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Parsifal Unvelied: Amfortas, King of the Grail

Amfortas, King of the Grail

Beloved woman born for the best, devilish woman fashioned for the abyss, fallen pearl from the throne of the Lord, ineffable fiery rose grown in Eden and stripped by infernal hands, enchanted swan with an alabastrine neck, singing amidst an immodest bacchanalia… how much good you have done, and… how much evil! Oh, God of mine! 

Yet… and this is more accurate, let us now talk a little about the King Amfortas, successor of the elder Titurel, he who with much prudence frustrated the demon’s cunnings…

The legend of the centuries states—and this is known by our forefathers—that the good king had to suffer the indescribable…

So, bless my soul, oh God! Everything was because of women, or because of that woman, she, the original devilish one, the prototype of perdition and downfall, whom not even Amfortas himself, the Lord of the Grail, could resist…

Parsifal Unvelied: The Savage Amazon

The Savage Amazon

Upon the solitary path, the defeated ones, as vague, weakened, vacillating, pensive, and ragged phantoms, set themselves on their way to the lake. Hence, when watching the distant tower of the temple, under a certain opalescent light that is dawning in the sky, they go with their halting step, as if they were afraid to arrive…

The surrendered Kundry, almost staggering by her fatigue, as well as by her terrible and frightful remorse, throws herself upon the perfumed ground…

In those moments advances the unfortunate cortege that escorts the king from the Grail’s castle to the holy bath…

Parsifal Unvelied: The Innocent, Chaste One

The Innocent, Chaste One

After having solemnly narrated everything that happened in the past in those mysterious regions of the castle of Monsalvat, after the horrendous loss of the holy lance, Gurnemanz, the voice of the past, the venerable elder, continued by expressing himself in the following words: 

Before the ravished sanctuary, orphan from the sublime relic, in fervent prayer lay Amfortas, a sign of pardon he entreated:

The Grail was lighted by a very intense, dazzling, and divinely mystical radiance; a heavenly, holy vision then appeared to him and spoke. These words of mystical meaning shone before him, “Made wise through pity, the innocent chaste one, wait for him, THE ONE I CHOOSE.”

Parsifal Unvelied: Herzeleide’s Child

Herzeleide’s Child

It is clear that in the past, Parsifal, the innocent chaste one, had also wounded with his arrow the swan of immaculate whiteness, the miraculous Hamsa…

To all the diverse questions that with much emphasis are asked of him, he keeps silent. It is obvious that he ignores everything, he has eliminated the “I,” he does not even remember the name of his terrestrial progenitor, he has re-conquered the Edenic innocence… 

He only knows his mother and her name, which is Herzeleide, and that in the most profound forest they made their home.

Parsifal Unvelied: Kundry’s Words

Kundry’s Words

Kundry, the marvelous Eve of Hebrew mythology, unconscious victim of the evil magician, exclaims with infinite pain whilst before the Wagnerian Parsifal:

“Good I do never: for rest I am yearning… I am yearning, ah, I am wretched, weary! Slumber! Oh, may I not be wakened!“ 

Then, at that moment, she starts to experience in the distance the currents from the magician’s suggestion. Thus, falling into a frightful trembling, she exclaims: “No! Not slumber! Terror seizes me!”

She utters a noiseless cry, all her body falls into a violent trembling, like a leaf of a herb shaken by the tempest, until she is impotent against the spell. Then, leaving her arms and head to drop wearily and walking a few wavering steps, she sinks down hypnotized behind the bushes, while lamenting:

“Vain to resist. The time has come. Slumber… Slumber… I must… Slumber I must.”