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Logos Mantra Theurgy: Akasa


The Akasha is Sound; it is the Word

The present book has reached its goal. The objective of this book is to learn how to speak the Verb of Gold, since the mission of every human being is to educate themselves on how to play the lyre of Orpheus. This magnificent lyre is the creative larynx! The mission of every human being is to incarnate the Word!

The Earth is only a condensation of the Word! Everything emerges from the Ether and everything returns to the Ether. Beyond the Ether is the Akasha; this blue, spiritual, and profound, divine essence fills and penetrates the entire infinite space. The Ether turns out to be only the condensation of the pure Akasha.

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Logos Mantra Theurgy: The Flaming Forge of Vulcan

The Flaming Forge of Vulcan

The Holy Eight

We have already stated in our book The Major Mysteries that humans left Eden through the door of sex and that only through the same door can the return to Eden be achieved. Eden is sex itself!

Max Heindel states that the sign of the infinite, the Holy Eight is found within the heart of the Earth. The great illuminated Master Hilarion IX also affirms this.

Let us explain.

The sign of the infinite is a key to powers. Symbolically, the brain, heart and sex of the planetary genie are placed in it.

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Logos Mantra Theurgy: White Magic and Black Magic

White Magic and Black Magic

Obsessed and Possessed

Black magicians can also make their victims become obsessed with fixed ideas. Likewise, numerous cases of being possessed exist within the Gospels.

Generally, mediums of spiritualism become obsessed by “larvae” and by demons that populate the lower regions of the Astral World.

All these cases are cured by reciting the Conjuration of the Four in front of the manic person, as follows:

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Logos Mantra Theurgy: Astral Travel Experiences

Astral Travel Experiences

Projection of the Theurgist

The theurgist has to acquire a practical, infallible capacity to consciously project himself in the Astral Body. This capacity must be established as a habit that can be exercised voluntarily at any given moment and under any circumstance; it does not matter if one is alone or before witnesses. Otherwise, one is not a theurgist.

Now, the disciples will learn numerous clues in order to acquire this admirable and precious capacity.

First Clue

The disciple must enter into a slumber state while vocalizing the mantra FARAON, which must be chanted in three syllables, as follows:

Fffffaaaa... Rrrraaaa… Ooooonnnn...

The vocalization of the letter R has already been explained.

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Logos Mantra Theurgy: Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness

Esoteric Antithesis

There exist two Lodges that mutually combat each other: the White and the Black, light and darkness!

There, where the light shines, most limpid and intense, likewise the pitch-black darkness coincides with it. Thus, the double of every Angel of light is an Angel of darkness.

Thus, the double of every temple of light is a temple of darkness.

We have already explained the mystery of the twin souls in our Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy.

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