amber with platinum hoops and the interior panels of the walls are made of ‘anthracite,’ ‘copper,’ and ‘ivory’ and a very strong ‘mastic’ unaffectable either by cold, or by heat or by water or even by the radiations of cosmic concentrations.”

According to our way of seeing and understanding things, it is obvious that “both the exterior levers and the cogwheels must certainly be renewed from time to time, for although they are made of the strongest metal, yet long use will wear them out.”


Unquestionably, we are addressing the Wheel of Samsara, which revolves eternally. All of us, without any exceptions, have revolved many times along with this great wheel, and if the perpetual motion has not been interrupted, it is exclusively due to the infinite quantity of disposable elements.

Let us think for a moment of the axis of this great wheel. It is stated that it is made of platinum, yet it can also be emphatically affirmed that it is made of silver, since anyone knows that silver and platinum are both of a completely lunar nature. Thus, it is obvious that the axis of the fatal wheel cannot be made from another material.

Now, regarding amber, it is clear that amber is found diluted in the entire creation. We must not forget that the three universal forces are completely unified in this substance.  Yes, it is extraordinary that even though each one of the three primary forces of creation works independently, each one on their own accord, nonetheless they are unified thanks to that magnificent substance called ‘amber.’

Again, each of us has not only frequently passed through the mill, but moreover through each cog of the mill’s wheels; with the former statement I am emphasizing the fact that we have incessantly revolved through successive eternities within the wheel of the Archangel Hariton, which is the extraordinary Wheel of Samsara. Our egos are the disposable materials which, by descending on the tragic wheel, are disintegrated within the Avernus.

arcanum ten of the tarotEvolving Anubis always ascends on the right, and devolving Typhon always descends on the left of the wheel.

During all of these lectures we have abundantly repeated that 108 existences are assigned unto each one of us. Thus, it is clear that once the cycle of 108 successive lives finishes, if we have not achieved the self-realization of our inner Being, we descend into the submerged mineral kingdom by revolving on the wheel of the Archangel Hariton. With this statement we want to clearly affirm that evolution reaches a point perfectly defined by nature, where thereafter devolution proceeds.  So, evolving, we ascend on the right side of the wheel, and devolving, we descend on the left side of it.

The properly evolving ascension begins from the mineral kingdom. Any esotericist investigator with awakened consciousness can verify the crude reality of the evolving creatures from the superior mineral kingdom. We state ‘superior mineral kingdom’ in order to differentiate this from the ‘submerged inferior mineral kingdom’.  Many times, outside of my physical body, when moving within my Eidolon, I have opened rocks or stone fragments in order to study these multiple creatures which inhabit the superior mineral kingdom.  Thus, I can tell you without fear of exaggeration that such innocent creatures are beyond good and evil.

Once, when I opened a rock fragment, I saw many ladies and gentlemen elegantly dressed. They were at the most 5 to 10 centimeters tall. Undoubtedly, these types of small mineral elementals like to costume themselves in our humanoid fashion.

While traveling in my car on different roads in Mexico I have seen with mystical surprise other certain superior elementals of the rocks, which have warned me about dangers or have advised me to be cautious on the road. This second type of mineral elementals is unquestionably more advanced than the first type. They assume very similar shapes to those from the intellectual humanoid, although the clothing they wear is of the color of the rocks they inhabit.

The third type of mineral elementals—which are most advanced—are those known by the name of gnomes or pygmies. These types of creatures appear as true dwarves, with long white beards and gray hair.  Undoubtedly, this last type knows in depth the alchemy of the metals and cooperates in the alchemical work of nature.  Obviously, these are more advanced creatures, which are clearly mentioned by many texts of occultism.  It is enough to remember for a moment The Elementals of Franz Hartmann, who mentioned these creatures.

So, undoubtedly, the highly developed mineral elementals enter into the vegetable kingdom.  Thus, each plant is the physical body of a vegetable elemental. Yes, each tree, each herb, as insignificant as it might be, possesses its particular elemental. Yet, with this statement I do not want to affirm that the elementals of plants, trees, and flowers, etc., are stuck at all hours within their stationary body, since besides being absurd this would also be unjust.  Understand that the vegetable elementals have complete liberty to enter and leave their bodies at will. One is astounded when finding them gathered within the fourth coordinate, the fourth vertical.

Normally, the elemental creatures of the plant kingdom are classified in family groups. One is the family of the orange trees, another is the family of peppermint herbs, and another is the family of pine trees. Each family group has its own temple within Eden, within the fourth dimension.  Many times, dressed with the Eidolon [Astral Body], I have entered into their paradisiacal temples.

Now, in order to cite something about these paradisiacal temples, I want to address the sanctuary of the family of the orange trees.  I found many innocent children within the sanctuary of that vegetable family. These innocent children were busy attending the teachings that their Guru-Deva was imparting to them. That instructor looked like an exquisitely spiritual, feminine beauty wearing a kind of wedding gown, a bridal dress.

I have made similar visits to other vegetable temples located within the Promised Land, that land where the pure rivers of water flow with milk and honey.

Subsequently, the highly developed elementals from the vegetable kingdom enter into the diverse departments of the animal kingdom.  These animal creatures are also distributed in multiple families or species. They also have their guides and their temples located within the terrestrial paradise, which is the fourth coordinate, named by the occultists the Ethereal World.

On a certain occasion, while in meditation, I could clearly verify the intelligent meaning of the language of the birds.  I clearly remember a certain bird perched on the top of a tree arguing with another bird. The first bird was very quiet, when suddenly its quietude was interrupted by the arrival of the second bird, which, when perching itself on the top of the tree, menacingly uttered many recriminations to the other bird.  I - in meditation - was on the alert, listening to all that was happening. I clearly remember the improper words of the threatening bird, “A few days ago you hurt my leg, thus because of that fault I have to punish you.”

The threatened creature was apologizing, saying, “What happened was not my fault, leave me alone...”

Unfortunately, the aggressor bird did not want to hear apologies, thus while forcefully pecking at his victim, he incessantly remind it of his wounded leg.

On another occasion, also while in profound interior meditation, I heard the barking of two neighboring dogs. The first dog was narrating unto the second dog everything that was happening in his house. The dog said, “My master treats me very badly. In this house everybody constantly hits me and the food is terrible. Everybody, in general, insults me, thus I live a very unhappy life.”

The second barking dog answered saying, “Here, everything is much better for me; they give me good food and treat me very well.”

The people who were going to and fro on the street only heard the barking of two dogs, since they did not understand the language of animals. Nevertheless, for me, such a language has always been very clear.

On another occasion, a neighbor dog warned me that a big failure awaited me if I took a certain trip towards the north of Mexico. That animal was yelling at me saying, “A failure, a failure, a failure.” Yet, I did not pay attention to him. During those days, when arriving at a certain town very close to the desert of Sonora, I told the driver of the vehicle in which we were traveling that it was indispensable for us to find a hotel, since by no means I was going to continue the trip that night. Nonetheless, that gentleman with sleeping consciousness paid no heed to my guidelines. Thus, I warned him in the following manner, “You will be responsible for whatever happens. You are warned. Listen carefully, you are warned.”

Hours later, the car swerved off the road and, tumbling, turned over in the desert, and even though there were injured people no one died. I reminded the gentleman of the mistake he committed when not obeying my commands. Undoubtedly, the man acknowledged his crime and asked for forgiveness, yet it was to no avail. The accident already occurred.  Regrettably, this is how people with sleeping consciousness are. This is how they wander around the world from birth until they die.

Now, what I am narrating might seem a little odd to you, since by any means when listening you can notice the difference between the singing of two birds, but you would never understand their language, much less two barking dogs. You only hear the sounds of nature, barks, whistles, sings, etc. and nothing else. Something similar might happen to these animal creatures when they listen to the human language. They only perceive higher and lower pitch of voice, sounds more or less high, more or less low, squeaks, roars, neighs, snoring, bellows and clucks.  Nonetheless, we understand each other, we have our earthly languages, etc.

Subsequently, the highly developed animal elemental creatures enter into the kingdom of intellectual humanoids. There is no doubt that these tri-brained or tri-centered bipeds are much more dangerous...

We have already repeatedly stated that 108 existences are assigned to every elemental that enters into the kingdom of the rational homunculi, and that the soul who fails, the soul who does not achieve their inner self-realization within their assigned cycle of 108 existences, ceases to return or to reincorporate into humanoid organisms. Hence, that soul is precipitated into devolution within the entrails of the earth, within the infradimensions of nature.

Through our esoteric type of investigations we have been able to verify with completely dazzling clarity what the devolving processes are. Thus, it is clear that we have to go back to square one, to go back down the steps we formerly ascended.  So, after recapitulating past humanoid experiences in the Avernus, we must repeat animalistic and vegetative states before total fossilization and the Second Death.

I remember a very interesting case. On a certain occasion I warned a lady of the abyss with the following, “By means of the devolving path that you follow, you will have to be disintegrated within the ninth sphere, in order to become cosmic dust. This is the Second Death.”

That lady answered me, “I do not ignore it. We know that, and this is precisely what we want.” The demon who accompanied her furiously attacked me with his infernal, psychic powers, thus I had to defend myself with the flaming sword.

Jahveh has made of the entire Wheel of Samsara a mystique, a religion, and his faithful henchmen worship him.  When one converses with Jahveh, one can verify that this fallen angel possesses a sparkling intellectuality with which he can totally seduce anyone.  All the lectures of Jahveh begin by talking against the Cosmic Christ. Yes, the demon Jahveh is terribly perverse and mortally hate the Solar Logos.

Those who want to attain the realization of their Inner Self with the purpose of avoiding a descent into the infernal worlds must enter the path of the revolution of the consciousness, which means that they must be separated from the Wheel of Samsara, to completely withdraw from the laws of evolution and devolution.

Now you can clearly explain to yourselves why when the Cosmic Christ walked upon the Earth he talked to us about a strait gate and a narrow and difficult path that leads to light…

Understand: the ego has a beginning and an end, it is never immortal. Thus, either we voluntarily annihilate it, or nature will be in charge of disintegrating it within the Avernus.  We must choose. We are facing the philosophical dilemma of “to be or not to be.” Therefore, those who do not want to listen now, will later on have to suffer the consequences.

The voluntary processes of the dissolution of the “I,” here and now, are very interesting.  At the beginning, we must eliminate the humanoid weaknesses. Thereafter, we must continue dissolving or disintegrating all those animal or bestial aggregates that we carry within. And much later on, it is indispensable to work with the double-edged axe of ancient mysteries in order to crush and reduce to dust all the lustful and morbid vegetative memories of the past.  Finally, we have to work with the tools of the farmer in order to crush the fossil or mineral states of different yesterdays that sleep within the profound depths of the subconsciousness.

What I meant in the former paragraph is that if we truly want to avoid the infernal bitterness, we can do ourselves, here and now, what nature would have to do to us within the abyss.

Question: Beloved Master, when we attain our Inner Self realization and thus separate ourselves from the Wheel of Samsara, does this signify that we cease to revolve within perpetual motion?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer the question from the audience at once. Respectable gentleman, it is urgent for you comprehend what the perpetual motion of the wheel of Samsara is in each and all of its aspects.  Undoubtedly, perpetual motion exists not only in the cylinder of the Angel Hariton, but also within any cosmic cylinder.

You must clearly remember that cosmic days and nights exist. Everything flows and reflows, comes and goes, rises and falls, increases and decreases. There is rhythm in everything. There is electric vibration within the absolute abstract space, and therefore perpetual motion.  Frankly, I do not admit absolute immobility. What happens is that there are multiple and infinite forms of perpetual motion.

Question: Beloved Master, you talk to us about three types of elementals, thus I want to know if these exist within the Wheel of Samsara as much in evolution as well as in devolution? Or are they exclusively of evolution?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable Frater, observe in detail all the phenomena of nature and you will have the answer.

Many believe that apes, monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, etc. are evolving types of animals. Some even suppose that the human comes from the ape. However, that concept resoundingly collapses when we observe the customs of these animalistic species. Place an ape in a laboratory and observe what happens. Unquestionably, the diverse ape families are devolutions that descend from the intellectual humanoid. The humanoid does not come from the ape. The truth about this subject-matter is the reverse: the apes are devolving, degenerating humanoids.

Let us now observe the family of pigs. In the times of Moses, the Israelites who dared to eat the meat of this animal were decapitated.  It is clear that this type of elemental is found in a clearly devolving process.

Analogous states of devolution can be discovered in plants and minerals. For example, the copper within the interior of the planetary organism in which we live is the specific center of gravity of all devolving and evolving forces.  If we apply the positive force of the universe to copper, we can then behold with the spatial sense multiple marvelous evolving processes. Yet, if we apply the universal negative force to that metal, we will then be able to perceive with integral clairvoyance infinite devolving processes very similar to the devolving processes experienced by the multitudes who inhabit the entrails of the Earth. Now, if we apply the neutral force to copper then the evolving processes as well as the devolving processes remain in a static state.

The laws of evolution and devolution constitute the mechanical axis in all of nature, the silver axis of the Wheel of Samsara.  The laws of evolution and devolution work in a coordinated and harmonious manner in everything created.

Obviously, the elementals of the mineral, vegetal, and animal kingdoms evolve and devolve in their own natural scales. Therefore, we can never conceive the disheveled idea that the elementals of nature, because of the fact of having failed within such and such living species, can make the wheel revolve in reverse, meaning, in the opposite direction, that is, to enter into the abyss through the door from which they came out.  Thus, I want all of you ladies and gentlemen to comprehend that one enters into the Tartarus through one door and comes out through another door. This signifies, besides other things, that evolving Anubis will always ascend on the right and that devolving Typhoon will perpetually descend on the left of the wheel. The chakra of Samsara does not revolve in reverse. Understood?

Question: Venerable Master, regarding certain species of animals, there is a belief among us who understand these laws, thus we would only like if you can give us an explanation regarding the concrete case of crows, rats, and other more or less repugnant species?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this question from the audience. Undoubtedly, within nature there are repugnant creatures that indicate a marked devolution. For example, ancient Egyptians hated rats since it is obvious that rats are found in a state of frank devolution. However, another is the state of crows, since even though they feed on death because of the fact that they develop within the Ray of Saturn, they possess certain marvelous powers that indicate evolution.

I have been able to verify what the faculties of the crow are. On a certain occasion, when residing in a small town in Venezuela, in a certain house where a small boy was seriously ill, I astoundingly saw a group of very tranquil crows that had perched upon the roof of that house. Then those simple people declared the following to me, “This child will die.” When I asked the reason for that sentence, they then, as an answer, pointed at the black crows. I then comprehended…

The child’s sickness did not have a cure, thus the child died. What astonished me the most were the faculties of those elementals. They knew that the child was going to die. Thus, perched upon the roof of that mansion, they were waiting for the supreme moment for their feast... Undoubtedly, the macabre supper never took place because the child received a Christian burial. Nevertheless, the birds arrived and the law was fulfilled.

Question: Very beloved Master; based on the aspects that you have very widely explained unto us, does this imply that all those animal creatures like cats, dogs, pigs, etc. that are found on the path towards disintegration, have previously passed through the human form? Is it possible that these same creatures are found on the path towards human form?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable brother, allow me to inform you that many elementals of nature already passed through the infernal worlds. In other words, I clarify: after the Second Death every soul becomes an elemental of nature in order to begin again its evolving processes - as I have already stated many times - from the hard rock, thereafter continuing through the vegetal and animal states until reaching the state of intellectual humanoid. In the interim, the elementals of the distinct kingdoms evolve and devolve, but they cannot return into the Avernus since they do not possess ego. Only the humanoids can enter into the Avernus because they have the ego within their interior. Through this explanation I clarified your question and give the answer.

Question: Master, what relationship exists between the essence and the elementals?

Samael Aun Weor: It is good for this honorable audience that listens to me to completely understand that there is no difference between the essence and elementals.  It is clear that the essence is the same elemental and the elemental is the same essence. Thus, when the ego is disintegrated within the infernal worlds, we become elementals of nature. However, when the ego is disintegrated here and now by means of conscious work and voluntary sufferings, instead of becoming elementals we become Masters. Behold therefore the importance of the matter.

Question: Master, based on what you have explained, that is, regarding that the elementals are beyond good and evil, and therefore they are innocent, I am curious to know if such an innocence is eventually lost?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, honorable audience who listen to me, I beg to all of you to comprehend my words.

Two types of innocence exist: the innocence of the victors and the innocence of the failures. The soul that after the Second Death escapes from the Avernus in order to become an elemental of nature is obviously a failed soul, even after having re-conquered its innocence. On the other hand, the soul that here and now disintegrates the ego in a voluntary and conscious manner re-conquers its innocence in a victorious manner. This soul becomes a Buddha.

There are elementals that for the first time enter into the wheel of the Archangel Hariton, elementals who have never been humanoids and who long to attain the human state. There are also elementals that before being elementals lived as humanoids and who devolved within the infernal words. Behold the two extremes, the two aspects of elementals:

  1. Elementals that begin
  2. Elementals that repeat the elemental processes

Question: Very beloved Master, I would like to know - given that we have the opportunity of your wisdom - would you will be so kind as to explain if Self-realization is easier for an elemental that enters for the first time into a human womb, based on the fact that such elemental comes without ego?

Samael Aun Weor: Honorable audience that listens to me tonight, it is urgent for you to know that the essence, the soul that comes from the three inferior kingdoms into a human womb, does not yet have the necessary and indispensable experience that is required in order to achieve the Inner Self realization of the Being. Normally, every essence that enters for the first time into a human organism commits many errors, forms ego, acquires karma, and suffers the unspeakable afterwards.  Only later can such a soul achieve Self-realization if this is what she wishes.

Nonetheless, I now repeat what I have already stated in past lectures: not all souls achieve mastery, since for this to happen it is indispensable that there be a certain inner longing. This longing is only possible when the Monad, in other words, the immortal spiritual spark, resolves to truly work on his human soul. It is clear that not all the Monads, Spirits, or Virginal Sparks have interest in attaining mastery, and since we have already stated this in past lectures, it is not necessary to continue given clarifications on this particular subject.

Question: Venerable Master, in any case, I consider that when the ego is voluntarily eliminated, we are really in a process of evolution, because we have always understood that evolution means ascent; consequently I sustain that those who affirm that permanent evolution exists until reaching unitotal perfection are not mistaken. Do you have any objection to this concept?

Samael Aun Weor: I like this question from the audience, obviously this in itself has a completely reactionary basis. Nonetheless, I will answer it at once.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you perhaps think that the ego can evolve? Do you suppose that dissolving the ego is evolution? Any educated clairvoyant can verify the devolving processes of the “I”, of the myself, of the self-willed.

It is outstanding to verify how the ego precipitates itself on the devolving path, descending throughout the animal, vegetal, and mineral levels, when we tread the path of the revolution of consciousness.

Or is it my friends that you think that with the voluntary dissolution of the ego, the essence reinitiates a new evolving ascent adhering to the Wheel of Samsara?

Or is that you believe that the Being, the Spirit, will have to perpetually live bottled within the evolving processes of nature and of the cosmos?

We have never denied the laws of evolution and devolution, we only clarify them.  The evolving and devolving processes correspond exactly to the great Wheel of Samsara. Such processes cannot be infinitely repeated within the world of the Spirit, because this as a fact would immediately signify perpetual slavery.

Remember friends, that Jesus the great Kabir never wanted to be bottled within the dogma of evolution.  That great Hierophant only talked to us about the path of the revolution of consciousness, about the strait, narrow, and difficult path that leads us to light, and few there be that find it.

Gentlemen, when are you going to understand this, in what epoch? When are you going to resolve yourselves to enter through the narrow door and the strait path? Or is it perhaps that you want to correct the doctrine of Jesus Christ?

Those who dissolve the ego reach a radical transformation. This is a total revolution.

Question: Master, it seems to me a concept of total injustice and contrary to the love with which the Great Architect of the Universe is identified, to admit that after having achieved the human state and developed the intellect to the heights upon we find ourselves in - where the advances and wonders of modern scientists are astonishing - that we have to return to the state of horses, dogs, and pigs. How can this concept even appear within the mind of a rational and intelligent human? Frankly, I believe that this insults the eminent dignity of the human being made in the image and likeness of God.

Samael Aun Weor: I see amidst the audience a gentleman who intends to correct the author of the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, that is, to correct the great Avatar Krishna, who lived 1,000 years before Christ.

The great Hindu Avatar never said that the chakra of Samsara revolves backwards, in reverse, he never said that the wheel of the Archangel Hariton processes itself in reverse gear, thus stopping its motion in order to revolve in reverse.

Ladies and gentlemen, the wheel of the Arcanum 10 of the Tarot always follows its forward course. This wheel never turns backwards.  Any car can move in reverse, but the Wheel of Samsara can never move in reverse.

Repetition of cycles according to the law of recurrence is different, and this we see verified in the days and nights of Brahma, with its ever incessant repetition. We also see it in the repetition of the seasons of each year, likewise in the diverse cosmological Yugas that never stop repeating themselves, etc. None of this is regression, my friends, all of this moves in accordance with the wheel, all of this forms part of perpetual motion.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that the law of recurrence is repeated sometimes in higher spirals, sometimes in lower spirals. The spiral is the curve of life.  Obviously, if we have exhausted the diverse humanoid processes, we must then go up or down. Some ascend, yet others fall into submerged devolution. Those who have dissolved the ego ascend. Those who have not dissolved the ego descend.

The victors transform themselves into Buddhas, into Masters. On the other hand, the failures—after suffering the Second Death announced by our Lord the Christ, by John in the Apocalypse—are transformed into elementals of nature.

Thus, regressions do not exist, but continuity of cycles or periods of cosmic manifestation.  We have already stated in past lectures that all these cycles or periods are numbered and in this there is no regression.

The wheel moves forward. The wheel never moves in reverse. One begins with the cycle number one and ends in the cycle three thousand. The counting of cycles or periods of manifestation never marches in the reverse manner. Therefore, mathematics clearly demonstrates that the doctrine of transmigration of souls is exact.

Ladies and gentlemen, it would be very grave for the ego to have no limit, that it could continue developing and unfolding eternally. Think about what it would signify if the evil of the world had no limit. Evil would extend victoriously throughout the infinite spaces in order to dominate all the seven cosmos.  In such a case, respectable ladies and gentlemen, there would be injustice indeed. Fortunately, the great Architect of the Universe, cited by the gentleman who asked the question, has made a dam to evil.