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Introduction to Gnosis: Preface


First Degree of Introduction to Gnosis

This is the introductory degree to the Gnostic philosophical studies or external degrees of Gnosis. It is natural that all students will begin with this degree and eventually continue with the first, second, third degrees, etc. One should keep in mind that these are not the esoteric Gnostic degrees. The esoteric Gnostic degrees, which are the authentic ones, cannot be revealed by anyone who has received them; this is forbidden. Whoever says: “I have so many degrees, so many Initiations,” is being dishonest.


Introduction to Gnosis: Lesson One

Lesson One

It is necessary to be successful in life.  If you want to be successful, you should begin by being sincere with yourself; recognize your own errors.  When we recognize our errors, we are on the path to correcting them.  Everyone who corrects his own errors is inevitably successful.  The businessman who daily blames others for his own failures and never recognizes his own errors will not be successful.  Remember that the greatest criminals consider themselves to be saints.  If we visit a penitentiary we will prove to ourselves that none of the criminals consider themselves guilty.  Almost all of them say to themselves, “I am innocent.”  Don’t make the same mistake; have the courage to recognize your own errors.  Thus will you escape greater evils.

Introduction to Gnosis: Lesson Two

Lesson Two

A great author deduced that the human being needs eight important things in life: health and the conservation of life, nourishment, sleep, money and the things money can buy, life in the beyond, sexual satisfaction, the well-being of his children, and a sense of proper importance.  We synthesize these eight things into three:

  1. Health
  2. Money
  3. Love

Introduction to Gnosis: Lesson Three

Lesson Three

The great lawyer Jose M. Seseras said the following:

There is no luck or misfortune, success or failure; everything is a vibration of the ether.

By learning the use of the tattvas one can favorably solve all matters in life. You need a precise and exact system to obtain money; a scientific system that never falls. You need to take advantage of favorable circumstances to achieve the crystallization of all your projects (commercial, etc.).

Introduction to Gnosis: Lesson Four

Lesson Four

In order to succeed in life, one has to become a fisher of men.  Jesus chose his disciples amongst poor fishermen.  They had to stop catching fish to become fishers of men.  Do you want to obtain success, power, glory?  Listen to this advice: “Put bait on the hook that will catch the fish.”

Do not talk with others about things of interest to you.  Your business is your business. Unfortunately, the human being is egotistical and only wants to know things of his interest.  If you talk to your fellowman about the things he desires and loves, you will influence him positively and obtain from him all that you need.

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